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Blog: March 2012 Archives

Provincial Decentralization

Frank Corbett

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday's speech from the throne included a mention of moving some provincial civil service jobs out of Halifax to other areas of the province.

There were no details as to what departments would be affected, or where the jobs would go.

But to find out what the move might mean for Cape Breton, reporter

Holly Conners reached Deputy Premier Frank Corbett. Here's what he had to say today.

Listen audio (runs 4:06)

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Reaching Out To Rwanda

Dr.Anne Frances D’Intino, Kim Popwell and Dale Orychock

Posted by Stan Kennedy


The Hospice Palliative Care Society of Cape Breton County is planning to help develop palliative care in Rwanda.

Wendy interviews the organizers involved with this mission to find out more about their plans.

Listen audio (runs 12:24)

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The Language of This Land, Mi'kma'ki

Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis

Posted by Robert Doublett

There is a new book that studies the language of the people that's been written by Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis.

The Language of this Land, Mi'kma'ki is an exploration of Mi'kmaw world view as expressed in language, legends, song and dance. Using imagery as codes, these include not only place names and geologic history, but act as maps of the landscape. Sable and Francis illustrate the fluid nature of reality inherent in its expression - its embodiment in networks of relationships with the landscape integral to the cultural psyche and spirituality of the Mi'kmaq.

Listen audio (runs 21:50)

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