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Oxycontin out, OxyNEO in......for some.

Dr. Etienne Prinsloo

As we've heard in the news recently, the manufacturer of Oxycontin will no longer make the drug.

It's being replaced with a new drug called OxyNEO.

It will be much harder to abuse and should cut down on addictions.

The province has decided will not approve any new prescriptions for OxyNeo. Only people currently on Oxycontin... and some cancer and palliative patients... will be able to get OxyNEO.

Dr. Etienne Prinsloo is a pain specialist here in Sydney.

He foresees problems.

Dr. Prinsloo says Cape Breton has very long waiting lists for pain treatment... because there are only three specialists.

It also has a population with many people suffering from pain.

He spoke with Joan Weeks earlier today about the challenges facing pain specialists here.... and the complications caused by the changes with Oxycontin.

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