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November 2013 Archives

CBRM Seniors Council

Emerson Jessome

Posted by Robert Doublett

Did you know the Cape Breton Regional Municipality has a Seniors Council?

The council's mission is to protect and promote the rights of seniors in regards to their social, safety, health, recreation, and economic needs. To be an advocate, to enhance the quality of life of seniors.

The CBRM Senior Council President is Emerson Jessome.

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Veteran's Affairs Office Announcement

Parm Gill: MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veteran's Affairs

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you know just a couple of weeks ago thousands of protestors gathered in Cape Breton to protest the Federal Governments plan to close the local Veteran's Affairs Office.

As part of the March 2014, the federal government announced it would be closing nine district offices. Spending was expected to decrease said a government document, due to a dwindling number of veterans.

Parm Gill is an MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veteran's Affairs.

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Celebrating Two Canada Reseach Chairs

Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox and Dr. Marcia Ostashewski

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today we are on location at Cape Breton University to celebrate the awarding of two Tier Two Canada Research Chairs.

The first going to Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox in Determinants of Healthy Communities and the other to Dr. Marcia Ostashewski in Communities and Cultures.

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Resurrecting the Island's Film Industry

Claude Nearing

Posted by Robert Doublett

A film producer in Cape Breton has an idea for resurrecting the island's film industry.

Claude Nearing says the former Holy Angels High school would make an ideal location for studios, production offices - even a film school.

Claude Nearing spoke with the CBC's Wendy Martin.

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A Bigger Better CBU

CBU Pres. David Wheeler

Posted by Robert Doublett

The president of Cape Breton University is making the case for a bigger and better CBU.

David Wheeler spoke to business leaders today at a luncheon hosted by the Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce.

It's one in a series of talks that Wheeler is giving this fall, as CBU develops a strategy for the future.

The CBC's Wendy Martin caught up with David Wheeler just before his presentation.

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Rogers Media takes the NHL

Adam Proteau, columnist with The Hockey News

Posted by Robert Doublett

Rogers Media has signed a whopping broadcast deal with the N-H-L. worth 5.2 billion dollars over 12 years.

But the C-B-C hasn't been completely shut out, joining us with the details is Adam Proteau, columnist with The Hockey News.

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Transition House

Helen Morrison: Executive Director of Transition House

Posted by Robert Doublett

It may only be November, but the people who help the unfortunate want you to do more than think... about Christmas.

The Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle campaign has begun and it has set goals trying to overcome a shortfall in funding last year.

The women's shelter in Sydney is also hoping you will give this year. Helen Morrison is the executive director of Transition House. She tells Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith that they are getting anxious about the lack of donations.

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Veterans Affairs: A Closure Workaround

Eddie Orrell and Alfie MacLeod

Posted by Robert Doublett

Two local MLAs are defending their attempt to work around the pending closure of the Veterans Affairs office in Sydney.

Progressive Conservatives Eddie Orrell and Alfie MacLeod suggested services for veterans be made available at Service Canada Offices.

They presented the proposal to the federal minister without consulting a veterans' group or the workers. The union and veterans say they shouldn't have done that.

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Flooding Donkin Mine

Natural Resources minister Zach Churchill

Posted by Robert Doublett

Natural Resources minister Zach Churchill responded to reporters' questions about the Donkin mine outside the weekly cabinet meeting today.

The mine's majority owner told the Donkin community last night it plans to allow the subsea mine to flood as a way of reducing maintenance costs.

Here's some of what Churchill had to say.

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Remembering Chris Hayes

Cape Breton Post Reporter: Steve MacInnis

Posted by Robert Doublett

A longtime reporter with the Cape Breton Post who died while camping on Cheticamp Island is being remembered as a man who loved his job.​ Chris Hayes fell from a cliff while camping on Cheticamp Island.

Hayes, 62, was found at the base of a 30 metre cliff around 5:45 a.m. on Monday after an overnight search.

Police said Hayes and a friend were camping next to a communications tower on Cheticamp Island on Sunday night. The friend went for a walk in the nearby woods. When he returned at approximately 10 p.m., he discovered Hayes was missing and called 911.

Fellow reporter Steve MacInnis worked with Chris for 27 years. He describes him as a journalist who knew how to get to the heart of a story -- and who always got it right.

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Drugged Drivers

RCMP Constable Joe Fraser

Posted by Robert Doublett

Last night in Eskasoni the RCMP responded to a hit and run incident. A pedestrian was hit by a car while walking on the Shore Road.

The RCMP have charged a 19-year-old man with Failing to Stop at the Scene of an Accident and Operating a Motor Vehicle while impaired by drugs

RCMP Constable Joe Fraser says, its becoming more common to charge people for driving while on drugs. He spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks this afternoon about what happened after the hit and run was reported.

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National Philanthropy Day

Brad Jacobs and David Rudderham

Posted by Robert Doublett

National Philanthropy Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of volunteers, fund raisers, charities and organizations and there's absolutely no shortage of that here in Cape Breton.

One of the most successful is the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation headed by Brad Jacobs, and the chair is a volunteer David Rudderham.

They've been in the sector for a few years and we've invited them into studio to talk about what the sector is like, what givings are like in this community and how you get people to part with the money for their neighbours.

Listen audio (runs 12:02)

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End of Life: Both Sides Now

Jim Mulcahy

Posted by Robert Doublett

Jim has been a guest on Mainstreet many times over  the years. He is a great community man, avid volunteer. 

In the last year he has been living with stage four lymphoma, while caring for his wife who has Huntington's disease. 

Today he will speak to a group in Sydney about finding meaning in end of life.

Listen audio (runs 15:11)

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Fighting Reduced Hours at the St. Peter's Canal.

Gordon Kerr: Chair of the St. Peter's Economic Development Organization.

Posted by Robert Doublett

People in the St. Peters area continue to fight reduced hours at the St. Peter's Canal.

Until this year, the Canal was open seven days a week. Now it's closed a few days a week in the spring and fall.

TODAY, a music video was posted on You Tube. It opposes the reduced hours.... and links to a petition calling for the hours to be restored.

Listen audio (runs 4:52)

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Nova Scotia Music Weekend

Darren Gallop

Posted by Robert Doublett

You'll notice a lot of traffic in down town Sydney this weekend. It's Nova Scotia Music Weekend. It means the city will be filled with showcases, workshops, songwriters circles, and events that you can take part in.

Darren Gallop is Chair of the local event committee.

Listen audio (runs 7:40)

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Road Trip: L'Arche Cape Breton

L'Arche Cape Breton

Posted by Robert Doublett

Wecome to another Road Trip edition of Mainstreet!

Our Road Trip shows are a chance for us to get out and explore one of our Cape Breton communities, and find out what makes it unique.

Today, we're taking you to a place that truly embodies the spirit of "community" -- L'Arche Cape Breton in Iron Mines.

As long-time L'Arche leader Jenn Power will tell us, there's an "intentionality" to the community.  If you live there, it's because you CHOOSE to live there.

For 30 years now, L'Arche Cape Breton has provided a shared-living opportunity for adults with intellectual disabilities and those who choose to live and work with them.    

Coming up, we'll learn how the community got its start...we'll find out what goes on there day to day....and we'll meet the people who call it home.

Listen audio (runs 1:31:41)

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"Hellgoing" takes top prize!

Lynn Coady

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia native, Lynn Coady is the winner of this year's Scotia Bank Giller Prize.

The Edmonton writer won the prestigious Canadian literary honour for her collection of short stories, "Hellgoing."

The award was given out during a gala Tuesday in Toronto.

It comes with a cheque for $50-thousand, and it guarantees her book is on its way to becoming a national best seller.

Listen audio (runs 10:14)

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Songcamp Compilation CD

Gordie Sampson, Carleton Stone, Kyle Mischiek and Dave Sampson

Posted by Robert Doublett

original.jpgFor the past four summers, some of Nova Scotia's most promising songwriters have been hand-picked to take part in an intensive five-day series of co-writing sessions which are conducted by Cape Breton's own Grammy award-winning Gordie Sampson, along with leaders Steve MacDougall (Slowcoaster) and Carleton Stone. The result is a motivating experience, a growing sense of community, and an inspiring collection of songs. In 2013 it became apparent that these songs deserved to be shared.

Today is the day that we get to hear Gordie Sampson's new CD. It's a compilation of all of the work that's been done around the Songcamp Sessions.

Gordie speaks about the project and is joined by Carleton Stone, Kyle Mischiek, and Dave Sampson to discuss Songcamp and its future.

Listen audio (runs 38:01)

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Conservative Senate

CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

This weekend Calgary hosted the Federal Conservative Convention.

Many were hoping Prime Minister Stephen Harper would say something in his speech in terms of contrition regarding what was happening in the senate.

CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke was there and stopped in to talk about the convention and his connections to it.

Listen audio (runs 11:29)

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My Giving Moment

Governor-General David Johnston

Posted by Robert Doublett

Governor-General David Johnston is kicked off a new campaign today.

It's called My Giving Moment  and it's designed to encourage a new generation to give -- whether it time, talent or money.

Governor-General David Johnston joined us in studio to explain more.

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Cape Breton Foster Families

John Brown

Posted by Robert Doublett

This afternoon we're taking you into the lives of Foster Families. A place we don't often go because of the confidentiality that surrounds social services.

Foster parents are part of the social services system that keep kids in homes if something should go wrong wether for a few days, weeks, months, or even years. Foster families step up.

Today we speak with a foster family who have been involved for many years. John Brown and his daughter Leah and Anisa came into studio.

Listen audio (runs 20:39)

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