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Auditor General's Report

Cape Breton District Health Authority CEO: John Malcolm

Posted by Robert Doublett

Nova Scotia's Auditor General is not impressed with the Cape Breton District Health Authority.  

In his latest report Jacques LaPointe says the district has "a poor culture of infection prevention and control."  

He says it may have contributed to a deadly outbreak of C-Difficile.  

LaPointe is also critical of provincial health officials for not properly overseeing its prescription drug monitoring program.  

And he says the overall response to earlier recommendations by his office is poor, especially in the education department.

Here is what outgoing CEO of the health district, John Malcolm had to say...

Listen audio (runs 7:58)

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Department of Fisheries Closures

Merrill MacInnis

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've been hearing in the news, CBC has learned that the Department of Fisheries plans to close its offices in Port Hood and Baddeck.

In an e-mail, DFO says fisheries officers at both locations will be moved to larger offices.

It does not says where they will be going or when the move will happen.

Merrill MacInnis is a municipal councillor in Victoria County.

He also fishes out of Little River which was served by fisheries officers from Baddeck.

Reporter Bobby Nock spoke to him about the closure and the steady decline in the number of fisheries officers based out of Baddeck.

Listen audio (runs 4:08)

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CBCEDA Connector Program

Eileen Lannon-Oldford - CBCEDA's Executive Director

Posted by Robert Doublett

There's a new program out to attract immigrants to Cape Breton.

It's going through the Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority.

It's called a "connector" program and it's designed to appeal to eligible immigrants and international students.

Eileen Lannon-Oldford is CBCEDA's executive director.

Listen audio (runs 4:11)

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