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The end of a trilogy comes to Strathspey Place

Duncan MacDonald

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Year of the Burning is the third concert in a trilogy created by the Ships of 1801 Society. It'll be performed at Strathspey Place on Saturday, August 29th. Duncan MacDonald spoke with Wendy.

Listen audio (runs 7:50)

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Roundtable on creative economy asks for cash

Joella Foulds

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Mayor's Rountable on the Creative Economy is asking CBRM to pay for a study into the development of a Growth Plan for the arts and culture sector. The groups Chair Joella Foulds made the request at Tuesday's meeting of Regional Council.

Listen audio (runs 4:54)

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LGBT elder care best carried out in cooperative living

Peter Steele

Posted by Erin Ashley

Peter Steele is a retired gay community educator and entrepreneur. He's renovating his house to provide living space to aging gay men. He spoke with Erin Ashley a little earlier today. She started by asking him what prompted his decision.

Listen audio (runs 9:18)

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Eye CATching statues soon to grace the streets of CBRM

Deana Lloy

Posted by Erin Ashley

The cost of spaying and neutering feral cats can run into the tens of thousands of dollars a year in CBRM. So, the Feral and Abandoned Cat Society needed a unique, fundraiser that would get a lot of people involved. Deana Lloy is the VP of the organization.

Listen audio (runs 7:48)

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New garden sprouts at Regional Hospital

Kevin Butler and Pius Young

Posted by Erin Ashley

Staff and Patients in Mental Health and Addiction Services are working together on three therapeutic edible gardens. Kevin Butler coordinated the project and approached the provincial government for funding. 
Pius Young is a hospital patient who works in the garden. He spoke with George about what it all means to him.

Kevin Butler audio (runs 3:47)

Pius Young audio (runs 2:02)

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New exhibition, The Art of Living.

Chantal Coulombe and Catherine Moir

Posted by Erin Ashley

When Chantal Coulombe was diagnosed with breast cancer it came as a complete shock. After undergoing treatment, she was able to channel some of her pain into an artistic exhibition, opening Sunday at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.


Listen audio (runs 6:56)

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3rd annual Cape Breton Jazz and World Music Festival

Carl Ghetto and Kirk MacDonald

Posted by Erin Ashley

A niche of music long loved is being celebrated in Cape Breton this week.
Carl Ghetto is the coordinator. He spoke with CBC's Norma Jean MacPhee.

Cape Breton's Juno award-winning jazz saxophonist, Kirk MacDonald, played at CBU on Wednesday. Kirk has lived in Toronto for more than 35 years -- but grew up here on the Island. He had a few words about what it means to have a growing jazz fest here.

Carl Ghetto audio (runs 5:25)

Kirk MacDonald audio (runs 4:23)

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Frenchvale fire chief suspects road conditions causing problems

Mark Voutier

Posted by Erin Ashley

Local fire chiefs are expressing concern about the condition of some of the area's highways. They're especially worried about ruts they say are causing problems for motorists.

Listen audio (runs 5:01)

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Dishing out the produce

Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Pan Cape Breton Food Hub Co-op is now in full swing.
The idea of the twelve week pilot project is to bring the products from farmers across the island to consumers.  Norma Jean MacPhee was in Sydney as the boxes were being packed.

Listen audio (runs 7:47)

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Answers about LGBTQ elder care

Cheryl Deveaux

Posted by Erin Ashley

Yesterday on Mainstreet we heard from the Education Coordinator at the Ally Centre of Cape Breton about issues concerning LGBTQ elder care. To continue the conversation, Erin Ashley spoke with Cheryl Deveaux, the Administrator at the Cove Guest Home.

Listen audio (runs 7:20)

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Questions about LGBTQ elder care

Madonna Doucette

Posted by Erin Ashley

With the Cape Breton Island Pride festival just a few days away...
It's a great time to consider those who've fought for the rights of the LGBTQ community.
And as some of these activists enter in to their "Golden Years"  one might wonder how those freedoms are protected in long term care facilities.  
Erin Ashley spoke with the Education Coordinator of the Ally Centre of Cape Breton, Madonna Doucette.
Today on Mainstreet we'll hear from the Administrator at the Cove Guest Home about their efforts to create an inclusive space. 

Listen audio (runs 8:04)

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Memories of Jack Yazer

Ron Caplan and Scott MacLean

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Cape Breton business man and philanthropist died Wednesday at the age of 102.
Ron Caplan and Scott MacLean reminisce.

Listen audio (runs 21:21)

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Will professional ball be coming to Cape Breton

Dave Mangley

Posted by Erin Ashley

Dave Mangley is the commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada. He says the key to a successful basketball team is not about winning on the court, it's about winning in the community.

Listen audio (runs 11:47)

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Colleagues remember nurse as compassionate hero

Dr. Anne Frances D'Intino and Connie Gregory

Posted by Erin Ashley

A Cape Breton woman is dead after helping rescue swimmers in distress in the Broad Cove area. Michelle White Curtis was one of the pioneers in the Palliative Care Movement in Cape Breton. Listeners may remember Michelle from her previous conversation with Mainstreet.
Dr Anne Frances D'Intino a phyician in the palliative and hopsice care unit and Connie Gregory is the Director of Provincial Programs in Nova Scotia Health Authorities's Eastern Zone and also worked with Michelle White Curtis for many years.

Listen audio (runs 11:51)

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Worksite safety most important during summer months

Scott Nauss

Posted by Erin Ashley

Many people working through the summer end up getting injured, some even die. 

In Nova Scotia, on the job injuries and fatalities are the highest in the summer. 

Scott Nauss is the senior director of Occupational Health and Safety.

Listen audio (runs 9:05)

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Campaigning for Foster Families

Joanne Bernard and Joyce MacPhee

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Nova Scotia government has amped up its advertising to attract new foster parents. It says there aren't enough foster parents in the system.

To get a more personal perspective on aging foster parents this we've reached Joyce MacPhee. She's a 71 year old foster parent in Margaree.

Minister Joanne Bernard audio (runs 8:03)

Joyce MacPhee audio (runs 9:08)

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Fatal Forestry Accident at Little Narrows

Corporal Eric Latwatis

Posted by Erin Ashley

A  54 year old man has died following what's being described as an industrial accident in Little Narrows. 

RCMP say a search was launched Tuesday night after a forestry worker failed to return home from work. 

Corporal Eric Latwatis says Baddeck RCMP were contacted about a man who was working alone in the woods operating a logging skidder.

Listen audio (runs 5:50)

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Funding Jay Cousins' return home

Laurie Carrigan

Posted by Erin Ashley

The 35 year old from Cape Breton was driving to Alberta when his car crashed in Saskatchewan. Since then he's been recovering in hospital.
People in Cape Breton and abroad are raising money to try and bring Cousins home.

Listen audio (runs 12:01)

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New Ironman is an islander

Corey Deveaux

Posted by Erin Ashley

This was a big weekend for Corey Deveaux. The man originally from Little Bras d'Or came in first, in the Iron Man Triathlon in Lake Placid, New York. He beat out thousands of people to claim victory.

Listen audio (runs 8:42)

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An honorary doctorate for Mabel Bell

David Wheeler

Posted by Erin Ashley

Mabel Hubbard Bell is soon going to be honoured in a special ceremony.
The wife of famous inventor of Alexander Graham Bell is getting an honorary doctorate from  Cape Breton University. David Wheeler is president of CBU.

Listen audio (runs 5:38)

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Mayor Clark on the new Marine Atlantic terminal

CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Erin Ashley

Marine Atlantic's new North Sydney Terminal building is only a few months away from opening.

Construction of the 20 million dollar facility started in the summer of 2013, and formed part of the debate over the sale of Archibald's Wharf.

Following a tour of the new facility, Mayor Cecil Clark spoke with reporters.

Listen audio (runs 2:30)

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Archibald's Wharf

Eldon MacDonald

Posted by Erin Ashley

Wendy Bergfeldt and Eldon MacDonald talk about the possible sale of North Sydney's Archibald's Wharf.

Listen audio (runs 15:45)

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Cape Breton Food Banks: How They Work

Nick Jennery

Posted by Erin Ashley

Feed Nova Scotia is a provincial agency that supports food banks in Cape Breton, and indeed, Nova Scotia. It's a very complex system, one that requires a fair bit of explanation about how it works.

Nick Jennery is the new Executive Director.

Listen audio (runs 13:15)

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Store Clerk Spots Scam

Joan Weeks and Helen Samson

Posted by Erin Ashley

A Richmond County woman, says she narrowly missed being scammed by someone claiming to be her grandaughter.

Helen Samson, of Petit de Gras, says she was about to send the person one-thousand dollars.

Lucky for her, an alert store clerk spotted the scam. Samson spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 5:37)

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Help Your Self

Séan McCann

Posted by Erin Ashley

St. John's musician, Séan McCann, has balanced a solo career with membership in the immensely popular band, Great Big Sea.

His latest solo effort took him on a difficult journey. He spoke with Wendy about the long hard road to "Help Your Self".

Listen audio (runs 11:34)

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Frenchvale Firechief Fears the Worst

Chief Mark Voutier

Posted by Erin Ashley

The fire chief in Frenchvale is a very worried man.

Chief Mark Voutier says one of their ageing fire trucks is in such bad shape he's concerned about it's response time in the event of a fire. He says the department has been asking for a replacement for the past five years.

Voutier is speaking out now and asking Cape Breton Regional Municipality to fast track a replacement truck. He's been promised a meeting on the issue soon.

Chief Voutier spoke with George Mortimer.

Listen audio (runs 5:38)

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Mavis Gallant's Cape Breton Connection

Professor Mary K. MacLeod and Jim St. Clair

Posted by Erin Ashley

Mavis Gallant, the internationally celebrated Canadian short story writer who lived and worked for most of her life in Paris, has died, according to her publisher, Doug Pepper of Signal/McClelland Stewart. She was 91.

"Without exaggeration she was one of the finest writers Canada has ever known. Witty, brave, honest, fiercely independent, Mavis was a stunning writer who transformed the short-fiction form. She was also a woman ahead of her time, blazing a trail of independence that took courage and determination that inspired legions of other authors who count her influence as seminal to their own careers," Pepper said.

onsidered one of Canada's finest writers of short fiction, Gallant is known for collections such as Montreal Stories, Going Ashore and 1981's Home Truths, which earned her a Governor General's Literary Award.

Listen audio (runs 15:10)

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Snow Rage and City Workers

Alan Clark

Posted by Erin Ashley

CBRM employees are worn with snow removal. We spoke with the head of city works, Alan Clark to find out what's been put on the back burner.

Listen audio (runs 8:58)

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Diana Whalen's Budget Talks

Diana Whalen

Posted by Erin Ashley

Snow or no snow, Nova Scotia's finance Minister has been on the road today asking people what they want, and don't want to see in the province's upcoming budget.

But these talks aren't just pre-budget this Minister plans to be on the road all year and would have said so this morning, had the weather not interfered with her schedule.

Listen audio (runs 8:58)

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Malcolm Monroe's Foreign Exchange

Josefina Posada, Martin Basile Alvarez and Anee Marie MacLean

Posted by Erin Ashley

Malcolm Monroe Junior High is trying to raise the profile of its foreign exchange student program, and boy do they have a couple of great kids to set the example.

Earlier today Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith met Josefina Posada Montoya from Columbia; and Martin Basile Alvarez from Mexico. Both are 15 years old. They arrived here in September.

Yvonne started by asking them about the their experience here.

Listen audio (runs 9:32)

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Our Cultural Communities

Ely Rosenblum, Jelka Vukobratovic, Jana Zoric

Posted by Erin Ashley

We hear stories from Cape Breton's Jewish, Croation and Polish communities. As told by researchers with brought here by Cape Breton University.

Jana Zoric audio (runs 9:21)

Jelka Vukobratovic audio (runs 13:35)

Ely Rosenblum audio (runs 9:45)

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Feed NS - Diane is retiring

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Executive Director of Feed Nova Scotia, Diane Swinemar, announces her retirement and tells us about some career highlights.

Listen audio (runs 6:16)

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Feed NS - What's the money for?

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

We hear how your financial contributions help Feed Nova Scotia distribute food province wide.

Listen audio (runs 5:17)

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Feed NS - Where the food comes from

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Executive Director of Feed Nova Scotia explains how they get the food to feed Nova Scotians.

Listen audio (runs 7:38)

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Feed NS - How it Works

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

The food distribution system for Nova Scotia food banks is complex... Executive Director, Diane Swinemar will explain in the next four segments how it all goes down.

Listen audio (runs 5:59)

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The Bean Bank takes home a MICA

Linda MacDonald and Suzanne Annesty-Udle

Posted by Erin Ashley

Twenty years ago Suzanne Annesty-Udle opened the Bean Bank. A thriving coffee shop and community gathering place on Charlotte street in Sydney.

Today, she is a MICA (Meaningful Involvement of Consumers Award) winner too. MICAs celebrate the meaningful involvement of mental health consumers in society. The awards honour consumers, families, clinicians, and groups who support and respect the expertise of individuals who experience a mental illness.

Linda MacDonald is responsible for the nomination.

You can view the document here.

Listen audio (runs 9:22)

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A tourist friendly Cape Breton

Roger Brooks

Posted by Erin Ashley

Nova Scotia's tourism industry amounts to hundreds of millions in revenue for the province. Roger Brooks would like to help Cape Breton get a bigger slice of the pie.

Listen audio (runs 15:09)

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The Unplugged Woodshop

Tom Fidgen

Posted by Erin Ashley

Unplugged.jpg A local tells us about his passion for hand-tooling wooden masterpieces.

To order your own copy of The Unplugged Woodshop, you can find the website here.

Listen audio (runs 14:52)

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Your thoughts...

Jim St. Clair

Posted by Erin Ashley

We love to hear what you think about the stories we cover on our show.

Tuesday we spoke with Marie Walsh about Regional Economic Networks, then we got a call from Jim St. Clair.

Listen audio (runs 4:34)

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CBU President to independently review fracking

David Wheeler

Posted by Erin Ashley

David Wheeler will select an advisory panel, consult experts and hold public hearings.

The government says the external review will look at the social, economic, environmental and health impacts.

Listen audio (runs 11:43)

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Your thoughts...

Erin Ashley

Posted by Erin Ashley

Some folk say an election is on the horizon.

We wondered if you'd like to see a provincial election in the coming weeks.

Erin Ashley took to the streets to get your opinion.

Listen audio (runs 3:42)

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Buried Secrets at Louisbourg

Jo Ann Yhard

Posted by Erin Ashley

Talking teen fiction with Jo Ann Yhard.

Listen audio (runs 12:18)

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Cape Breton Paddle Routes - North River

Erin Ashley and Angelo Spinazzola

Posted by Erin Ashley

The CBC's Erin Ashley, explores the estuary of North River with Angelo Spinazzola of North River Kayak Tours.

Mainstreet would love to hear about your favourite paddling experience . . . And we're prepared to offer 2 passes to the 3rd Annual Cape Breton Paddlefest for it!

All you need to do is call our talkback line at 1-800-309-5556 leave us a message with your name, phone number and the story of your greatest paddling  trip. . . And you could be on the water in Isle Madame, September 13-15th, for the 3rd Annual Cape Breton Paddlefest.

We'll make the draw Friday, August 30th.

Listen audio (runs 6:27)

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Historian discovers little known medical history

Vanessa Childs Rolls

Posted by Erin Ashley

While researching her thesis Vanessa Childs Rolls discovered an interesting story about Sydney's past.

Listen audio (runs 11:30)

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Asking the Tough Questions

Wanda Earhart and Louise Smith

Posted by Erin Ashley

Cape Breton's Every Woman's Centre is asking victims of sexual violence how they've dealt with the assault.

Listen audio (runs 8:13)

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Glace Bay Baseball

Geoff MacLellan

Posted by Erin Ashley

Former Colonel and current Liberal MLA, Geoff MacLellan, is home for the little league baseball championships. We caught up with him just before the first pitch.

Listen audio (runs 7:13)

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Los Angeles Children's Chorus in East Bay

Anne Tomlinson

Posted by Erin Ashley

Guest host, Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith speaks with the director of the traveling choir.

Listen audio (runs 7:59)

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Family, friends gather to say goodbye

Father Joe Gillis and Laura Lewis

Posted by Erin Ashley

Earlier this afternoon, CBC streamed the funeral of the late Rita MacNeil. Father Joe Gillis and Laura Lewis were there and shared these words.

Listen audio (runs 13:04)

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CBRM's Emergency Action Plan

John Dilny

Posted by Erin Ashley

There is a plan in place if the Gabarus Seawall fails. We spoke with Manager of Emergency Management, John Dilny to learn more.

Listen audio (runs 6:08)

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Tommy Hunter remembers Rita

Canada's Country Gentleman

Posted by Erin Ashley

Tommy Hunter audio (runs 7:41)

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Larry LeBlanc remembers Rita

Billboard's Man in Canada

Posted by Erin Ashley

Larry LeBlanc audio (runs 8:44)

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Friends Remember Rita MacNeil

Posted by Erin Ashley

Acclaimed Cape Breton singer Rita MacNeil has died at age 68.

A notice on her website states MacNeil died on April 16 following complications from surgery.

Nipper MacLeod audio (runs 6:42)

Flo Sampson audio (runs 6:30)

Joella Foulds audio (runs 10:51)

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Jay Smith

Dave Mahalik

Posted by Erin Ashley

Jay Smith, a Cape Breton guitarist best known for playing with Matt Mays, died on suddenly in his hotel room Wednesday night after a show with Matt Mays and El Torpedo while the Nova Scotia band was on tour in Edmonton.

Smith first performed with his own band, Rock Ranger, which released two albums before he joined Mays's band, and playing on the Juno-nominated album, Terminal Romance. In 2009 Smith won an East Coast Music Award SOCAN Songwriter of the Year for co-writing (with Gordie Sampson) the song "We Are Young and so is the Night."

We spoke with Dave Mahalik about Jay's contribution to the island and to Canadian music.

Listen audio (runs 10:50)

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Cutting the "fluff".

Lorne Green, Ramona Jennex & J.P. Cormier

Posted by Erin Ashley

Part 1 - Lorne Green's response to the importance of arts education in Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.

Part 2 - Are arts programs at risk in this round of budget cuts? We asked the Minister of Education, Ramona Jennex.

Part 3 - JP Cormier responds to his vocation being referred to as "fluff".

Lorne Green audio (runs 7:03)

Ramona Jennex audio (runs 7:10)

Ramona Jennex audio (runs 7:10)

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Funding your Olympic dreams

Amy Cotton and Conrad Leinemann

Posted by Erin Ashley

We spoke with Olympiads Amy Cotton and Conrad Leinemann about CAN Fund and the campaigns they've used to directly fund our national athletes.

Listen audio (runs 13:14)

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From poverty to pottery

Bill Strickland

Posted by Erin Ashley

Bill Strickland, the CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Manchester Craftsman's Guild and the Bidwell Training Centre, addresses the crowd at the Growing a Creative Economy Conference in Sydney.

Listen audio (runs 13:29)

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Mainstreet Council

Kevin Saccary & George MacDonald

Posted by Erin Ashley

Mainstreet is launching a new feature.

Each Monday we'll speak with area councilors about the issues in their communities. The feature is unnamed; come up with one and you could win a prize!

1-800-309-5556 or 595-5556.

Listen audio (runs 18:05)

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Mayor Clarke reacts to the Federal Budget

Cecil Clarke

Posted by Erin Ashley

Where does the CBRM stand now that the federal budget has been released?

Listen audio (runs 5:45)

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The difference between a Jesuit and a Catholic?

Father Jean LaForte S.J.

Posted by Erin Ashley

Following the election of Pope Francis, Wendy seeks the wisdom of Fr. Jean LaForte S.J.

Listen audio (runs 15:03)

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CBU's New Artist in Residence

Ursula Johnson

Posted by Erin Ashley

Ursula Johnson of Eskasoni is the first Artist in Residence at CBU.

She will explore basket weaving as it applies to First Nation culture and history and hold a series of talks about her works and how they apply.

The CBC's Erin Ashley was able to attend the first talk and met with Ursula for a chat afterwards.

Listen audio (runs 7:25)

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In Studio - Kyle Mischiek

Kyle Mischiek

Posted by Erin Ashley

Hot off the heels off ECMA weekend, people are returning home and Kyle Mischiek is back and we've called him into the studio because there's no end of rumour surrounding the young artists career.

Listen audio (runs 9:19)

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Cape Breton brings the party to ECMW

Joan Weeks

Posted by Erin Ashley

Rob Doublett gets the scoop.

The Beaton Sisters. Photo courtesy Joan Weeks.

CarletonStone.jpgCarleton Stone. Photo courtesy of Joan Weeks.

Listen audio (runs 8:13)

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Posted by Erin Ashley

They're at it again, it's the sixth year of Angelo Spinazzola's First Nations Song Writing Sessions, and while Angelo says it never gets any easier, he still learns something every time!

Listen audio (runs 7:46)

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Canadian Independent Music Association

Stuart Johnston

Posted by Erin Ashley

Why are Canadian independent musicians making $7,000 annually? Wendy finds out.

Listen audio (runs 16:04)

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CBmic (Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative)

Jennifer Currie and Albert Lionais

Posted by Erin Ashley

Jennifer Currie and Albert Lionais talk about the benefits of having a musician co-operative.

Listen audio (runs 10:10)

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Never let him go
Sam Moon

Posted by Erin Ashley

StudioA_SamMoon.jpgLegendary Cape Breton singer-songwriter Sam Moon has not released a full-length album in close to three decades.

Not since 1982's "New Moon" have loyal Moon fans had a recording to anticipate.

It's taken almost 30 years for Sam Moon's follow up album, Never Let Me Go, to find its way to our ears. Wendy asked him why . . .

Sam Moon for web_160019.mp3

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Community group's appeal dismissed
MEA Co-Chair, Neal Livingston and Environment Minister, Sterling Belliveau

Posted by Erin Ashley

As we've been hearing in the news, the Margaree Environmental Association is taking its fight against oil drilling to court.

In October, the Association filed an appeal of a permit granted to Toronto-based Petroworth Resources.

The province has given the company approval to drill a 15-hundred metre conventional test well in West Lake Ainslie.

Today, Minister of Environment Sterling Belliveau dismissed the Association's appeal.

Neal Livingston is co-chair of the Margaree Environmental Association.

He spoke with reporter Bobby Nock.

Livingston.Lake Ainslie Appeal_159588.mp3

The Association is now taking the province to court over its granting of a permit to allow oil exploration in West Lake Ainslie.

Earlier this afternoon, reporters in Halifax spoke with Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau.

Belliveau.Lake Ainslie Permit_159672.mp3

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The WeirdBeard Puppet Troupe
Joannie Cunningham

Posted by Erin Ashley

There's a little theatre company in Cape Breton that is looking to raise a some money to help them put their show on the road.

The "WeirdBeard Puppet Troupe" wants to stage a presentation of "The Three Little Pigs" in the spring...

The WeirdBearder theatre company are all folks with special needs, those who support them are friends and family.

Joannie Cunningham is working on fundraising and puppet making.

Joanie Cunningham wierd beard theatre troup_159273.mp3

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The Gaelic College responds

Posted by Erin Ashley

Gaelic.jpgWe continue our coverage of the Gaelic College's curriculum debates by posting a Q&A document released today by the institution.

Press Release Q&A.doc well as response from the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia.

Gaelic College Programming.doc

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Doormen rescue elderly woman.
Kareem Foster, Michael Postlewaite and Charles Brockett

Posted by Erin Ashley

Capri HerosEDIT.jpg

Out for a smoke break last night, these men smelled smoke and went to investigate. Hours later, without proper sleep, they dropped by Mainstreet to tell Wendy their story.

Capri Heros for web_159059.mp3

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Our nation's worst driver, drives in Cape Breton
Shirley Sampson

Posted by Erin Ashley

shirley-179.jpgReality TV has proven to a woman from Cape Breton what her family, friends and neighbours already knew.

Shirley Sampson of Donkin is Canada's Worst Driver.

Shirley spoke to reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith on Wednesday.

tape Worst Driver yls_158810.mp3

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The dancers response
Highland Dance Instructor, Kelly MacArthur

Posted by Erin Ashley

On Monday, Wendy spoke with the Gaelic College's, Board of Governors' Chair, Maureen Carrol, about proposed changes to pipe bands and highland dance at the college.

posted here.

Today we hear the response.

Kelly McArthur Fianl for 4-40_158805.mp3

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Cape Breton business man asks for skating oval
Owen Fitzgerald

Posted by Erin Ashley

CanadaGamesOval-Newlocation.jpgSydney businessman Owen Fitzgerald has started a Facebook page in an attempt to initiate a conversation about building a skating oval on the remediated tar ponds site.

He spoke with the CBC's, Wendy Martin yesterday.

Owen Fitzgerald - Oval_158603.mp3

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Provincial bailout for NSCAD
Reporter, Jennifer Henderson

Posted by Erin Ashley

As youve heard on the news, the cash-strapped Nova Scotia College of Art and Design has been given three more months to come up with a survival plan.

NSCAD is 19 million dollars in debt and the province is picking up its 2.4 million dollar deficit this year.

In return, the university has promised to review its operations and departments to see where savings can be achieved and where collaborations with other unviersities may be possible.

Those are the recommendations of Howard Windsor, the consultant appointed by the province after NSCAD failed to come up with a plan to address its deteriorating finacial situation.

Jennifer Henderson has been following the story, she spoke with Wendy, last night.

JH-T.T NSCAD_158745.mp3

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Feeding Feed Nova Scotia
Dianne Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

Kelly Clelland - fns.jpegEach year Feed Nova Scotia looks after about 25,000 hungry Nova Scotians. This could not happen without the generous support of the community at large.

As tough as fundraising can be, Dianne explains she is always optimistic.

Why Feed Nova Scotia Part 3_158545.mp3

Photo: Kelly Clelland, volunteer at Feed Nova Scotia

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The pipers debate
Maureen Carrol

Posted by Erin Ashley


The Gaelic College has announced it will bring back it's piping program . . . But with a few changes. Changes that have sparked a debate about tradition.

Wendy spoke with the board of governors chair, Maureen Carrol, yesterday.

Maureen carroll final_158544.mp3 

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The first Christmas . . . Tour
Matt Minglewood

Posted by Erin Ashley

Matt Minglewood started his music career in the mid sixties. Forty five years later he's decided to put together a Christmas show and tour.

On Friday, Wendy asked him how this all came about . . .



Matt Minglewood for web_158329.mp3

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Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh cleared of all charges
Joan Weeks

Posted by Erin Ashley

A man convicted on 30 charges of gross indecency and indecent assault involving six boys, has been cleared of all charges.

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh was a businessman in Port Hawkesbury during the 1970's.

During the 1990's, several men from that area came forward saying he had abused them.

By that time Macintosh had moved to India.

It took years to bring him back and more time passed before he was brought to trial.

All in all 14 years.

Today Nova Scotia's Court of Appeal ruled that delay is too long and it affected Macintosh's ability to defend himself.

As a result, all his convictions have been quashed and he is a free man.

Joan Weeks has reported extensively on the MacIntosh case and joins us in studio

JW - MacIntosh_158103.mp3


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The birth of Feed Nova Scotia
Dianne Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

Feed Nova Scotia, executive director, Dianne Swinemar describes how the organization of Feed Nova Scotia came about.

Why Feed Nova Scotia Part 2_157950.mp3

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A journey to food banking
Dianne Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

Feed Nova Scotia executive director, Dianne Swinemar, explains how she got involved in volunteering with food banks.

61594 Why Feed Nova Scotia part 1_157949.mp3

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Surprise! It's Dave Gunning!

Posted by Erin Ashley















Award winning musician, Dave Gunning, is in Sydney to play Kiju's Restaurant tonight.

He stopped by our studios last night and spoke with Wendy about his recent wins at the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Gunning for web_157885.mp3

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A celebration of women
Kelly McNenly, Kay MacKinnon and Hazel Latimer

Posted by Erin Ashley

Sydney's, Every Woman's Centre, has found a way to celebrate the unsung hero's of our community. They've put together a day planner which features an outstanding female volunteer every month.

The Centre's chair, Kelly McNenly, stopped by with movers and shakers, Kay MacKinnon and Hazel Latimer.

Every Womens Centre for web_157877.mp3


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Developing a strategy for safe teen dances
Chief Peter MacIsaac

Posted by Erin Ashley

Cape Breton Regional Chief of Police addressed council about teen dances held in municipally owned buildings yesterday.

Here's some of what he had to say . . .

Footloose for web_157708.mp3


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Sext Education
CB Centre for Sexual Health, Executive Director, Cathy Penney

Posted by Erin Ashley

Sexting was all the talk in Cape Breton last week.

Regional police sent out stern letters to area high schools.

They say at least 50 young people have been texting and posting explicit photos.

And they are warning students - - if the photos involve anyone under the age of 18, it's considered child pornography.

Cathy Penney says teaching kids about the dangers of "sexting" needs to be part of a wider community effort.

As a sex educator, she spends a lot of time in schools, talking to kids about sex.

Penney is the executive director of the Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health.

She spoke with the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Cathy Penney on Sexting_157427.mp3


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Sexting Students
CBRP Chief, Peter MacIsaac

Posted by Erin Ashley

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit material by cell phone and it turns out - lots of local teens have been doing it.

So many, that the Cape Breton Regional Police have sent a letter to area high schools.

The letter warns students that texting or posting nude photos of anyone under the age of 18 - even themselves - constitutes a charge of making or distributing child pornography.

Teachers have been reading the letter to their classes - the CBC's Wendy Martin spoke to a couple of students outside Sydney Academy about what's been happening.

Two teenagers on porn_157264.mp3

Peter MacIsaac is the chief of the Cape Breton Regional Police.

He also spoke with reporters.

Police Chief Peter MacIsaac_157257.mp3

Tune in to Mainstreet this afternoon, we'll follow the story by speaking with the Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health.

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Optimistic about New Page sale
RBC analyst, Paul Quinn

Posted by Erin Ashley

A forestry analyst says Nova Scotians should be optimistic about two companies bidding for the New Page paper mill.

Paul Quinn is the Paper and Forest Products Analyst for RBC Capital Markets.

Quinn says, both companies have experience and solid reputations in the forestry sector.

He shared what he knows about them with CBC's Joan Weeks, yesterday:

QUINN on NP Bidders_157025.mp3

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Sydney animal shelter is not going anywhere
Danny Ellis and Leo MacIsaac

Posted by Erin Ashley

Board members of the Sydney animal shelter spoke publicly - about their ongoing battle with the provincial SPCA - for the first time on Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, the executive director of the provincial organization came to Sydney to fire the director of the shelter and take control of the facility.

Kristin Williams said that an audit had found some alarming problems at the shelter, including improper cleaning, falsified records and failure to provide proper medical care.

But staff at the shelter refused to leave.....and twice more, have defied orders to surrender the building.

The local board of directors says it owns the facility - it's not going anywhere - and it has faith in the care that the staff are providing.

The provincial society says it's now prepared to go to court to gain control of the shelter, and the animals.

Leo MacIsaac and Danny Ellis are both long-time board members at the shelter.

2 Humane society members_156816.mp3

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Social networking for musicians
Charlie A'Court and Rose Cousins

Posted by Erin Ashley

The internet is a wealth of opportunity, especially for developing artists.

We spoke with Charlie A'Court and Rose Cousins to hear how they've been using social media to bankroll their careers.

Networking Musicians for web_156759.mp3

 You can find Charlie's Stage It site here.  And Rose's Kickstarter campaign here. 

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Wine on a budget
Natalie MacLean

Posted by Erin Ashley



Natalie MacLean's new book explores good, cheap wine and the story behind it.

She spoke with Wendy last night.

Natalie McLean for web_156616.mp3

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An olive branch for the SPCA?
SPCA provinicial executive director, Kristin Williams

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Cape Breton SPCA story continues.

We spoke with the provinicial executive director, Kristin Williams, last night to get the latest.

K.Williams - 11.28_156615.mp3



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David Francey

Posted by Erin Ashley


With a new album and tour dates booked through September of next year, this has been a busy time proessionally for Canadian singer/songwriter David Francey.

He joined us in studio...just before his show at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre.

David Francey for web_156356.mp3

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Protest songs of Cape Breton Isle

Posted by Erin Ashley

Wendy went down to the Lyceum yesterday to catch the launch of Cape Breton Island Protest Songs. 

The musical project is a collaboration between The Centre for Cape Breton Studies at Cape Breton University and local musicians who've taken compositions that were published in the 1920s and recorded them anew.

You'll hear Victor Tomiczek perform Picket Line and co-producer Richard MacKinnon.

Picket Line - R. MacKinnon_155975.mp3


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for vic-song-2EDIT.jpg

                                                                 (Photo courtesy of Beaton Institute)

Learn more about the project here

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Provincial SPCA plans legal action

Posted by Erin Ashley

The standoff between the provincial and local SPCA outfits continues over allegations of animal neglect and abuse.

On Monday the provincial board decided to take legal action.

Kristin Williams is the executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA, she spoke with Yvonne Leblanc-Smith last night.

SPCA-K.Williams 11.22_155794.mp3


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The SPCA standoff

Posted by Erin Ashley

Both the provincial and regional branches of the SPCA are holding their ground; Both refusing to back down. We heard from volunteer, Teresa McNutt, as she spoke with the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Teresa McNutt for Mainstreet_155501.mp3

Local manager, Patsy Rose, denies the allegations. She spoke with reporters outside the shelter yesterday afternoon.

Patsy Rose for mainstreet_155526.mp3

Mayor Morgan asked independent veterinarians to inspect the facilities and analyze whether the shelter is being run to the satisfaction of the municipality. He dropped by our studios to chat.

Mayor Morgan 11.21_155652.mp3


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The welfare of Cape Breton's children

Posted by Erin Ashley

More than a hundred people came out to a meeting Friday morning in Sydney River to show their concern over child welfare issues.

They were joined by representatives from Nova Scotia's Department of Community Services --including the executive director of Family and Community Supports, George Savoury.

The Nova Scotia system has been criticized for the way it allows children to move from place to place in foster care, and also for the way it defines which children qualify for help.

The meeting was organized by Delores Feltmate.

She spoke with CBC reporter Hal Higgins.

Delores Feltmate - Child Welfare_155246.mp3


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Nova Scotia SPCA executive director, Kristin Williams

Posted by Erin Ashley

The provincial board of directors met Thursday evening to explore legal options with counsel. The provincial Society has also spoken to the municipality and the province about this matter and may ask the Minister in change to step in.

Kristin Williams joined us by phone.

Kristin Williams 11.18_155457.mp3


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SPCA shelter audit

Posted by Erin Ashley

It's a lot of "they said, they said" at the SPCA shelter in Sydney these days. To make things a little more clear, you can read the full provincial audit by clicking the link below.

2011 Shelter Audit.pdf

And join us for our conversation with the executive director of the provincial SPCA, Kristin Williams, at 5:15 today.

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The magical world of silversmithing

Posted by Erin Ashley

Kat Cadegan has travelled the world to learn her trade. She stopped by the studio for a chat with Wendy last night.

Kat Cadegan for web_155000.mp3


The Christmas show & Sale is today and tomorrow from 6-9pm, and Saturday 2-7pm at the Glace Bay Heritage Museum (14 McKeen St.)

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M/V Miner discussed in Ottawa

Posted by Erin Ashley

A delegation of Nova Scotia politicians left Ottawa disappointed yesterday.

The premier and two Cape Breton MLA's want the federal government to help move a derelict bulk carrier that is grounded off Scaterie Island. They met with the federal minister of state for transport.

Geoff MacLellan is the MLA for Glace Bay. He says the various government departments are bogged down with questions of legislation, insurance and liability. He's frustrated there's still no firm plan for removing the vessel.


Wendy caught up with MacLellan on his way home to Nova Scotia.


McLelland - FINAL_154717.mp3



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Doc Walker brings 16 & 1 to Glace Bay

Posted by Erin Ashley

The 7th studio album from Manitoba's, Doc Walker, hit the shelves at the end of August. Now the band is taking an album about the road . . . On the road. You can see them at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay on the 17th. Yesterday, Wendy spoke with Murray Pulver.

FINAL Doc Walker_154764.mp3


                                                        (Photo courtesy of

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Be cool, don't do drugs at school

Posted by Erin Ashley

There are a lot fewer illegal drugs at Sydney Academy these days.


Over the past two weeks, several students have been suspended for either using or selling drugs at the school. The police say, the Street Crime unit is investigating anyone suspected of trafficking on school property.Susan Kelly is the Director of programs and Student Services for the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board. She spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks

Academy DRUGS Susan Kelly_154336.mp3

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They've occupied our minds

Posted by Erin Ashley

Several members of the occupy movement were in court in Halifax yesterday... while many more rallied outside. Two men were taken into custody on Saturday, accused of violating conditions, after their first arrest when police moved in to clear Victoria Park. Moira Peters was at the courthouse, to show her support for the movement, she speaks with the CBC's Yvonne Colbert.

And Contrarian blogger, Parker Donham, dropped by the studio to offer his two cents.

Thumbnail image for ONS_Vigil_EDIT.jpg

                                                                     (Photo courtesy of Daniel J. Towsey)

New Audio 1_154746.mp3

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