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Roger Merrick

Posted by Robert Doublett

Nova Scotia's new cyberbullying investigation unit CyberSCAN went to work today, taking calls and investigating complaints. The five person team will take calls from the public, students, teachers and other authorities.

Government hopes the unit will make a difference for youth and others who are being bullied.

Roger Merrick is director.

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Lumiere Artist Profile

Arianne Pollet-Brannen

Posted by Robert Doublett

One of the installations you'll see in one of the many windows tomorrow night is from Arianne Pollet-Brannen.

She's from Halifax and if you recognize the name, she's the fabric artist who created the polka-dot dress, part of the SAVED exhibition at Cape Breton University.

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Nursing Home Bed Rally

Dee Barossi

Posted by Robert Doublett

People rallied in front of Sydney's provincial building today to protest the shortage of nursing home beds in Nova Scotia.

Organizer Dee Barossi brought her 94-year-old father Ken Miller to the event in his wheelchair. She says the situation he's in is intolerable -- and she wants the province to do something about it.

She talked with CBC reporter Hal Higgins.

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Human Coyote Interaction

Carly Sponarski

Posted by Robert Doublett

People in northern Cape Breton will soon have a chance to learn more about interacting with coyotes. It's part of a five-year Parks Canada project to reduce coyote conflicts in the Highlands National Park.

Carly Sponarski has been doing research on coyote - human interaction for her Ph.D. studies at
Memorial University. She's prepared an education program to help people stay safe around coyotes.

Sponarski spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks about the program and her recent research.

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Lumiere Artist Profile

Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan

Posted by Robert Doublett

Lumiere is just days away and this year the festival is a little different, they're attracting new blood.

This year people from off island have taken note and submit proposals to be involved.

Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan currently live in Toronto and made the trip to Sydney for the show.

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Lumiere Artist Profile

Joshua Collins and Nicholas Bottomley

Posted by Robert Doublett

Lumiere takes place this Saturday evening in downtown Sydney. You know it's an outdoor art show where you get to experience an artists vision firsthand.

Joshua Collins and Nicholas Bottomley dropped by to talk about their project which uses light.

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Port Hawkesbury Paper Agreement

Mark MacPhail

Posted by Robert Doublett

Port Hawkesbury Paper has signed a new agreement with Chiefs representing the five Mi'kmaq bands in Cape Breton.

The new five year contract is between the mill and the Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources.

Mark MacPhail is the director of forestry for the UINR, and we reached him earlier today at a job site at Soldiers Cove near Chapel Island.

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Lumiere Artist Profile

Wayne MacKay

Posted by Robert Doublett

Lumiere is a contemporary arts program and festival that uses unconventional spaces in to display art.

It's a free annual event that's intended to serve as a wonderful community event and give up and coming artists exposure within the community.

Wayne MacKay is one of the artists presenting this year, his second time, and calls his display: Dance Box

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Lumiere Artist Profile

Jennifer MacPherson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Every September Lumiere takes art into the night with a festival in downtown Sydney.

Featuring fresh contemporary projects in any artistic medium it provides esthetic experiences and allows the viewer a chance to pose questions to the artists as you walk up and down the street. Of course it also serves as a wonderful community event as well.

Jennifer MacPherson is one of the artists presenting this year, she has worked in both the heritage and community development fields and right now she's teaching art.

This year she is presenting: Incubation.

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Y-Lotto 2013

Debbie MacLeod and Melodie MacNeil

Posted by Robert Doublett

The YMCA kicked off the 20th anniversary of the charity's annual fundraising campaign this week. 

This year more than ever, the YMCA looks to sell out the lottery given the needs in the community.

Debbie MacLeod, is Y-Lotto Coordinator. Melodie MacNeil is Director of Communications and Financial Development. They stopped into studio with details.

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Fenwick MacIntosh wants his name cleared

Brian Casey

Posted by Robert Doublett

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a Nova Scotia decision overturning 17 convictions against Fenwick MacIntosh.

It said, his right to be tried in a reasonable time, was violated.

The convictions were for gross indecency and indecent assault involving two children and two teens during the 1970's.

Today, Fenwick MacIntosh is a free man... but he wants more.

He says some of the witnesses colluded and lied.

He wants his name cleared and, possibly, the complainants charged.

MacInstosh has written the provincial Justice Minister asking for an investigation.
Brian Casey is his lawyer. Joan Weeks reached him at his Halifax office earlier today.

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A Gabarus Documentary

Jawad Mir

Posted by Robert Doublett

Film maker Jawad Mir wants to make a documentary about the Gabarus sea wall and the community. A community older than confederation itself if not one of the oldest communities in the province.

He's looking to raise $80,000 through kickstarter. A crowd sourcing campaign.

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Meet the Candidates

Stephen McNeil

Posted by Robert Doublett

As the provincial election builds steam we wanted to take the opportunity to meet the candidates.

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Patient Experience Advisory Committee

Dianne Calvert Simms, and Jay Hartman-Berrier

Posted by Robert Doublett

You often hear that as a patient, you have to be your own advocate.

Now there's a new group that will help to give a voice to patients, their families and the community.

The Cape Breton District Health Authority has formed a Patient Experience Advisory Committee.

To learn more, we've contacted two of the people involved. Dianne Calvert Simms is district CEO, and Jay Hartman-Berrier is a patient advocate.

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From End To End Of This Great Country

Michael Averill

Posted by Robert Doublett

Often on the program we talk about subjects dealing with aging and loss. Those subjects are often associated with a dark approach.

It doesn't always have to be that way.

Today we met a man who is working through loss in a very positive and community building way.

He arrived at the studio today with a smile on his face and a fiddle in his hand.

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St. Andrew's United Church Sold

David Parsons: chair of the "New Beginnings" committee

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's a bittersweet day for the congregation of St. Andrew's United Church in Sydney. Their 102 year old church is sold.

While members are sad to relinquish their beloved building, they are also relieved to find a buyer.

The writing had been on the brick wall for some time, that it had to go. Declining membership and escalating costs forced the congregation to amalgamate with other churches in the area.

David Parsons is the chair of the "New Beginnings" committee, he spoke to reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith about the sale this afternoon.

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Frosh Week Folklore

Professor Jodi McDavid

Posted by Robert Doublett

The University of British Columbia is launching an investigation into a Frosh Week chant advocating underage non-consensual sex which comes only days after a video surfaced of students chanting at St. Mary's University in Halifax. (original story here)

Both men and women are chanting all as a part of Frosh Week activities. Now there's some suggestion that Frosh Week be cancelled altogether.

We wanted to know more about the rituals around Frosh Week and it turns out a professor at Cape Breton University has looked at this, Professor Jodi McDavid joined teaches folklore and women studies.

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MLA Gordie Gosse

Posted by Robert Doublett

Built as part of the one-hundredth anniversary celebrations for St. Mary's Polish Church, it stood it's ground for fewer than five days before it was burned.

Modeled after similar shrines found through Poland and the Ukraine, the Wooden structure was burned by vandals leaving the community heart broken

Gordie Gosse is the MLA for the area and the Speaker of the House.

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Christian Hate Mail?

Madonna Doucette

Posted by Robert Doublett

Are you Saved.jpgCheck your mail box there might be a letter there that offers you eternal salvation.

That's what at least two local agencies found for themselves this week.

The Cape Breton Victoria School board and the local Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender support group have received an unsigned letter that appears to be supported by The Cape Breton Fellowship, offering old fashioned redemption over a life of what it calls sin.

When LGBT activist Madonna Doucette read the letter she decided to go to the source...or what she thought was the source.

We spoke with Past bruce DeYoung from the Cape Breton Christian Fellowship and this is the third time they have been mis represented in mass mailings. He told us that these letters were as damaging to the reputation of his church as they were offensive to the people who received them.  He also suspects the letters are coming from off Island, because in a series that went to Baddeck it looked like to names had been taken from a public voters list or some other such document.

He wanted to be clear, the Cape Breton Fellowshiop neither endorses nor supports these letters.

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The Songcamp $50,000 Challenge

Gordie Sampson

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Gordie Sampson Songcamp is fortunate to have The Ceilidh Cup golf tournament choose to donate funds from their annual event to assist Songcamp in expanding its activities throughout the year.

In addition to this great news, The Ceilidh Cup's primary sponsor, Softchoice, has been very generous with Songcamp. This year both The Ceilidh Cup and Softchoice have worked to ensure the Gordie Sampson Songcamp qualified for the Softchoice Cares for their Power 2 the People $50,000 Challenge.

This means that the Gordie Sampson Songcamp has access to a $25,000 matching dollars fund where every dollar fundraised in 2013 has the potential to be matched by Softchoice Cares on a first come first serve basis for Ceilidh Cup 2014. Songcamp is also competing in the "P2P Challenge" for the remaining $25,000. First place receives $15,000, second place receives $7,500 and third place receives $2,500. Being a part of this Softchoice Cares is an excellent opportunity for future Songcamp funding.

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Greater Independence

Millie Colbourne & Lorna MacPherson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Persons with disabilities, seniors, and people with mental health issues are going to be able to choose the kinds of services and support they need and live with greater independence in their own communities if they choose.

A committee of government support service people, and family members have been working on a program for months and the details were announced Friday.

To talk about how lives will change, we have Millie Colbourne (CEO of the Breton Ability Center) in studio and Lorna MacPherson (Director of Services for Persons with Disabilities) on the line.

Listen audio (runs 8:20)

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