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Fenwick MacIntosh victim


Posted by Robert Doublett

Earlier today, The Supreme Court of Canada revealed it has agreed to hear an appeal in the case of accused pedophile Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh.

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal had ACQUITTED MacIntosh on a series of sex abuse charges on the grounds the case took too long to come to trial. The allegations stem from the 1970s and did not go to trial until 2010.

Today, men who say MacIntosh abused them when they were boys... reacted with a mix of joy and relief.

R.M. is one of those men.

He spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks after the decision was announced.

Listen audio (runs 5:06)

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Cape Ann III Songwriting Contest

John Aylward

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Ann II for web.jpgFor the past couple years we have been following the story and the controversy of the Cape Ann III.

The 175-foot trawler had been partially submerged and rusting in Sydney harbour for more than five years until a Canadian-American military operation raised it as part of a training exercise.

John Aylward of the Cape Breton Artificial Reef Society thought it would be great to have a creative contest surrounding the story of the sunken ship.

Listen audio (runs 10:35)

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The Archbishop's New Home

Archbishop Anthony Mancini

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Archbishop of Halifax and Yarmouth invited reporters into his newly renovated residence today.

The 19th century building on Barrington Street has had an extensive makeover.

Archbishop Anthony Mancini had to move out while the work was done. Now, he's back living in the residence, along with seven other priests.

Today, he was asked how the project was funded....

Listen audio (runs 6:03)

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