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Talbot House Supporter

Sean McSween

Talbot House is back in the news today.

A legislative committee is asking questions about why the recovery home for people with addictions closed abruptly this spring.

it happened after the executive director, Father Paul Abbass, was accused of inappropriate conduct.

He was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

But in the meantime, the department of community services did a review of the home - found some shortcomings - and pulled its funding.

We'll hear later in the program what happened at the legislative committee hearings.

But first - some thoughts from someone who stayed at Talbot House - and credits it for changing his life.

Sean McSween is from Dartmouth. In 2001 - he was struggling from an addiction to alcohol - and his mother told him about Talbot House.

McSween recently went public with his story, when he posted about his stay there on a well known blog - The Contrarian.

Today, he told his story to the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Listen audio (runs 8:58)