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Federation for Scottish Culture
Tom Wallace

It started with the debate about what would be taught at the Gaelic College in St Ann, but it exposed a rift that we have never really explored on this show...the space between the "Scottish Federations"  and the Clan  Societies, and the Gaelic community.

We aren't creating an artificial polarity.  Last year, for Tartan Day, st St Francis Xavier university pitted Gaels against the Tartan army, it was heat and written about in International publications.

So late last year, when the online debate about the role of the Gaelic college came, it shouldn't have surprised anyone that there would be some squaring off.  What was surprising was the tone.

Tom Wallace, president of the Federation for Scottish Culture in Nova Scotia said Tuesday the Scottish societies, clans and associations across the province are watching events unfold at the Gaelic College.
"There is an isolationist element in the Gaelic community that is disavowing cultural traditions like Highland dance and competitive piping that borders almost on xenophobia..."
Wallace said.
"We are one people with one common culture and, while it's important to focus on language, it shouldn't come at the cost of Highland dance or piping."
However, in the comments section below one of your professors Dr Tom Newton responded.
"Why ask that Braveheart tartan buffoon Tom Wallace for his opinion? He knows as much about Gaelic culture as he does Tuvan throatsinging. Who is he talking about when he says, "We are one people...? He is not a Gael and is too ignorant to understand the difference".
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