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Loaves and Questions

Wayne York, Father Norman MacPhee. & Rev. Ron Coole

The call of the gospel..."to feed the poor".

This has at the heart of the Mission at Loaves and Fishes since it was founded over thirty years ago.

Every day, the North End Sydney soup kitchen serves 150 to 200 meals a days a week. The clients are the volunteers. Many have come every day for the last 25 years.

There are many questions that have come up in recent week about loaves and fishes. People have sited concerns about pests in the building, food being thrown away or diverted to other soup kitchens and some who have concerns about governance structure.

Some have been in the newspaper, others referred to in the public comments sections, still others on facebook.

We tried to gather as many of the questions as we could.  

Two of the people in studio this afternoon are founders of organization, Wayne York, and Father Norman MacPhee.  The Rev. Ron Coole, is the current chair of the board, and they're here to answer as many of those questions as they can.

Listen audio (runs 29:48)