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Uncle Sam Wants You!
Terry Ritchie

Thumbnail image for uncle_sam_pointing_finger.jpgCape Breton has many waves of immigration from other countries. We often talk about the waves from Scotland, or Ireland in the 1800's, or even Poland and Ukrain just before world war one.

But one of the biggest recents waves of immigration into the Island came in the late 1960's and 1970's with young people fromt he from the United States, sometimes int heir

late teens or early twenties, sometimes with young families, who made thier way to Cape breton to start new lives..and to contribute to the island way of life. For the most part,

they took Canadian did their children, but if they didn't renounce their US citizenship, they are still subject to US taxes.

Thats right, families who made thier homes on this Island, built up businesses and personal property in this country, find all of that is subject to american taxation because they

did not renoucne thier citizienship...and a deadline is looming...

Terry Ritchie is a tax advisor, educated ithe US, with international taxation practice in both countries. He has written extensively about this..and joins us on the line from his office in calgary.

Terry Ritchie