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The Tom Miller Human Rights Award

Barry Waldman

Posted by Robert Doublett

A man from the Northside has won the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's Tom Miller Human Rights Award.

Barry Waldman started a program called EPIC 16 years ago. EPIC stands for Educational Program Innovations Charity.

Each year it provides over 70 young people at risk with one-on-one education through peer mentoring. It also provides educational support for the parents and guardians of those children.

Waldman has volunteered his time coordinating EPIC's many projects since 1996. He says he didn't expect the award.

Listen audio (runs 10:54)

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ECBC Speaks

Marlene Usher: Executive Director of Advocacy and Development

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you've been hearing in the headlines, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation held a news conference this afternoon. It was prompted by the many questions swirling around the community recently.

Questions about ECBC's decision to purchase the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club in Sydney, and about the rationale behind its investment in the Ben Eoin Marina.

ECBC head John Lynn is currently on sick leave, so Executive Director of Advocacy and Development Marlene Usher spoke in his place. Here's some of what she had to say to reporters today.......

Listen audio (runs 7:02)

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The 2012 Aviva Community Fund Winners!

Pastor Dave Sawlor

Posted by Robert Doublett

Kids in Glace Bay will soon be enjoying some major improvements to their youth center thanks to an online contest.

The Undercurrent Youth Center has won $130,000.00 in a contest sponsored by the Aviva Canada.

Pastor Dave Sawlor runs the center and we reached him while traveling a little earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 5:53)

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