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March 2014 Archives

100 Women Who Care: CBRM

Deana Lloy

Posted by Robert Doublett

100 Women Who Care is about bringing together 100 or more women in the CBRM who are committed to making a direct impact in our community.

Each member is committed to contributing $100 four times a year with the grand total raised donated to a local non-profit charities.

For more information, check out their website here.

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Slyce in Cape Breton

Wendy Muise

Posted by Robert Doublett

A start-up technology company plans to open a Cape Breton branch and hire as many as 60 people.

Slyce currently has offices in Toronto and Calgary. The company has created an "app" that helps shoppers track down where they can buy anything they see.

Wendy Muise is operations manager in Calgary. She's a former Sydney resident, who thought her company and Cape Breton would work well together.

Joan Weeks asked her how the app works?

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Making Up for Lost Time

Ambrose White - Superintendent: CBVDSB

Posted by Robert Doublett

Well, another storm, another two days off school.

Yes, I know most students and teachers are happy just to roll over and go back to sleep when the rest of us have to get to work... but concerns are mounting.  How will the work get done? Is education suffering? 

To find out what the Cape Breton Victoria District School Board plans to do, we've reached the superintendent of the board Ambrose White.

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Auto Rail Forwarders

Jack Julian

Posted by Robert Doublett

An Edmonton man says he was let down by a Nova Scotia shipping company that left him car-less for more than a month.
It's part of a long-standing pattern for the Bedford-based company Auto Rail Forwarders.
Jack Julian joins us now with more.

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New Money for Cape Breton University

Marcia Ostashewsk

Posted by Robert Doublett

A researcher at Cape Breton University is celebrating a major funding announcement today.

Marcia Ostashewski will receive close to half a million dollars from the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust.

The money is targetted to projects that aim to improve the quality of life for Nova Scotians while building capacity for innovation.

Ostashewski is a Tier Two Canada Research Chair in Communities and Cultures, and an assistant professor of Ethnomusicology.

Wendy Bergfeldt spoke with her back in November when she was awarded the research chair.
We've invited her into our studio today to tell us about this new money.

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A New Chronicle Herald

Mark Lever

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Chronicle Herald says Cape Breton stories will be getting more attention, come Monday.
That's when the paper is launching its new Cape Breton edition.

Mark Lever is Chronicle Herald's president and CEO, he spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks earlier today.

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A New Chronicle Herald

Mark Lever

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Chronicle Herald says Cape Breton stories will be getting more attention, come Monday.
That's when the paper is launching its new Cape Breton edition.

Mark Lever is Chronicle Herald's president and CEO, he spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks earlier today.

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CBRM Budget Talks Stalled

CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Breton Regional Mayor Cecil Clarke says his municipality can't wrap its annual budget process next week as expected.

He says "At this point we are unable to balance the budget without tax increases, cuts or reduction of services because of a steady increase in costs added by the province.We are at an impasse."

The municipality's revenues are also lower than expected because of the provincial cap on property assessments.

Clarke says this situation leaves no ability to fund capital projects out of the operating budget and no reserve funds for unforeseen costs as have been experienced in recent years with police investigations and extreme weather.

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Alcohol Use in CBRM Communities

Samantha Hodder

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality Municipal Alcohol Policy Working Group released its Report: A Snapshot of Alcohol Use in CBRM Communities this morning at the CBRM Civic Centre.

The working group was formed with representation from Cape Breton District Health Authority's Mental Health and Addiction Services, Cape Breton Regional Police Services and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

The intent of the working group is to start a conversation that help communities take a more active role in addressing the consequences of alcohol harms through the development of municipal alcohol policy.

You can read the report here.

Listen audio (runs 10:55)

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The second Nova Scotia Gaels Jam

Tad Hargrave, Amber Buchanan, Shilpa Jain

Posted by Robert Doublett

The second Nova Scotia Gaels Jam is coming up at St Joseph's Renewal Center in Mabou at the end of April 29th-May 04th.

They're taking registration now and for details on how the jam has changed and this year's discussion points we've contacted three of the organizers.

Listen audio (runs 13:05)

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ECBC to be scrapped in favour of ACOA

CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

The federal government announced Wednesday it is scrapping Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, the Crown agency that has been tasked for the last 27 years with helping finance economic development in Cape Breton and Mulgrave, N.S.

The government said the Atlantic Opportunities Agency will assume responsibility for delivering economic development programs and services in Cape Breton and that funding to the island will not be cut.

Staff who work for ECBC will have jobs with ACOA at the same rate of pay and retain earned vacation, sick leave and years of service. ACOA Minister Rob Moore said in the statement that the Port Hawkesbury office will be restaffed.

ECBC faced a storm of controversy last year after its chief executive was accused of a conflict of interest and of hiring three employees because of their close connections to the federal Conservative party.

CEO John Lynn is on leave and under investigation by the federal Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner and the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada.

ECBC has been under fire for its plan to demolish the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club building on the Sydney waterfront while spending $4 million to build a new marina in Ben Eoin, located about 20 kilometres from Sydney.

Lynn has rejected the suggestion that his status as a boater with property on Bras d'Or Lake represents a conflict of interest.

ECBC and ACOA funnelled $84 million into Cape Breton last year.

Listen audio (runs 7:28)

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The Stone Church Restoration Society

Melanie Samson

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Diocese of Antigonish says it will consider a last-minute proposal to save a much beloved and historic church in Cape Breton that has been slated for demolition.

A tender has already been issued for the demolition of St. Alphonsus Church in Victoria Mines, but the Stone Church Restoration Society believes the structure could be a historic tourist attraction.

A few years ago, restoring St. Alphonsus was estimated to cost more than $600,000. However the diocese said it wants to be sure the group has the resources to complete repairs before it cancels the demolition.

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The Health of CBRM's Playgrounds

Katelyn Morris, Wyatt Scheller, Concetta Marshall, Joseph Gracie

Posted by Robert Doublett

With spring just around the corner many folks throughout the island are excited to get out and hit the playgrounds again.

But you might want to look before you leap suggests a new study from Cape Breton University.

As part of a community studies program at Cape Breton University, the students were asked to find a concern in the community that needed to be addressed. Their idea was to examine the health of CBRM's playground.

Listen audio (runs 11:20)

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Seeking Council - March 17th, 2014

Kevin Saccary and George MacDonald.

Posted by Robert Doublett

Every Monday we invite two Cape Breton Regional councilors into our studio to find out what's leading the agenda in their districts.

Today, we have Kevin Saccary and George MacDonald.

Kevin represents District 8, which includes part of Glace Bay, Donkin, Port Morien, Mira Gut, Albert Bridge and Louisbourg, and George represents District 9.  It covers part of Glace Bay, Tompkinsville and most of Reserve Mines.

Listen audio (runs 13:25)

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Acadian Meat Pies on Recipe to Riches

Alcide Desveaux

Posted by Robert Doublett

Former Cape Bretoner, Alcide Desveaux, took home the big prize last night on CBC's Recipe to Riches.

Alcide Desveaux is a retired Canadian hailing from Cape Breton, N.S., which is also from where he credits his family recipe for Acadian Meat Pies.

Alcide's passion for cooking traditional foods is exemplified in his approach to ingredients and flavour combinations. Alcide's recipe earned him a spot on Recipe to Riches where he competed against the other top home cooks in the country in the savoury pie competition.

Recipe to Riches judges were instantly struck by the delicious taste of Alcide's dish. After successfully competing in cooking and marketing challenges, Alcide's savoury pie made him the episode finalist.

Alcide Desveaux beat out tough competition with his Acadian Meat Pie and that means starting this weekend, Alcide's Meat Pie will be a new President's Choice product at select Loblaw banner stores across the country. 

Listen audio (runs 10:25)

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Remembering The Kurdistan

Owen Fitzgerald

Posted by Robert Doublett

The anniversary of the sinking of the British oil tanker "Kurdistan" is tomorrow.

It was March 15, 1979 when the tanker, loaded with 30-thousand tons of bunker C, started leaking oil about 50-miles northeast of Sydney.

It had been heading to Quebec from Point Tupper when it started to crack. 41 crew members were rescued and then the boat split in two.

Owen Fitzgerald was a photographer with the Cape Breton Post in those days; and he documented the event.

Listen audio (runs 11:14)

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Multi-car Pileup on the 401


Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Breton singer songwriter J.P.Cormier was involved in a multi-car pileup on Ontario's 401 last night.

We heard about it on his facebook page.

He's been on tour since January, and we've reached J.P. this afternoon by cell phone.

Listen audio (runs 8:31)

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Songwriting / Demo Production Master Class II

Keith Mullins and Jamie Foulds

Posted by Robert Doublett

Producer and recording engineer, Jamie Foulds is putting on another of his song-writing workshops this month.

"Wanna break Down" by Dakota Rideout, Tess Carrigan and Max MacKeigan was the result of a weekend camp last year put on by Jamie Foulds and Steven MacDougall.

This year's master song writing and demo production class will be held next weekend with East Coast Music Award winner Keith Mullins.

Jamie is a producer/recording engineer and Keith is a musician and singer-songwriter.

Listen audio (runs 10:51)

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Store Clerk Spots Scam

Joan Weeks and Helen Samson

Posted by Erin Ashley

A Richmond County woman, says she narrowly missed being scammed by someone claiming to be her grandaughter.

Helen Samson, of Petit de Gras, says she was about to send the person one-thousand dollars.

Lucky for her, an alert store clerk spotted the scam. Samson spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 5:37)

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Gaelic College 'Royal' Decision Made

Rodney MacDonald: CEO of the Gaelic College

Posted by Robert Doublett

A decision has been made about the use of the royal designation at the Gaelic College in St Ann's.

You will recall that last week the foundation met and asked the board to reconsider the use of the designation and today the board has made a choice.

Listen audio (runs 11:07)

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CBU Appoints Dr. Arja Vainio-Mattila

Dr. Arja Vainio-Mattila

Posted by Robert Doublett

Dr. Arja Vainio-Mattila joins CBU from Huron University College, London, Ontario where she currently holds an appointment as an Associate Professor of Global Development Studies and a Docent of Development Studies at the University of Helsinki. Her academic interests focus on connections between higher education and community development.

Dr. Vainio-Mattila has a specific interest in building mutually beneficial connections between marginalized, indigenous communities and universities. She has pursued her interests on the ground as a Project Director of a Canadian International Development Agency- Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (CIDA-AUCC) funded project in Tanzania for the past six years.

Listen audio (runs 9:34)

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Spring Weight Restrictions

Wayne MacAskill: Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you may have heard in the news, Spring Weight Restrictions have been pushed back from March 10th til March 17th.

For most people that may not mean much, for people in transport and construction, this cold snap is great news!

Listen audio (runs 5:50)

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Junior Achievers and the Ivany Report

Kristen Williams: Executive Director of Junior Achievement

Posted by Robert Doublett

In the last number of days you've been hearing from a lot of Nova Scotians who are seeing great opportunity in the Ivany Report despite the fact the document talks about some of the challenges facing the province of Nova Scotia.

Some people are saying "Hey I see a place for myself in this' and no group more than Junior Achievement

When Kristen Williams (Executive Director of Junior Achievement) saw the Ivany Report she thought of Cape Breton and how Junior Achievers could participate in the future of the province.

Listen audio (runs 7:30)

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Streamlining Cape Breton Schools

Paul Oldford

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board has been trying to figure out what to do with all those buildings and having fewer and fewer students.

One of the suggestions that's been coming up involves moving the grade nines into high schools because that would fill up those class rooms.

It's part of a broader discussion that includes all the schools and all the students the board covers.

Director of Operations Paul Oldford talked to us about the 81 different scenarios they have on the table.

Listen audio (runs 11:47)

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Seeking Council - March 03rd, 2014

Darren Bruckschwaiger and Lowell Cormier

Posted by Robert Doublett

Every week Seeking Council, invites two Cape Breton Regional councilors into studio to discuss what's driving the coffee shop debate in their districts.

Today, Darren Bruckschwaiger representing district 10, which includes part of Glace Bay, Dominion, Gardiner Mines, and a small part of Reserve Mines, and district 11 councilor Lowell Cormier represents New Waterford, Scotchtown, River Ryan and New Victoria.

Listen audio (runs 12:45)

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War Memorial in Northern Cape Breton

Lisa MacLeod

Posted by Robert Doublett

Hundreds of people turned out for a meeting on the weekend to discuss a proposed war memorial in northern Cape Breton.

A private organization plans to build a massive statue at Green Cove, in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

At the meeting, MP Mark Eyking was presented with a petition in support of the controversial memorial.

The petition had been circulated by Lisa MacLeod of Ingonish.

Listen audio (runs 6:01)

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Health Board Questionaire

Posted by Robert Doublett

If you answer the phone and it sounds like a telemarketer, Cape Breton's community health boards are hoping you won't hang up. They're in the middle of conducting a phone survey.

The six Island Boards are hoping 600 people will answer their short questionnaire. It's part of an overall study looking at health issues in communities.

Melissa Lee-Ross, is the manager of Population Health and Research with the Cape Breton District. She sat down with CBC's Joan Weeks to explain what it's all about.

Debbie Martell is one of the people going across the Island conducting those focus groups. She is a Community health Coordinator.

Melissa Lee-Ross audio (runs 3:47)

Debbie Martell audio (runs 2:49)

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Rankin Beauty Campaign

Students at Rankin School of the Narrows

Posted by Robert Doublett

"We should not define ourselves based on some one else's definition of beauty."

"Women are strong, courageous, inspirational and beautiful"

Just a few of the motivational lines from a new video from the students at Rankin School of the Narrows.

The video, along with some project work, are part of the Rankin Beauty Campaign which was designed to help students discuss self-esteem, stereotypes and true beauty.

Rob Doublett met with Lauren MacDonald, Courtney MacDonald, Alyssa MacNeil, and Lindsay MacNeil in the library at the Rankin School of the Narrows in Iona to talk about the Rankin Beauty Campaign.

You can view the video here.

Listen audio (runs 6:01)

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