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Intelligence officer accused of passing secrets
Debrief by Steve Puddicomb

Jeffrey Paul Delisle.jpgToday we've been following the story of a Canadian Naval Intelligence Officer who faces two charges for violating the Security of Information Act by communicating information to a foreign entity.

As we know a Halifax based intelligence officer with the Canadian Forces has been arrested for allegedly passing secrets to a foreign entity or terrorist group.

A senior defence official told CBC News that Delisle joined the reserves in 1996 and became a regular Canadian Forces member in 2001. He was promoted to officer in 2008.

The official said the alleged breaches did not pose a threat to public safety. He said Delisle worked for a unit called HMCS Trinity.

Trinity is an intelligence facility at the naval dockyard in Halifax. It tracks vessels entering and exiting Canadian waters via satellites, drones and underwater devices. The centre is a multi-national base with access to secret data from NATO countries.

A source says the Canadian Forces counter-intelligence branch is conducting a damage assessment as a result of this case.

The accused would have had clearance to at least top secret information, if not higher, depending on which project he was assigned to, according to the official, who would not say which other country was involved.

Jeffrey Paul Delisle, who lives in the Bedford area of Halifax, was arrested over the weekend.

He appeared in court in Halifax on Tuesday morning for a bail hearing.

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