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July 2013 Archives

CBRM Boil Order - Still in Effect

Greg Penny of Cape Breton Regional Public Works

Posted by Robert Doublett

More than nine thousand users of the Sydney water system have been under a boil order since yesterday.

CBC reporter Gary Mansfield talked today with Greg Penny of Cape Breton Regional public works about why the order was issued and how long it will be in effect.

Here's some of their conversation.

Listen audio (runs 4:30)

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Life Jackets

Barbara Byers

Posted by Robert Doublett

Organizations around the world are joining together to float a simple message this summer - wear a life jacket.

From Australia to Canada to France, various safety councils say it's the simplest thing people can do, to stay safe on the water.

Barbara Byers is with the Canadian Safe Boating Council.

Listen audio (runs 6:07)

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CBC at Halifax Pride 2013

Video by CBC Producer David Blomme

Posted by Robert Doublett

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Holy Angels Arts Center

Erika Shea

Posted by Robert Doublett

New Dawn Enterprises has received 100 thousand dollars in funding  today for a study to develop an Arts Centre at the former Holy Angels Convent and High school.

Provincial Economic Development Minister Graham Steele and CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke made the announcement this morning.
The NDP Government will contribute 80 thousand ..the municipality 20 thousand dollars.

Erika Shea speaks for New Dawn which bought the Holy Angels property from the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Listen audio (runs 3:51)

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New Waterford - One Hundred Years of History

Raymond T. Doyle

Posted by Robert Doublett

There are many milestones in Cape Breton this summer.  The Gaelic College in St Ann's is celebrating its 75th year,  the Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association has been having a summer concert for forty years now, and Louisbourg is marking the three hundredth year of settlement.

New Waterford is also celebrating a major milestones.

This years marks the 100ths anniversary of the mining town.

Raymond T. Doyle grew up there. He moved away for work as a young man, but the community has never been far from his heart.

He has written a song as a gift to the community and joins us today to share it.

Listen audio (runs 7:54)

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Liam Tromans - chainsaw artist in Boularderie

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Sydney Architectural Society will soon unveil a project to celebrate the history and culture of Whitney Pier. The society was formed 2-years ago and built up a heritage conservation fund.

It is using that money to commission a piece of art to install on a piece of land it has aquired from the Cape Breton Regional municipality.

On today's show we heard from the chair of St. Mary's Polish Church in Whitney Pier and volunteer with the Sydney Architectural Society; Tom Urbaniac.

He explained how the society had commissioned a kapliczki (a traditional roadside shrine) that will be dedicated later this month.
It's a representation of the history and culture of Whitney Pier and its coming to life in Liam Troman's workshop in Boularderie about 60 kilometers away.

Listen audio (runs 8:39)

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Meet: Bella Rebellion

Justin Vallis, Jason Lahey, Brian Burns, Colin Clarke and Morgan Currie

Posted by Robert Doublett

Bella Rebellion.jpgThe local five member band opens for Joel Plaskett at the LouisRocks concert tomorrow and joining me in the studio is all five members of the band Justin Vallis, Jason Lahey, Brian Burns, Colin Clarke and Morgan Currie.

Listen audio (runs 9:51)

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The Collaborative Emergency Care Centre

Dr. Diane Calvert Simms - Health Authority CEO

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton District Health Authority is rolling out it's new Collaborative Emergency Care Centre for New Waterford .

It was announced late last year to deal with constant emergency room closures and will be phased in over the next few months and there will no longer be overnight emergency room service at the hospital .

A mobile unit will take it's place in september.

The E.R. will be open Monday to Saturday during the day and local family doctors will provide enhanced access to primary care in collaboration with nurse practioners.

Dr. Diane Calvert Simms is Health Authority CEO, she met with George Mortimer to explain the new way of providing emergency care in New Waterford.

Listen audio

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The Wit, Humour and Ingenuity of the CB Gael

Maxie MacNeil

Posted by Robert Doublett

A bit of local folklore is now for sale on DVD. It's a project of Clan MacNeil with the help of Highland Village of Iona.

It's called "The Wit, Humour and Ingenuity of the Cape Breton Gael".

Featuring people from Iona, Washabuck and Christmas Island telling stories about people who lived in the community. Its the brain child of Maxie MacNeil; an 85 year old from Iona, who dropped in to see us earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 10:46)

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The Breton Ability Centre - Update

Millie Colbourne: CEO of the Breton Ability Center.

Posted by Robert Doublett

There have been many changes at the Braemore Home in Sydney.

A major one was the name change; Last year the residential care home changed its name to the Breton Ability Center. 

There were other changes as well; a new leader; and a concerted effort to bring residents out into the community.

Listen audio (runs 7:30)

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ACAP Bat Research Project

Jared Tomie: Environmental Project Manager.

Posted by Robert Doublett

ACAP Cape Breton is undertaking an ultra-sonic monitoring of bats around the island.

Three university students; an intern and the project manager are heading out into fields and near still water where bats are known to fly, places where there is lots of food!.

It's all part of the effort to find out more about bats and white nose syndrome. Its a fungus that is devastating the bat population in Eastern North America.

To tell us more about the project we've invited Jared Tomie into the studio.
He is an environmental project manager for ACAP.

Listen audio (runs 11:52)

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Out of Black Cove

Bev. Brett

Posted by Robert Doublett

History will be brought to life on stage in St. Ann's early next week.

"Out of Black Cove" is a special production of St. Ann's Bay Players. Its part of the 75h anniversary of the Gaelic College of Cape Breton.

The play brings together the stories of ministers, A.W.R. MacKenzie and Norman MacLeod.

The play sold out for two performances earlier this month, so writer-director Bev Brett is bringing it back for two more shows.

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Los Angeles Children's Chorus in East Bay

Anne Tomlinson

Posted by Erin Ashley

Guest host, Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith speaks with the director of the traveling choir.

Listen audio (runs 7:59)

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The Art of Living

Carol Miller and Catherine Moir

Posted by Robert Doublett

Art of Living.jpgThe Art of Living is an art show at the Cape Breton Center for Craft and Design that features visual art, poetry and music created by people living with cancer.

Patients use creativity as a means of coping, understanding and healing.

Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith dropped by the exhibit on Charlotte street earlier today for a tour of the new show with guides Carol Miller and organizer and artist, Catherine Moir.

Listen audio (runs 13:56)

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