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The New Anne of Green Gables

Beth Cavert & You

Thumbnail image for the new Anne.jpgWe've all seen this in Hollywood, a movie trailer is released for a new version of a movie we've all come to know and love. Think of the remakes of "Clash of the Titans", "Father of the Bride",  or "Hairspray".

The powers that be decide to give a Canadian classic a fresh new look for and re-imagining for a new generation.

Anne of Green Gables is the latest to get a makeover. These days, she's blonde, and has a certain glint in her eye.

 -- at least that's the way she's portrayed on the cover of a new edition of the Lucy Maud Montgomery classic, put together on the self-publishing site CreateSpace.

Beth Cavert is with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Literary Society. Here's what she told Carol Off last night on As It Happens.

Listen audio (runs 5:12)