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Lower Churchill Loan Agreement

Nova Scotia Premiere Darrell Dexter

Posted by Robert Doublett

Early today a historic loan agreement was signed between Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the Government of Canda.

This agreement significantly decreases the cost of the Lower Churchill Project. Which is of course a project intended to bring us cleaner energy and more stable prices for power.

This agreement is supposed to save about one-hundred million dollars for Nova Scotia tax payers. we spoke to Nova Scotia Premiere Darrell Dexter about the deal.

Listen audio (runs 7:55)

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the Robert J. Morgan Grant

Catherine Arseneau

Posted by Robert Doublett

The late Dr. Bob Morgan dedicated much of his life to Cape Breton, teh heritage and the university.

CBU is going to make and announcement about a gift from Dr Morgan.

The Beaton Institute is going to establish an endowment to fund the Robert J. Morgan Grant.

They will make this announcement officially make this announcement tomorrow (Thursday, November 28th).

To talk about his legacy we have Catherine Arseneau in studio, she is the Manager of the Beaton Institute. A position Bob Morgan held for many many years.

Listen audio (runs 11:45)

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Broughton: A Return to Cape Breton's Ghost Town

Eleanor Anderson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Coming up on Thursday (November 29th) a new book from Eleanor Anderson will be releasing her new book which should be very intriguing to people who like to hike, and people who like to find things. Exploring foundations, families, and where the road used to go.

We're talking about Broughton, Cape Breton's Ghost Town, and Eleanor stopped by the studio to talk with us about her new book.

Listen audio (runs 16:19)

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