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June 2013 Archives

A New School for Membertou

Darren Googoo, Director of Education

Posted by Robert Doublett

Membertou is getting a new elementary school.

Construction of the Kindergarten to Grade 6 school has just started .

Darren Googoo is Director of Education at Membertou, he spoke with George Mortimer  today about the school and what it means to the community.

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Another Boil Order for CBU and NSCC

Fred Tilley: Principal at NSCC Marconi Campus

Posted by Robert Doublett

Staff at Marconi Campus are working with the Department of Environment to investigate the water supply.

Regular testing has found coliform bacteria in the water.

Cape Breton University is on the same system; so it too is under the order.
Fred Tilley is the Principal at Marconi Campus, he says this is the third boil order in 6-weeks.

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Graduation 2013

Joy MacNeil

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's that time of year, when students don their caps and gowns; and march across the stage to receive their high school diploma's.

For a group of graduates in Cape Breton, the road to that auditorium stage was long and winding.

Seventy-five adults from Sydney, New Waterford area and the Northside are graduating today.

One of those successful students is Joy McNeil of Alder Point.

Listen audio (runs 5:50)

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Celtic Colours International Festival 2013 Lineup

Joella Foulds

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today the Celtic Colours International Festival announced the 2013 line up.

The event runs nine days, they have forty-six concerts, 200 community cultural events, and the theme is decidedly Nordic.

Joella Foulds is Executive Director at Celtic Colours.

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The New Breton Ability Centre

David Farmer

Posted by Robert Doublett

We have been hearing a lot lately about the Breton Ability Center, they've had a lot of changes there lately.  

If you've been watching their building on Bentinck St., they've been undergoing a massive renovation and tomorrow they're going to have their grand re-opening.

These renos mark a new chapter in the Breton Ability Center's mission and it also marks an opportunity for social enterprise to take root in downtown Sydney.

David Farmer is the Director of the LifeWorks Center.

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The Great North End Yard Sale

Erica Shae

Posted by Robert Doublett

the Great Northend Yard Sale.jpgSunny and 25-degrees this coming Saturday. It's the weekend we've been waiting for!

What better way to spend it than yard sailing? It's a Cape Breton tradition.

Erica Shae has organized one for the north end of Sydney this weekend and joined us to tell us about it.

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Underwater Munitions Dumps

Terry Long

Posted by Robert Doublett

Terry Long is an expert on the disposal of explosive devices lying on the sea bed.

Around Sydney Harbour he says there could be as many as six-thousand dump sites that we need to consider before running cable between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

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Investigating CEO John Lynn

MP Roger Cuzner

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you've been hearing, the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada is investigating the hiring practices of Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation CEO John Lynn.

Lynn is under the microscope after a Liberal MP complained that Lynn hired three men with strong ties to the Federal Conservatives.

Lynn says he's done nothing wrong.

Roger Cuzner is Member of Parliament for Cape Breton-Canso.

Listen audio (runs 11:08)

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Inverness Coastal Erosion

Gordon Smith

Posted by Robert Doublett

People who live in Inverness and Victoria counties are being asked to weigh in on the subject on climate change.

A consulting firm is drawing up a climate change action plan and is holding a series of public meetings this week to to hear peoples concerns.

Gordon Smith is a principal and group leader with CBCL Limited.

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Open Hearth Park

Rob Sinclair and Abby Demyere

Posted by Robert Doublett

A grade six class at MacDonald Elementary school in Dominion had the winning entry in the Sydney Park project.

Rob Sinclair's class came up with the name "Open Hearth" park.

It was one of 200 entries. Here's an except from the ceremony earlier today, with the unveiling of the sign.

Listen audio (runs 3:16)

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Rejected EI Claims

Alyson Queen

Posted by Robert Doublett

Service Canada says, people in Bay St. Lawrence being asked to repay Employment Insurance benefits, can appeal.

About 60 EI claims paid between 2007 and 2010 have now been ruled ineligible.
Alyson Queen speaks for Service Canada.

Listen audio (runs 5:45)

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Real People of Louisbourg

Ken Orosz

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today we're on location at an exhibit looking at the lives of the real people living at the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Ken Orosz is President of the French Colonial Historical Society, he's from State university in New York and made the trip to help organize and attend the conference.

Listen audio (runs 6:21)

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Davis Day Rememberance

Eileen Romeo and Evelyn MacDougall

Posted by Robert Doublett

Many people in Cape Breton's mining communities are pausing today to remember those who were killed or injured underground.

June 11th is Miner's Memorial Day - or Davis Day - so named after William Davis, a miner in New Waterford who was shot and killed by coal company police during a bitter strike in 1925.

But it seems, every coal mining family has a story.

In Florence, two sisters remember what happened to their father in the mines, as though it was yesterday. George Carey died back in 1947.

Today, Eileen Romeo and Evelyn MacDougall held a ceremony at St. Stephen's Cemetery in Florence to pay tribute to him and to all coal miners.

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Changes to the Clergy

Revered Father Donald MacGillivary

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Bishop of Antigonish Brian Dunn announced his annual appointments Saturday that will go into effect June 26th. 

There are fewer parishes today than there were the last time the diocese of Antigonish made changes in clergy.

To explain how the process works we spoke with Revered Father Donald MacGillivary who is leaving for mainland.

Listen audio (runs 7:13)

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Two More Arrests

Tara Lynn Boudreau

Posted by Robert Doublett

RCMP have arrested two more men in connection with the murder of Philip Boudreau of Petit de Grat, Cape Breton.

The two men aged 65 and 43 were taken into custody late this morning.

Meanwhile, the first man arrested Craig Landry was in court in Port Hawkesbury, to face a charge of second degree murder.

Boudreau disappeared last week after an apparent altercation at sea.

His family says they welcome today's charges and they're defending his reputation.

Brian Dubriel spoke with the victim's neice Tara Lynn Boudreau.

Listen audio (runs 3:10)

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Lobster Glut

Osborne Burke

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's been a perfect storm in Cape Breton's lobster fishery this year.

First there was the protest over low prices, that kept fishermen tied up for a week.

Now, there's an oversupply of lobster on the market and that means some fishermen are tied up again.
Osborne Burke is the manager of Victoria Co-op Fisheries in Neil's Harbour. That's a co-op owned by fishermen in northern Cape Breton.

Listen audio (runs 7:07)

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New Louisbourg Coins

Peter Gogh

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today the Royal Canadian Mint launched two new coins. One gold and one Silver.

The coins were designed to celebrate the three-hundred anniversary of the founding of the Louisbourg settlement. this is the kick-off event for a series of event that will run throughout the summer......and of course there's a Cape Breton twist.
Peter Gogh designed the gold coin and has two very interesting Cape Breton connections.

Listen audio (runs 9:27)

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