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G20 Review

CBRM Police Chief Peter McIsaac

20100626_riot-toronto-2.jpgPoor planning by the RCMP, OPP and Toronto police for the G20 summit, along with orders by a Toronto deputy police chief to "take back the streets," are to blame for the more than 1,100 arrests during the 2010 weekend summit, says the province's top civilian police watchdog.

"What occurred over the course of the weekend resulted in the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. These disturbances had a profound impact not only on the citizens of Toronto and Canada generally, but on public confidence in the police as well," writes Gerry McNeilly, head of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

Overall, McNeilly says, the G20 was an unprecedented event in the city's history - one police forces were unprepared for. "It is fortunate that, in all the confusion, there were no deaths" McNeilly writes.

Cape Breton regional Police service sent some officers to aid the Toronto police department in 2010. For his response to the G20 report, and whether he would send officers again, we have reached Peter McIsaac; Chief of the CB regional police service.

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