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Sydney Harbour Silt Plume

resident of the Sydney Harbour Fishers Association: Melanie Sampson

Thumbnail image for SydHarbrPlume.jpgConcerns were raised this week about a plume of sediment being stirred up by the dredging of Sydney's harbour.

It's commonly known that contaminants from the Sydney Steel Plant ended the lobster fishery in the inner harbour a few decades ago.

Environment Canada says it is now investigating a complaint filed about the sediment plume by Public Works.

The plume is in the outer harbour, where a thriving lobster and crab fishery still exists.

Melanie Sampson heads the Sydney Harbour Fishers Association. It's has 42 members from North Sydney and South Bar.

Joan Weeks asked her about their  involvement with the harbour dredge and whether they're worried sediment plume will hurt the fishery.

photo by: Gerry Langille