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October 2013 Archives

United Church Pension Investments

Rev. Sandra Morrison & Vernie Yocogan-Diano

Posted by Robert Doublett

This week Rev. Sandra Morrison and a visitor from the Philippines have been making a tour of various churches and community organizations talking about what's going on with the mining industry in the Philippines.

Vernie Yocogan-Diano is the guest speaker and she has come to talk about activism. People in her community are finding their lives, cultures and lands are threatened by international mining companies. Among those are some Canadian of those is a company in which the United Church of Canada has invested its pension money into. This is causing a very big controversy.

Reverend Sandra Morrison and Vernie Yocogan-Diano came into studio to explain more.

Listen audio (runs 5:29)

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Bat Program Goes Into Hibernation

Mark Elderkin

Posted by Robert Doublett

A website and telephone hotline set up this summer to track bat sightings across Nova Scotia is going into hibernation. This summer, the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute and the province asked people to report bat sightings.  This is in response to news that 95% of the bat population was wiped out by white nose syndrome

This is an infection that has killed millions of bats across North America.

Mark Elderkin is a bat expert with the Department of Natural Resources. We've reached him in Kentville.

Listen audio (runs 7:29)

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The Bean Bank takes home a MICA

Linda MacDonald and Suzanne Annesty-Udle

Posted by Erin Ashley

Twenty years ago Suzanne Annesty-Udle opened the Bean Bank. A thriving coffee shop and community gathering place on Charlotte street in Sydney.

Today, she is a MICA (Meaningful Involvement of Consumers Award) winner too. MICAs celebrate the meaningful involvement of mental health consumers in society. The awards honour consumers, families, clinicians, and groups who support and respect the expertise of individuals who experience a mental illness.

Linda MacDonald is responsible for the nomination.

You can view the document here.

Listen audio (runs 9:22)

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A tourist friendly Cape Breton

Roger Brooks

Posted by Erin Ashley

Nova Scotia's tourism industry amounts to hundreds of millions in revenue for the province. Roger Brooks would like to help Cape Breton get a bigger slice of the pie.

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The Unplugged Woodshop

Tom Fidgen

Posted by Erin Ashley

Unplugged.jpg A local tells us about his passion for hand-tooling wooden masterpieces.

To order your own copy of The Unplugged Woodshop, you can find the website here.

Listen audio (runs 14:52)

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New Waterford Poppy Campaign

Ruth Dupe - Organizer with Branch 15

Posted by Robert Doublett

It is that time of year again when we show our appreciation and remember those who fought in the wars.

The annual poppy campaign gets underway on Saturday, but the Royal Canadian Legion in New Waterford doesn't have enough volunteers to man the poppy sale boxes.

Ruth Dupe is an organizer with Branch 15. She spoke to Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith about the volunteer shortage.

Listen audio (runs 3:44)

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CBRM Waterfront Workshop

Jacob Ritchie

Posted by Robert Doublett

A revitalized Sydney waterfront is the subject of a workshop in Sydney. It's part of CBRM's efforts to improve and develop the harbourfront.

The municipality has partnered with ECBC to create a vision which will include business and the community. They've also hired a consultant team lead by Ekistics Planning and Design of Dartmouth.

Jacob Ritchie is director of planning for Ekistics, he joined us in the studio to talk about the project.

Listen audio (runs 6:25)

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Combined Christmas Giving

Shelly McLellan

Posted by Robert Doublett

Community organizations and churches in the New Waterford area have launched this year's Combined Christmas Giving Program.

It's now into it's 33rd year of helping those in need at Christmastime.  Registration started today at the Salvation Army.

Shelly McLellan is Chairperson. She spoke with George Mortimer about the growing need for help and why Combined Christmas giving is so important.

Listen audio (runs 5:21)

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Living with Mental Illness and Addiction

Lloyd Robertson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Former Chief Anchor of the CTV News, Lloyd Robertson was the keynote speaker at a Mental Health Conference in Sydney today.

He spoke about mental illness in his family and his own experience in an institution.

Here is part of what Lloyd Robertson  had to say to several hundred delegates at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre.

Listen audio (runs 5:26)

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Northside Hospital Death

Joan Weeks

Posted by Robert Doublett

An elderly man has died after falling from a hospital window in North Sydney Sunday.

CBC has learned the circumstances of his death are very disturbing.

Joan Weeks has been looking into this and brings us details.

Listen audio (runs 4:00)

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A Good Day's Work

John DeMont

Posted by Robert Doublett

John DeMont.jpegJohn DeMont is the bestselling and award-winning author of Citizens Irving: The Irvings of New Brunswick, The Last Best Place: Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia and Coal Black Heart: The Story of Coal and the Lives It Ruled.

Today he's joined us to talk about his new book A Good Day's Work.

A lyrical journey through a semi-mythological place: the Canada of our imagination. It is the Canada of the day before yesterday. Or perhaps the Canada of 1967 -- the country's "Last Good Year," as Pierre Berton dubbed it. It is a portrait of Canada captured by way of encounters with a blacksmith, a cowgirl, a milkman, a traveling salesman and other custodians of trades from another time.

Listen audio (runs 11:49)

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The New Liberal Government and CBRM

Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

As Stephen McNeil considers the make up of his cabinet and which of his priorities he'll tackle first municipal governments are waiting for their chance to bend the ear of the new Premier.

The Mayor of the CBRM is familiar with how that works; having been a provincial cabinet minister himself.

Cecil Clarke says he is looking forward to working with a new Liberal Government, he spoke earlier today with Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith about his expectations.

Listen audio (runs 5:31)

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The Celtic Colours Experience

Colin Grant and Jason Roach

Posted by Robert Doublett

We have a lot of folks coming into the island for the next few days to enjoy the Celtic Colours International  Music Festival and one group we want to make sure you see in concert joined us in studio to talk about the festival experiences and share some tunes.

Listen audio (runs 17:21)

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The Irish Rovers at the Savoy

George Miller

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Irish rovers are in Cape Breton this weekend and have become cherished music icons. They've touched generations of music lovers, and brought Ireland into North American living rooms.

Their international tour begins in the Maritimes and Newfoundland and to talk Rovers, we've reached George Miller.

Listen audio (runs 16:01)

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White Crosses

Jamie Kyte

Posted by Robert Doublett

A branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in Sydney has launched a unique campaign for Remembrance day.

Branch 12 is selling white crosses that people can use to create their own war memorials.

The CBC's Wendy Martin spoke with legion member Jamie Kyte.

Listen audio (runs 2:25)

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Bluefin Fishery in Nova Scotia

Phlis McGregor

Posted by Robert Doublett

No fish are killed in the making of this story. They are, however, caught.

The catch and release Bluefin Tuna industry began five years ago in the Northumberland Strait, and it's attracting sports fishermen from around the world.

CBC's Phlis McGregor spent the day aboard a charter boat fishing for the great bluefin.

Listen audio (runs 13:01)

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Heaven's Song of Joy

Richard Poulette

Posted by Robert Doublett

For 45 years cousins Richard and Alex Poulette entertained Cape Bretoner's and people all over the region with their songs of Country Rock, Folk and Gospel.

Sadly Alex Poulette passed away February 23rd of this year.

Today we remember him because as well as being Treaty Day, it was a day that was very important to him.

Richard Poulette came into studio to tell us about a song he wrote for his cousin and wanted to share with the community on this Treaty Day.

Listen audio (runs 9:11)

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Vital Signs

CBU Pres. David Wheeler, David Alderson, and Dr. Mary Doyle

Posted by Robert Doublett

Vital Signs is a new study that contains some sobering numbers about the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

It was done by a group called the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia and their 40 page report looks at a variety of sectors across the CBRM.

It finds rapid population loss, high unemployment, high rates of poverty and lower than average life expectancy, but the news isn't all bad.

Serious crime rates here are comparatively low, and most residents say they are satisfied with their lives. The report shows, there are big challenges in creating jobs, and combatting poverty.

The report was launched today at Cape Breton University and was followed by a panel discussion. We have some excerpts from that panel for you now.

You'll hear the voices of CBU president, David Wheeler - David Alderson, a scientist at CBU, and Mary Doyle, a family doctor.

Listen audio (runs 5:56)

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