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Sydney animal shelter is not going anywhere
Danny Ellis and Leo MacIsaac

Board members of the Sydney animal shelter spoke publicly - about their ongoing battle with the provincial SPCA - for the first time on Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, the executive director of the provincial organization came to Sydney to fire the director of the shelter and take control of the facility.

Kristin Williams said that an audit had found some alarming problems at the shelter, including improper cleaning, falsified records and failure to provide proper medical care.

But staff at the shelter refused to leave.....and twice more, have defied orders to surrender the building.

The local board of directors says it owns the facility - it's not going anywhere - and it has faith in the care that the staff are providing.

The provincial society says it's now prepared to go to court to gain control of the shelter, and the animals.

Leo MacIsaac and Danny Ellis are both long-time board members at the shelter.

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