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CBU Pet Therapy

Posted by Stan Kennedy

There were some special visitors at Cape Breton University.  Two dogs and a cat were on campus - to help students destress during exams.

This is a new program at CBU. Pets have been in the student union building for a few hours each day this week. And they've been a big hit with students.

The CBC's Wendy Martin spoke with students Emily MacArthur and Cassandra Coleman, as well as Katie Frasier - one of the pet owners in the Therapeutic Paws of Canada program.

Listen audio (runs 6:08)

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Bowater Mersey Pension Fund

Billy Joe MacLean

Posted by Stan Kennedy

We've been looking at the details of the Bowater Mersey paper mill deal in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.

Some people from other communities in the province have been wondering what this means for them. Wendy spoke with Port Hawkesbury Mayor Billy Joe MacLean.

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Best Christmas Gingerbread

Paula Muise

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Its hard to imagine, but it is that time again. The annual gingerbread house struggle...who will win...the house or the children?


Paula Muise is an expert in making the walls stay up, keeping the roof from sliding off and keeping the walls from caving in!  She has made gingerbread houses for 40 years.


Here is Paula's recipe for her Best Christmas Gingerbread:

Page 1 - Best Christmas Gingerbread House

Page 2 - Best Christmas Gingerbread House

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Harbourside Elementary School - Kiwanis Kids

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The first Charter for Kiwanis Kids in Nova Scotia will be signed today at Harbourside Elementary School in Whitney Pier.

Wendy Bergfeldt spoke with the students involved in this historic event.

Listen audio (runs 6:55)

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On Location - Coxheath Hills

Posted by Stan Kennedy

(Photo courtesy of Gala Milne.  In photo L to R: Wendy Bergfeldt, Kim & Ken Martell
and Kevin MacLellan).

The Coxheath Hills Wilderness Trail is a community trail system which has been developed by the community, for the community.  

The trail is an expression of the spirit of the community.  

It's been a vehicle for people to come together, share the love of environment, love of healthy living and love of community.

Listen audio (runs 75:33)

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Natalie MacMaster Remembers

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Natalie MacMaster was deeply influenced by Raylene and the Rankin Family. Natalie's career has taken her all over the world, but she isn't sure that would have happened without the Rankin Family making the way. Here's Wendy Bergfeldt in conversation with Natalie MacMaster.

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Talbot House - Public Forum

Dr. John Gainer

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Proponents of Talbot House have taken the battle to save the addiction recovery centre online.

This morning, the Talbot House board announced they would not be submitting to the province's request for proposals for a new addiction recovery centre in Cape Breton. 

Later today, a number of videos were posted to the Talbot House Youtube account.  The videos feature testimonials from former residents of Talbot House, and each one concludes by asking viewers to contact the premier and other politicians.

Dr. John Gainer is the chairman of the Talbot House board. 

He says the board feels they have exhausted all other options.

Listen audio (runs 11:10)

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Steve Machat

Posted by Stan Kennedy

It's been many years since smoking has been allowed inside public venues. The emergence of e-cigarettes (non-tobacco cigarettes) have us wondering...should they be banned as well?

Steve Machat is the manager of tobacco control for the department of health and wellness.

He spoke to online newsite about this earlier this week.

Listen audio (runs 11:53)

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Glowing Plankton

Dr. Michael Orr

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Have you seen the glowing water along the shoreline at the bridge in River Ryan.
Our interview with Dr. Orr may answer the questions you have about this mysterious matter.

Listen audio (runs 7:42)

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YMCA Sydney

Andre Gallant

Posted by Stan Kennedy

It sure did rain hard earlier this week. According to Environment Canada, 57.6 millimetres of rain fell at the Airport in Sydney.  The YMCA in Sydney had to be closed as a result of the heavy downpour. 
The CBC's Wendy Martin met up with Andre Gallant - CEO of the Cape Breton Family YMCA.

Listen audio (runs 5:57)

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Mobile Care New Waterford

Greg Boone

Posted by Stan Kennedy

If you live in New Waterford and need emergency care, you know that you may not always be able to receive that care at your local hospital.  The creatiion of a Mobile Care Unit has been proposed to help alleviate the situation. 

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke with health authority spokesman Greg Boone.

Listen audio (runs 6:35)

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Junebugs Baby!

Fraser Turnbull

Posted by Stan Kennedy


Junebugs Baby.JPGFraser Turnbull, a horse owner and trainer from Dominion, couldn't be happier with his horse Junebugs Baby. He has raced seven times this year, there's been one - second place finish and SIX victories, that's right, he's won six of the seven races entered this year!

Listen audio (runs 9:09)

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Cape Breton Modern Drummer

Joe Menchefski

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Joe Menchefski.jpg Products made and visioned here in Cape Breton by BILLDIDIT, are being featured in the magazine Modern Drummer the online edition.

Joe Menchefski, the company president, stopped by our studios to have a chat with Wendy Bergfeldt.

Listen audio (runs 12:58)

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Nova Scotia Tourism Strategy

Minister Percy Paris

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Nova Scotia Flag.jpg

The Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Percy Paris says through the partnership with industry in the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency the province is establishing a new direction for tourism.

A strategic framework will be shared in regional sessions. To register for a focus group in your area visit this website: Nova ScotiaTourism or please contact Tracey Purchase at 902-424-7084.French language services will be available in the Sydney and Yarmouth sessions.

Listen audio (runs 10:45)

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Land Trust Donation

Dennis Garratt and Dan Livingston

Posted by Stan Kennedy

MacKenzie Cove.jpg

Nova Scotia contains some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscape in the entire country.  On the weekend, it was announced that a 300-acre property in Inverness County has been donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.  To learn more about this donation Wendy Bergfeldt spoke with: Dennis Garratt, Conservation Manager with the NSNT and land donor Dan Livingston.

Listen audio (runs 11:05)

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70 George Street

Malcolm Gillis and Don Ferguson

Posted by Stan Kennedy

70 George Street.JPGA home that was formerly one of Sydney's finest, is about to be demolished.

70 George Street has fallen into such disrepair, it's been condemned.

Malcolm Gillis is Manager of Development with the CBRM, and Don Ferguson is the Chair of Resi-Care Cape Breton.

Listen audio (runs 9:43)

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MV Miner - Departure

Amanda MacDougall

Posted by Stan Kennedy

People in Main-a-Dieu are happy to see a passing tourist leave the area that was not welcome in the community.

The bulk carrier M.V.Miner has been stuck off nearby Scaterie Island since it ran aground last September.

Listen audio (runs 5:12)

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Muskrat Falls - Escalating Costs

Premier Dexter

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The premiers of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland met yesterday and both agree the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project will be more expensive than originally planned.

Listen audio (runs 4:30)

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The Paleo Diet

Scott McIntyre

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Also known as the caveman diet, the paleo diet focuses on a presumed diet of foods that were consumed during the Paleolithic era. The diet includes fish, meats, vegetables, fruit and nuts while excluding any processed foods such as grains, oils, salt and sugars.

Listen audio (runs 14:28)

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CBU - Refreshed Vision

Dr. Keith Brown

Posted by Stan Kennedy

At the core, the statements demonstrate CBU's commitment to respect and support the Cape Breton community and its vibrant cultures while continuing to nurture innovative research and education that resonate local to global.

Listen audio (runs 10:13)

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MV Miner - Salvage Project

Chris Conohan

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Some fishermen and other residents of Main a Dieu turned out today for a meeting with a salvage company representative about getting work on the M.V. Miner salvage project.

Listen audio (runs 5:43)

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Government Jobs and Rural Communities

Premier Dexter

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Only five of seventy one union workers who were asked to move to rural Nova Scotia have opted to make the move, and fifty seven have asked to be transferred to a different department in Halifax.

Listen audio (runs 2:51)

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Academy's International Baccalaureate Program

Ramona Jennex - Education Minister

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Wendy Bergfeldt interviews Education Minister Ramona Jennex about the IB program which has been cut at Sydney Academy.

Listen audio (runs 6:25)

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Next Big Thing Gets Bigger

Andrew Mortimer, Billy Crowley and Michelle Lahey

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The Next Big Thing - Cape Breton's High-School talent showcase and competition is now in it's fourth year. 

Last nights performance was the third of a six week concert series that displays up and coming talent from all over the island. 

To find out more about how the event is going this year and some special news from last night, we invited Andrew Mortimer - Event founder and organizer, and Billy Crowley  - President, CBU Students' Union into the studio.

Listen audio (runs 11:47)

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Reaching Out To Rwanda

Dr.Anne Frances D’Intino, Kim Popwell and Dale Orychock

Posted by Stan Kennedy


The Hospice Palliative Care Society of Cape Breton County is planning to help develop palliative care in Rwanda.

Wendy interviews the organizers involved with this mission to find out more about their plans.

Listen audio (runs 12:24)

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Violence Against Women

Jan Reimer and Helen Morrison

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Women's Shelters.jpgJan Reimer is the Provincial Co-ordinator for the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters.  Her organization just released a survey which revealed some disturbing numbers about domestic violence.

Helen Morrison, the head of Transition House in Cape Breton, responds to the survey and how it compares with the experience in Cape Breton.

Listen audio (runs 10:40)

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University Security Protocol

Denise Campbell - Manger of Safety and Security

Posted by Stan Kennedy

CBU Security has taken an active role in adjusting the living arrangements of; the individual involved in the alleged sexual assaultat the university. To learn more about the protocol on campus, we spoke with Denise Campbell - Manger of Safety and Security.

Listen audio (runs 9:44)

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Community Services

Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse

Posted by Stan Kennedy

nsf4.JPGYoung people who are vulnerable will soon have more support to stay in school, find jobs, get involved in the community and get help with family problems.

Listen audio (runs 10:09)

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Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Signey Arnason - Director of

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is encouraging parents to set some time aside to talk to their children about Internet safety.

Canada's national tip line for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children: CYBERTIP

Listen audio (runs 8:30)

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The Hunger Games Panel

Maggie Olson, Madonna and Gabriel Doucette

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Hunger Games for Web.JPGThe Hunger Games takes place after the destruction of North America by some unknown apocalyptic event, in a nation known as Panem.

Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts.

District 12, where the book begins, is located in the coal-rich region that was formerly Appalachia.

As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol in which a 13th district was destroyed, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants (or "tributes") must fight in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol, until only one remains.

Our panel discusses why the movie Hunger Games is so popular.

Listen audio (runs 15:09)

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Cape Breton Regional Council

Jerry Ryan

Posted by Stan Kennedy


Cape Breton Regional Council gathered today to talk about this year's budget deliberations.

Listen audio (runs 2:53)

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Job Training Announcement

Premier Darrell Dexter

Posted by Stan Kennedy

                                 NS flag.png

A big announcement about job training for people in seven Mi'kmaq communities.

Listen audio (runs 5:23)

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Canadian Coast Guard 50th Anniversary
Executive Director: Captain Lise Marchand

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Today is a big day at the Canadian Coast Guard. They are celebrating their 50-th anniversary.

Reporter, Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith dropped by the Coast Guard College in Westmount this morning to check in on the plans for today's party.

Before checking out the anniversary cake, Yvonne spoke to the executive director of the college: Captain Lise Marchand.

Captain Lise Marchand 012612.mp3

Executive Chef Troy Baglole and Pastry Chef Gary Surrette


While at the college in Westmount, Captain Marchand also took Yvonne to see the galley... to meet the men who are making the cake for today's big anniversary.

Executive chef Troy Baglole and pastry chef Gary Surrette.

Coast Guard Chefs 012612.mp3

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Provincal Energy Ventures

Provincial Energy Ventures President: Ernie Thrasher

Posted by Stan Kennedy

A company called Provincial Energy Ventures will invest 75 million dollars in the development of a new bulk terminal in Sydney Harbour.

Provincial Energy Ventures president Ernie Thrasher made this announcement earlier today at an economic development conference in Sydney.

Thrasher spoke with reporters about the plans.

Listen audio (runs 7:17)

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Inverness Operating Room
Nova Scotia's Health Minister Maureen MacDonald

Posted by Stan Kennedy

People in Inverness county turned out by the hundreds this past weekend to show their concern for changes at the local hospital.

The Operating Room there is no longer open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency surgeries that happen overnight or on weekends will now be sent to either Sydney or Antigonish.

The Cape Breton district health authority says it has no intention of reversing the decision, despite concerns in the community. Nova Scotia's health minister says she has no intention of getting involved either.

Maureen MacDonald spoke with the CBC's legislative reporter, Jean Laroche.

Listen (runs 4:43)

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RCMP Constable Andre Sparkes

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Children in the First Nations community of Chapel Island in Cape Breton are getting some help in dealing with bullies.

A new program was launched at the Chapel Island school today. It's called WITS.

Chapel Island is one of six test sites across Canada for the program, and the only one in Nova Scotia.

The CBC's Wendy Martin dropped by as RCMP Constable Andre Sparkes met with the students to explain how it works.

WITS 012512.mp3

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Posted by Stan Kennedy

Chapter 1 - Listening and the Little Things

We meet a nurse educator and a volunteer with hospice and palliative care Cape Breton. We find out what it takes to do the job... and what it gives back.

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Chapter 2 - Music to Soothe the Soul

Music doesn't cure.... but music therapy is part of the healing process in hospice palliative care.

We'll learn more about the program in Cape Breton and meet a lovely lady who has found her voice.. and in doing so has given her family a gift from the heart.

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Chapter 3 - Volunteers and Organizers

We meet some dedicated volunteers and organizers on this the 25th anniversary year of hospice palliative care in Cape Breton.

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