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Hemorrhaging Faith

Rick Heimstra

Over the weekend the Diocese of Antigonish announced that seven more churches will close in the CBRM area, many other congregation and parishes are despairing the falling attendants.

That's the subject of a workshop that's taking place at Lighthouse Church in Glace Bay, it's called 'Future Church: Where are the Youth and Young Adults in the Church Today?' . It's a day long event where people of all Churches and Congregations are invited to come in and look at the subject and figure out what to do.

One of the documents being used in the workshop is a cross-Canada multi-denominational  sweeping survey of young people who are in the church, maybe grew up in the church, who've left the church and it looks at some of the reason people stay with the church and others leave.

The full document is about one-hundred and thirty pages and can be made available to you on February 02nd. Until then, we wanted to ask some of the foundational questions behind the report, so we contacted Rick Heimstra, he is with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and one of the researchers behind the document.

Listen audio (runs 11:15)