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Tribute to the Carpenters

Laurel Martell

Posted by Robert Doublett

Carpenters.jpgOne of the most successful musical groups of the 1970s, brother and sister duo, the Carpenters, introduced a unique and inimitable sound that changed the world of popular music forever.

Many of the contemporary female singers we hear these days all refer to Karen Carpenter as one of their main influences.

Jann Arden, KD Lang, and Shania Twain to name a couple.

If you happen to be anywhere even close to the Savoy Theatre on February 12th you will want to check out the show 'Tribute to the Carpenters' featuring Laurel Martell.

This tribute features the vocals of Laurel Martell, a performer who fell in love with the Carpenters at the age of eleven. Laurel is backed by a talented group of local musicians assembled and directed by studio owner (Lakewind Sound) and multiple East Coast Music Award winner, Fred Lavery.

Listen (runs 10:15min)

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Canada's Country Gentleman
Tommy Hunter

Posted by Robert Doublett

Tommy.jpgOn March 20th, 2012, Canada's country gentleman will rest his guitar against a stool, bringing to a close his concert touring days.

It will be a bittersweet goodbye for Tommy Hunter as he celebrates his 75th birthday in London Ontario on that date - the city where it all began 65 years ago when as a young boy of 9 he picked up his first guitar.

The final leg of what has been a two part final tour of Canada, will begin mid-February and cover Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and then move into Ontario before ending in London.

Listen (runs 19:26)

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Scott Knight, executive director of BrainScreen

Posted by Robert Doublett

A University of Toronto Psychology Professor believes a test to measure a driver's cognitive ability would go a long way in making Canada's roads safer. As Canadian clinicians become more aware of disorders that impact cognitive ability, such as post concussion syndrome, and dementias, such as Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Konstantine Zakzanis believes it's becoming increasingly important to measure a driver's cognitive ability.

Zakzanis has developed a 15-minute online screening test called BrainScreen. It is patent pending, available in 20 languages and is the first test of its kind in North America.

Listen (runs 9:31)

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