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Talbot House Changes

Premiere Darrell Dexter

Premiere Darrell Dexter met with the board of Talbot House earlier today.

They have agreed that Talbot House will submit a proposal to provide addiction services to the community, as it has done for nearly half a century.

Premiere Darrell Dexter spoke with reports at the caucus office, Wendy was there.

A group of former residents of Talbot house were also on site. They held a demonstration. They went to the office of House speaker and Government MLA Gordie Gosse.

They then went to New Waterford to Deputy Premier Frank Corbett's office.

They want the NDP Government to reopen Talbot House.

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke with Brian Miles. He led the protest today.

Premiere Darrell Dexter audio (runs 11:39)

Brian Miles audio (runs 2:53)