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December 2013 Archives

Our Cultural Communities

Ely Rosenblum, Jelka Vukobratovic, Jana Zoric

Posted by Erin Ashley

We hear stories from Cape Breton's Jewish, Croation and Polish communities. As told by researchers with brought here by Cape Breton University.

Jana Zoric audio (runs 9:21)

Jelka Vukobratovic audio (runs 13:35)

Ely Rosenblum audio (runs 9:45)

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Feed NS - Diane is retiring

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Executive Director of Feed Nova Scotia, Diane Swinemar, announces her retirement and tells us about some career highlights.

Listen audio (runs 6:16)

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Feed NS - What's the money for?

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

We hear how your financial contributions help Feed Nova Scotia distribute food province wide.

Listen audio (runs 5:17)

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Feed NS - Where the food comes from

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Executive Director of Feed Nova Scotia explains how they get the food to feed Nova Scotians.

Listen audio (runs 7:38)

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Feed NS - How it Works

Diane Swinemar

Posted by Erin Ashley

The food distribution system for Nova Scotia food banks is complex... Executive Director, Diane Swinemar will explain in the next four segments how it all goes down.

Listen audio (runs 5:59)

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Long Term Care Shortages

April and Bob Moore

Posted by Robert Doublett

A family from Sydney is separated this Christmas. April Moore's 82-year-old mother Blanche Abbott has dementia. Blanche is being cared for in an Amherst hospital. April was caring for her mother at home but in July her condition worsened.

Blanche has dementia and other medical problems including heart disease and a lung condition. The only spot available was in an Amherst hospital.

April says her mother is receiving excellent care in Amherst but she's separated from her family. Most of Blanche's relations can't make the more-than-four-hour drive to visit. April and her husband Bob spoke to the CBC's Yvonne Colbert this afternoon.

Listen audio (runs 4:11)

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Workplace Safety

Kelly Regan: Minister of Labour

Posted by Robert Doublett

You may have seen in Social media or on television, ads talking about getting home safely, or safety tips your should share with the young people in your life who are on their first work site.

It is part of a push by the provincial government to get people thinking more about workplace safety. 10 people died on the job last year in this province, another 22 died because of injuries os conditions that were caused by workplace accidents.

Kelly Regan is the Minister of Labour, her department issued a report today about the safety record in this province.

Listen audio (runs 7:56)

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M.V. Miner Update

Amanda MacDougall

Posted by Robert Doublett

People who live in Main-a-Dieu have put something different on their Christmas List this year.

They would like to see the derelict ship M.V. Miner removed from nearby Scaterie Island once and for all.

Efforts last year by a New York company to cut it up and sell it for scrap failed.

Provincial Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan told the legislature last week a tender call will go out early in the new year for the work and he's committed to seeing it completed.

Amanda MacDougall is Vice President of the Main-a-Dieu Community Development Association which has been lobbying both levels of government on the issue.

Listen audio (runs 4:08)

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Allister MacGillivray Recieves Order of Canada

Buddy MacDonald, Allister MacGillivray & McCredy

Posted by Robert Doublett

Song for the Mira will ring out in Ottawa this weekend.

The bells on Parliament Hill will play the song, in honor of composer Allister MacGillivray he's now a member of the Order of Canada.

He's being recognized for his music, and his efforts to preserve Cape Breton's culture.

We've reached out to him, Dr Andrea McCready, Dominion Carilloner, and long-time friend Buddy MacDonald.

Listen audio (runs 16:39)

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Wireless Protection

RCMP Cst. Colleen Fequet

Posted by Robert Doublett

A Dartmouth RCMP officer is warning people, their computers can be used for child pornography if don't protect their wireless connection.

The Child Exploitation Unit and Cape Breton Regional Police arrested a 22 year old man on Tuesday.

Cst. Colleen Fequet works with the Child Exploitation Unit. She tells CBC's Joan Weeks, their investigation first led them to the wrong person's computer.

Listen audio (runs 4:09)

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"Royal" Controversy Weigh In

Colin Grant

Posted by Robert Doublett

The other day I received an email from John Morrison, Chief Executive to The Royal National Mòd in Scotland.

In his letter he responds to a questions about the term 'Royal' and the fact that it is attached to The Royal National Mòd in Scotland, which is a huge event which supports Gaelic language and culture.

As you know last week the Gaelic College in St. Ann's received the 'Royal' designation and if you've been keeping track of the things like the letters to the editor and social media you'll know that this is not without controversy.

Read the original email here.

Colin Grant just gave us a call to weigh in on the topic.

Listen audio (runs 3:26)

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The Royal National Mòd

John Morrison, Chief Executive of The Royal National Mòd

Posted by Robert Doublett

We wanted to share this with you this afternoon . The Gaelic Mod In Scotland is known as the The Royal National Mòd and we wondered, in light of events at the Gaelic College in St Ann's, what the Scottish experience was. Here is a reply from John Morrison, Chief Executive of The Royal National Mòd.

Dear Wendy:

The addition of the term Royal to the National Mòd title has not resulted in any controversy in Scotland. Members of An Comunn Gàidhealach may have different personal opinions about the title. However, the support that has been forthcoming from the Royal family towards the Mòd is indisputable, and significant. The attendance of different members of the Royal family at the Mòd over the years has heightened awareness of the event and has generated massive national, and international, press coverage.

As an organization we are pleased to use the title and we shall continue to use the title to generate exposure for the language, music and culture of the Gaels of Scotland.

Kind regards,
John Morrison
(address withheld)

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Police Seeking Assistance

Desiree Vassallo

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton Regional Police are looking for the public's help with two attempted armed robberies.

The incidents occurred in parking lots on Sydney's SPAR Road Monday night.

Police spokesperson Desiree Vassallo spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks a short time ago.

Listen audio

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Remembering Bill Jessome

Phonse Jessome

Posted by Robert Doublett

Bill Jessome, a well-known Maritime broadcaster and one of the pioneer voices in Nova Scotia television, has died at the age of 88.

In a statement, his family says Jessome died Monday night in Halifax following a distinguished career as a journalist and television host.

Jessome was born in Sydney, N.S., on Jan. 11, 1925 and grew up in the neighbourhood of Whitney Pier before serving overseas in the Italian Campaign of the Second World War....

As a journalist, Jessome worked in Boston before taking on the role as evening anchor at CJCB television in Cape Breton, which eventually became part of ATV and then CTV.

Jessome, who was also an actor, hosted the Maritime Mysteries series and for many years was the face of the annual Cape Breton broadcast of the CTV Christmas Daddies Telethon.
He also had a passion for news documentaries that explored the province's roots, and authored several books on supernatural Maritime history.

Jessome was honoured this year with a lifetime achievement award from RTDNA Canada, which described him as one of the best-known local TV news anchors in Cape Breton and a founding figure of Maritime television.

Listen audio (runs 10:16)

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King's Road Constuction

Ron Delaney: Manager of Waste Water Operations with CBRM.

Posted by Robert Doublett

If you traveled into downtown Sydney along King's Road this morning, you likely got to work a little later than usual.

A detour on King's Road by Wentworth Park created a traffic tie-up that gave drivers a taste of a big city commute. The detour has been in place since Saturday morning.

It's part of an ongoing sewer collector project being carried out by the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

Ron Delaney is manager of waste water operations with the CBRM. The CBC's Holly Conners met with him earlier today to learn more about the work underway, and find out when we can expect traffic to get back to normal.

Listen audio (runs 5:11)

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Honour Bestowed on the Gaelic College

Alex Morrison

Posted by Robert Doublett

Alex Morrison, Chair of the Board of Governors of the Gaelic College - Neachcathrach, Bord-stiuiridh, Colaisde na Gàidhlig, today announced that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, has honoured the Gaelic College in this its 75th anniversary year.

"It is with the greatest degree of gratitude and pride that I announce that Her Majesty The Queen has graciously agreed to honour Colaisde na Gàidhlig - The Gaelic College, located in St. Ann's Nova Scotia with the prefix "Royal." Effective immediately, Colaisde na Gàidhlig - The Gaelic College will be styled The Royal Cape Breton Gaelic College.

The prefix Royal can only be granted by Her Majesty given that it is a personal prerogative of the Sovereign. It is awarded based on significant contribution to the betterment of Canada and Canadian society. The criteria and actual process are administered by Government House in Ottawa in concert with Buckingham Palace.

Listen audio (runs 8:17)

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The GIrls Down Town


Posted by Robert Doublett

It's an exciting day for us because SlowCoaster has a new album (The Girls Down Town) and they've come into studio to share it with us.

Mike LeLievre and Brian Talbot came into studio and Steven MacDougall joined us by phone from Halifax.

Listen audio (runs 25:02)

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Bravery Awards from the Governor General

MP, Mark Eyking

Posted by Robert Doublett

Three Cape Bretoners received bravery awards from the Governor General of Canada today and their MP, Mark Eyking, rose in the House of Commons today to recognize them.

Here's what he had to say, for the record.

Listen audio (runs 0:58)

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Sydney Steel Lawsuit Struck Down

Ray Wagner

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has struck down attempts by Sydney residents to launch a class action suit against Sydney Steel.

About 400 residents had signed on to the lawsuit claiming their health and properties were damaged by the old steel plant. The court of appeal says if those residents want to sue they will have to do so individually and not as a group.

Ray Wagner is the lead lawyer for the class action suit that now includes about 400 people who lived near the old steel plant.

He says environmental lawsuits are extremely expensive and his clients can't afford to go it on their own, he says the decision could be a death knell for environmental lawsuits in Canada.

Listen audio (runs 3:30)

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NSGEY 1995 Policing Concerns

Jim Goss

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday 48 police officers in CBRM said they would not be particapating in four special units, The Emergency response team,  the public safety unit, training, and dive team and marine units.

The Union representing the officer, NSGEY 1995  says there are two concerns. One involves the question of who plays an officer's legal bills when he or she is alledged to have commit a crime at work.

The other has to do with the process that governs whether or not an officer is suspended without pay, suspended with pay, or assigned to desk duty when charged with a crime.

Under the Police act, which is a provincial statute,  the Chief of Police has the exclusive power to make that determination.

There is nothing in the collective agreement between CBRM and the police union to all any one else to over ride, alter or participate in that decision.

Listen audio (runs 11:42)

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48 Regional Police Withdraw Services

Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cecil Clarke instructed the chief of the Cape Breton Regional Police to notify the RCMP Monday after police officers withdrew from four special units.

Clarke said he exercised his authority as mayor to manage an emergency.

"The city cannot and will not let public safety and security to be unnecessarily compromised," Clarke said.

Forty-eight members of the regional police service have withdrawn their participation in four police special units, including the 13 members of the emergency response team.

The officers argue that CBRM does not provide legal protection for its officers. The dispute comes in response to the conviction of a fellow officer last week on charges of obstruction of justice and breach of trust.

Listen audio (runs 8:56)

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