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August 2013 Archives

Stronger than Steel

Syd Slaven & Erika Shae

Posted by Robert Doublett

Right about now a big celebration is getting underway at the former Sydney Steel plant site.

The three-day event is called "Stronger than Steel" and it marks the end of environmental remediation and recognizes the industry that supported Sydney for 100 years as well as the thousands of people that industry employed.

Syd Slaven was one of those people.

Not far from where Slaven worked Erika Shea is raising a family.

She and her husband were nervous about buying a home near the infamously polluted site.

But they're thrilled with the transformation that's taken place over the past few years.

Syd Slaven audio (runs 3:16)

Erika Shea audio (runs 3:10)

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Your thoughts...

Jim St. Clair

Posted by Erin Ashley

We love to hear what you think about the stories we cover on our show.

Tuesday we spoke with Marie Walsh about Regional Economic Networks, then we got a call from Jim St. Clair.

Listen audio (runs 4:34)

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CBU President to independently review fracking

David Wheeler

Posted by Erin Ashley

David Wheeler will select an advisory panel, consult experts and hold public hearings.

The government says the external review will look at the social, economic, environmental and health impacts.

Listen audio (runs 11:43)

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Your thoughts...

Erin Ashley

Posted by Erin Ashley

Some folk say an election is on the horizon.

We wondered if you'd like to see a provincial election in the coming weeks.

Erin Ashley took to the streets to get your opinion.

Listen audio (runs 3:42)

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Buried Secrets at Louisbourg

Jo Ann Yhard

Posted by Erin Ashley

Talking teen fiction with Jo Ann Yhard.

Listen audio (runs 12:18)

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Bay St. Lawrence EI Claims Meeting

Anthony MacKinnon & Liberal MP Mark Eyking

Posted by Robert Doublett

People in Bay St. Lawrence are bracing for what could be another tough winter.

Last year, dozens of fishermen in the community could not collect employment insurance - at least for a couple of months.

Their claims were denied - because they were working for family - and not maintaining the required "arms-length" relationship.

Now, many have been ordered to repay EI benefits from years past - and in some cases, those bills are huge.

Anthony MacKinnon is a fishing captain, he spoke with the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Liberal MP Mark Eyking called the meeting, to hear people's concerns about EI.

He says he will call for an independent investigation.

Anthony MacKinnon audio (runs 4:45)

Liberal MP Mark Eyking audio (runs 3:08)

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Iron Mike

Mike Morrison

Posted by Robert Doublett

Two more Cape Bretoners can now call themselves "Ironman".

Eight people from the Cape Breton Barbarians triathlon club traveled to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec over the weekend to take part in an Ironman competition.

Some of those are seasoned competitors - but two finished the grueling race for the very first time - including Mike Morrison of Sydney Forks.

Wendy Martin reached him in Quebec, and began by asking him why he decided to enter an Ironman competition.

Listen audio (runs 7:45)

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Look Twice Save A Life.....

Gord MacDonald and Rod Salsman

Posted by Robert Doublett

Drivers traveling between Sydney and Glace Bay today will notice something different -- two big yellow signs that read "Look Twice Save A Life -- Watch for Motorcycles and Turning Traffic".

The signs have been erected on either side of Grandlake Rd. in the Kyte's Hill area -- where they've had two serious motorcycle accidents in the past year that left one man dead, and another in hospital for months with serious injuries.

The signs are a project by local motorcyclists, along with local businesses and residents of the area who are tired of waiting for the provincial government to take action.

Listen audio (runs 7:02)

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Bad Movers - Update

Jamie Hatt

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday on Mainstreet, Jaime Hatt told us how she and her kids got a rough start when they moved back to Nova Scotia from Calgary.

Troy Moving--a Toronto company Jaime had hired to move her furniture and belongings--suddenly charged $3,000 more than she was quoted.

When she didn't pay, they withheld the shipment in a Chester warehouse.

Well after that interview, Jaime got the call she was waiting for.

Listen audio (runs 2:24)

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Kapliczki Investigation

Tom Urbaniak

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's been almost three weeks since a roadside shrine in Whitney Pier was destroyed by fire.

The Shrine had just been blessed days before by the Parish Priests at St. Mary's Polish Church and the Catholic Ukranian church.

Tom Urbaniak is Parish Council Chairman at St Mary's . He says the destruction of the shrine is still the talk of the town in the pier.

He says they're hoping that police will find those responsible.

Urbaniak spoke with George Mortimer.

Listen audio (runs 2:02)

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Home Instead of Care

Chris and Susan Robertson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Canada's population is aging quickly. In fact, projections show that between 2015 and 2021, the number of children will be surpassed by the number of seniors. In Cape Breton specifically, seniors now represent about 20percent of the total population.
As younger generations migrate west and towards larger urban centres, many approaching their senior years are migrating back to the east coast. This presents our region with some challenges, and creates a pressing need to develop the resources to navigate care management for the older generation.
Chris Robertson and his wife Susan are among those who left Cape Breton and after 10 years, recognizing the increasing need for elderly care, saw an opportunity in Cape Breton and has returned to his roots to open a Home Instead Senior Care franchise.

Listen audio (runs 8:02)

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Adventerous Eaters: Scout's Chicken

Erin Ashley

Posted by Robert Doublett

This summer the CBC's Erin Ashley has been on the hunt for the greatest campfire chefs and their recipes. She wandered out to Camp Carter to meet Fred Whyte, and Jacob and Ben MacCollough to learn camp cookery - the scouting way.

Listen audio (runs 9:04)

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Cape Breton Paddle Routes - North River

Erin Ashley and Angelo Spinazzola

Posted by Erin Ashley

The CBC's Erin Ashley, explores the estuary of North River with Angelo Spinazzola of North River Kayak Tours.

Mainstreet would love to hear about your favourite paddling experience . . . And we're prepared to offer 2 passes to the 3rd Annual Cape Breton Paddlefest for it!

All you need to do is call our talkback line at 1-800-309-5556 leave us a message with your name, phone number and the story of your greatest paddling  trip. . . And you could be on the water in Isle Madame, September 13-15th, for the 3rd Annual Cape Breton Paddlefest.

We'll make the draw Friday, August 30th.

Listen audio (runs 6:27)

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Historian discovers little known medical history

Vanessa Childs Rolls

Posted by Erin Ashley

While researching her thesis Vanessa Childs Rolls discovered an interesting story about Sydney's past.

Listen audio (runs 11:30)

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Asking the Tough Questions

Wanda Earhart and Louise Smith

Posted by Erin Ashley

Cape Breton's Every Woman's Centre is asking victims of sexual violence how they've dealt with the assault.

Listen audio (runs 8:13)

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Glace Bay Baseball

Geoff MacLellan

Posted by Erin Ashley

Former Colonel and current Liberal MLA, Geoff MacLellan, is home for the little league baseball championships. We caught up with him just before the first pitch.

Listen audio (runs 7:13)

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Michel Samson Monies

Brian DuBreuil

Posted by Robert Doublett

Liberal MLA Michel Samson has won a partial victory in his battle to claim rent for his home in Halifax.

The Auditor general was asked to review the matter after the speaker of the legislature ruled Samson could not claim his rent because Halifax was his primary residence.

Today the AG says Samson does qualify for living allowance paid to MLA's from out of town. But Samson still won't get his rent paid and that has led to charges of dirty politics.

Brian DuBreuil has been on this story since day one.

Listen audio (runs 8:42)

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Kapliczki Burned

Tom Urbaniak

Posted by Robert Doublett

It was a week ago today, we were at an opening reception and the historical exhibit at the Polish Village Hall in Whitney Pier.

It was an opportunity to highlight the Polish community and talk about how people were going to celebrate both the heritage and the future of the community.

There was an unveiling of a roadside shrine at the bottom of Bryan St. where the road meets the Whitney Pier Heritage Trail. It was part of a community beautification project.

It appears that shrine has befallen some vandalism.

Listen audio (runs 5:05)

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