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Xstrata wants out.

Peter Akerley: President and CEO of Erdene Resources.

Posted by Robert Doublett

The International mining company has announced it will sell its 75-percent stake in the Donkin Mine project.

A Nova Scotian company owns the remaining 25 percent.

Peter Akerley is the President and CEO of Erdene Resources. He spoke earlier today with reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith.

Yvonne began by asking Akerley what this news from Xstrata means for the project.

Listen audio (runs 11:29)

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Talbot House - Call for Resignation

Jamie Baillie - Leader of the PC Party

Posted by Robert Doublett

The CBC requested the copy of the government review of Talbot House.  

A FOIPOP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy) request was  made from this office and several requests came from the media to release the document.

As of today, we've had no response.

Today, the Conservative Party of Nova Scotia is calling for the resignation of the minister.  

In a release, the Conservative party says the minister broke the law, Jamie Baillie is the leader of the party.

Listen audio (runs 9:36)

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Dancing Through History

Lori Henry

Posted by Robert Doublett

Dancing Through History.jpgWhen you think about some of the great dancing that happens in Canada from coast to coast, your mind should fill with images of some of the great dancing that takes place in Aboriginal Communities, Ukrainian dancers, Métis dancers, ballroom, jigging and of course the dozens of great dance styles we have in the Atlantic provinces.

It occurred to Lori Henry that there was a conversation to be had. It took a year but she made her way from one community to another and the result is a book called "Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories that Define Canada"

Listen audio (runs 11:31)

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