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Adventerous Eaters: Eskasoni Salmon

Erin Ashley

Posted by Robert Doublett

This spring, the CBC's, Erin Ashley, has been on the hunt for great outdoor cooks and their recipes. In her quest to eat delicious food around a campfire she came across the website for Eskasoni Cultural Journeys.

With the promise of a journey into the past and a recipe from some of the original campfire cooks, Erin hopped in her car and met up with a crew of Eskasoni Elders to get schooled in the ways of camp cookery.

Note from Erin: Since the ladies seemed unable to guess measurements, I poked around the internet and found some ratios and did some experimenting. This is what I came up with.

What you'll need:
A campfire with a spit
A "Y" shaped stick for each person (Bark peeled off)
A pot for cooking

Fresh salmon or fish filets (Skin on)
2 Cups flour
2 Tbsp baking powder
½ Tsp salt
1 L water (For boiling and bread recipe)

Prepping from home:
Combine flour, baking powder and salt and place in a lidded container.


-Build your fire and spit with big rocks as the ring. Take two Y shaped sticks and shove them into the ground opposite each other. You'll want your cross stick to be about 12 to 16 inches off the flames. You can adjust this by pushing the sticks further into the ground or pulling them out. Support these sticks with your fire ring rocks. Find a cross stick which spans the fire and keep it handy.

-Place cleaned fiddleheads in the pot, cover with water and place over coals.

-While you wait for your fiddleheads to cook, gradually add water to your dry bread ingredients and mix to a doughy consistency. (Usually about 1 cup of water.)

-Place your fish filets on the prongs of your Y shaped cooking sticks and hold close to the coals for approximately 15 minutes. Fish is cooked when the skin is browned and the flesh begins to flake away.

-You can divide your bread mix into single servings or make one big "loaf".

-Wrap the dough around your cross stick and place the cross stick on its supports over the
fire. Let cook for 10 minutes rotating the stick so each side cooks evenly.
-Enjoy! There's lots of room for creativity with this recipe, but it's delicious, even in it's simplicity.

Listen audio (runs 7:02)

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Posted by Robert Doublett

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The New Holy Angels

Norma Boyd and Erica Shay

Posted by Robert Doublett

New Dawn has today announced its purchase of the former Holy Angels property in the Northend of Sydney. The sale, which includes the school, convent, Margeurite Bourgeoys house and 2.77 acres of land, was finalized yesterday.

While the end uses of the buildings will be confirmed through community consultations later this year, New Dawn's early vision is focused around the concept of mixed-use spaces - converting the property into a vibrant and inclusive place where the community can live, work, learn, play and converse.

This includes possibilities for a centre for the arts and creativity (including performance, meeting, community program and studio space), a centre for social innovation, co-working spaces, public, private and non-profit offices, an early childhood development centre, a café/restaurant, a local fresh grocer, private and/or post-secondary education classroom space, affordable and market housing, and a community kitchen.

Dr. Clarence Epstein, Director of Special Projects and Cultural Affairs at Concordia University, and Chris Borgal, Principal of Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd. Architects, New Dawn will take a phased approach to the redevelopment of the site.
We took a tour of the convent and school with Norma Boyd, the head of special projects with New dawn and Erica Shay, the communications director and Chair of the Holy Angels committee we, we started in the old classrooms the original ones,  in the convent part of the building.

Norma Boyd: lead for special projects at new Dawn - Holy Angels Tour audio (runs 8:56)

Erica Shay: head of the Holy Angels Project - Sanctuary Tour audio (runs 9:27)

Norma Boyd and Erica Shay - Refurbishing Older buildings audio (runs 9:27)

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Glace Bay Old Town Hall

Elke Ibriham

Posted by Robert Doublett

This weekend Old Town Hall in Glace Bay will celebrate its 110th anniversary.  

Many people remember it as the place where they paid their water bills and taxes, or, if where one came face to face with the judge in the courtroom.  They Mayor's office was there and so was the fire department at one time, but after amalgamation the community had to decide whether to abandon the buildings or to turn it into something that would celebrate the town and its history.

Today it is a gift shop for travelers and locals alike, a museum of natural, scientific and cultural displays, and a meeting place for community groups.

Elke Ibriham is the curator and earlier today she showed me the second floor a space that was once filled with pigeons that is now a testment to life in her community, we began in the original council chambers.

Listen audio (runs 9:52)

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The Exit Interview

Manning MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

As of 430pm today Manning MacDonald will no longer be representing Cape Breton South.

After eleven elections and thirty-five years in public office, Manning will finally have a vacation.

He's decided to resign after questions arose around a recent vacation he took.

Listen audio (runs 10:22)

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Nursing Moms in Cape Breton

Kim Shebib

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Breton still has one of the lowest rates of mothers who nurse their babies for extended periods of time.

Although the health benefits of nursing are well known, it is still a challenge to get Mom's to sign on, which is why the local health authority is sending out kits to help.

Kim Shebib is a public health professional who is looking after this program.

Listen audio (runs 7:18)

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Cornwallis: The Violent Birth of Halifax

Jon Tattrie

Posted by Robert Doublett

Hero, or heel. The debate about the life and legacy of Edward Cornwallis comes up a lot on our news and current affairs (which seems odd since the key figure in the debate has been dead for almost three hundred years).

From the Battle of Culloden, and the Pacification of the Highlands, to the founding of Halifax, the life of Edward Cornwallis life crisscrossed European and North American history.

He had a hand in setting the stage for the expulsion of the Acadians and is often noted for his treatment of aboriginal Nova Scotians, which today might be termed a genocide.
Jon Tattrie is an author, historian and investigative journalist and his book Cornwallis: The Violent Birth of Halifax looks at the man behind the controversy.

Listen audio (runs 16:12)

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New SPCA Manager

Jeff Dursi

Posted by Robert Doublett

The new manager at the Cape Breton SPCA is Jeff Dursi.

He has a background in hotel management and has worked for years as a 'transition manager' helping staff through things such as a change in ownership and other disruptions in the workplace.

Jeff Dursi was hired as branch manager of the Cape Breton branch of the SPCA four months ago.

He acknowledges that the financial problems have to be tackled as soon as possible.
But as he tells reporter Hal Higgins, he's looking at doing some basic groundwork first.

Listen audio (runs 5:33)

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Immaculate Conception Closure Protest

Alma Ashe

Posted by Robert Doublett

There was a protest outside a Catholic church in Sydney Mines today.

About 30 parishioners from Immaculate Conception were hoping to meet with the Bishop of Antigonish. He was in town for meetings today.

The parishioners want him to explain why the diocese wants to close their church next month.

Alma Ashe has been going to Immaculate Conception church for 81 years, she spoke with Wendy Martin.

Listen audio (runs 2:36)

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The Mall of Science

Geoffrey Lee Dadswell & Dianne van Rooyen

Posted by Robert Doublett

....and now for a little science and innovation of our own!

The third annual Mall of Science event being held on Saturday, May 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Mayflower Mall.
This interactive event is open to the public, with a purpose of promoting science awareness to youth and showing how science affects our daily lives.

The Mall of Science showcases fun and interesting demonstrations in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, math and health, and today we have a sample of what you are going to see and hear at the Mall this weekend.

Geoffrey Lee Dadswell is a physicist and Dianne van Rooyen is a geologist.

Listen audio (runs 11:50)

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No Charges in Sudden Death

Ron MacDonald: Independent and Civilian Director of SIRT.

Posted by Robert Doublett

The province's Serious Incident Response Team has concluded that no charges should be laid against any officer of the Cape Breton Regional Police Service in relation to a sudden death last year.

A man died while in police custody last December.

Ron MacDonald is the independent and civilian director of SIRT.

He spoke to reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith about the investigation and its conclusions.

His full report can be found on the website; under recent publications.

Listen audio (runs 2:55)

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AWOL over sick day - UPDATE

Posted by Robert Doublett

All charges against a Nova Scotia woman in the Royal Canadian Navy who is fighting cancer, and who was charged with being absent without leave and facing a court martial have been dropped, the woman and her lawyer say.

"I feel vindicated," Able Seaman Carol Anne Deyoung said.

Both Deyoung and her lawyer, Maj. Sarah Collins, said the charges were dropped Friday afternoon.

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Adventurous Eaters: Clam Linguini

Tim, Jackie and Kathy of Rising Tide Expeditions

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cooking in the great outdoors can be more than beans, wieners and s'mores.

So on a cool spring day Erin Ashley trekked down to Gabarus and met up with Tim, Jackie and Kathy of Rising Tide Expeditions for some Clam Linguini.

To make Tim's Clam Linguini you'll need . . .

1 Box dried linguini
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 Red Pepper chopped
1 Clove Garlic (per person)
12oz fresh clams or 1 can clams
2 Handfuls spinach, torn
Lemon juice (fresh squeezed is always best)
Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste

Listen audio (runs 8:04)

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AWOL over sick day

Able Seaman Carol Anne Deyoung

Posted by Robert Doublett

When navy seaman Carol Anne DeYoung joined the navy three and a half years ago, she was fulfilling a dream. All her life, the 41-year old woman has wanted to serve her country. 

She never expected her country would court martial her, but that's what happened a year ago last June. 

DeYoung was feeling ill and had discovered a worrying lump in her breast. She called in sick. The next day, she wasn't feeling any better and called in sick again.

Her commanding officer at first agreed, but then said she had to report to the Stadacona base's sickbay. 

DeYoung went to sickbay, but took two hours to get there. 

Eventually, she was charged with being AWOL for the two hours of time she took to get from her home to sickbay. 

DeYoung later found out the lump in her breast was cancerous. She's now being treated with chemotherapy. While she prepares to be court martialled. She told her story to the CBC's Rob Gordon.

Listen audio (runs 4:04)

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Online Selling Safety

Internet Safety Expert: Perry Aftab

Posted by Robert Doublett

An Ontario man who was missing for nine long days was found dead yesterday.

Tim Bosma disappeared after two men came to test drive a pickup truck he'd posted for sale online.

And his now-confirmed death raises questions about the safety of buyers and sellers who use online marketplaces like Kijiji and Craigslist.

Parry Aftab is an internet safety expert, internet privacy and security lawyer, and managing director of Wired Trust.

Listen audio (runs 5:47)

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Seeking Council - May 13th, 2013

Council, Charlie Keagan

Posted by Robert Doublett

This week on Seeking Council, Charlie Keagan is in and representing the entire North Side because Councillor Prince is dealing with some health issues and unable to attend.

Normally Clarence Prince represents District 1 and Charlie Keagan, District 2.

Listen audio (runs 9:49)

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CB Roller Derby

The Tar City Rollers

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's been called an expression of the third wave of feminism, an independent, do it yourself alternative sport that celebrates woman of all ages and abilities and it's rooting right here in Cape Breton.

Yes, we're talking about Roller Derby.

Trash talking, bumping, bruising, and fun.

This weekend they're having an open house at the Centennial Area in Sydney to look for new members and volunteers to help with events.

We dropped by the arena last night for one of their practices and a look at this collective of 30 women and the culture of roller derby.

Listen audio (runs 4:31)

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PierScape 2013 Art Show

Posey MacKinnon

Posted by Robert Doublett

Whitney Pier Society for the Arts is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of PierScape, its annual arts festival.

It's multicultural community based event that showcases Cape Breton Visual Artists Musicians and Writers.

Listen audio (runs 5:24)

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CBU Nursing Grads

Barb Jamieson

Posted by Robert Doublett

The big day is coming for 630-students at Cape Breton University. 

The gowns are being pressed and the hats getting fitted for Saturday. 

About 60 of the graduating students are from the Nursing program and they all have jobs to go to already!

Listen audio (runs 10:20)

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The Reporter and the Rock Star

Jack Columbus

Posted by Robert Doublett

An interview with John Lennon back in 1969 has inspired an art exhibit at an elementary school in New Waterford.

A long lost tape of a report by broadcaster and New Waterford native, Jack Columbus was found and given to the art teacher at Mount Carmel school.  Diane Lewis used the audio to educate her students about the peace movement of the sixties.

Here is the news report that was the inspiration.

Listen audio (runs 1:18)

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Seeking Council - May 06th, 2013

Darren Bruckschwaiger and Lowell Cormier

Posted by Robert Doublett

On Seeking Council we're talking about the issues on the minds of people in the CBRM.

It's a chance for us to touch base with representative from around the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, and find out what's making news in their district.

This weeks edition of Seeking Council bring us conversations with Darren Bruckschwaiger and Lowell Cormier.

Darren Bruckschwaiger is councillor of District 10 and Lowell Cormier represents District 11.

Listen audio (runs 16:00)

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Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club Fire

Tom Urbaniak

Posted by Robert Doublett

The destruction of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club is a hard blow to the people who've been working in recent months to save the heritage building.

Tom Urbaniak is a volunteer with the Sydney Architectural Conservation Society, and a professor at CBU.

Listen audio (runs 8:04)

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Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club Fire

Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

Sadly, it's official, the 112 year old Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club has been destroyed by fire.

Early reports have people claiming to have heard a loud bang, felt a rush of heat and turned to notice smoke billowing from the bottom of the building soon to be followed by flaming licking out of the windows.

We're reached CBRM Mayor, Cecil Clarke for an update, he's been in touch with CBRM Police Chief Peter McIsaac and Fire Services Chief Bernie MacKinnon.

Listen audio (runs 7:29)

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Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club Fire

Christopher Borgal

Posted by Robert Doublett

Depending on where you were you may have seen the smoke billowing from across the harbour, or if you were downtown you may have heard the bang yourself.

Fire has taken hold of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club building.

Heritage and conservation groups were recently interested in preserving the building, which  was owned by Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club, however the charted had recently been transferred to another place.

The building was being looked at as a National Historic Site.

The person that got those wheels rolling is Christopher Borgal, he was sent by Heritage Canada on the invitation of local groups. Borgal is the principal of Architectural Practices in Heritage and Restorations in Christopher Borgal Architects Inc. and specializes in the restoration of historical buildings.

He was recently here to assess and deliver a report to the community groups. We reached him just after the fire started and informed him of the situation.

Listen audio (runs 7:17)

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The CBRM Ukulele Group

Suzanne Doane

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Ukulele can be a beautiful instrument and it's a wonderful learning instrument as well.

That's why people in Cape Breton Regional Municipality are gravitating toward it once again with a special group project and we invited many of the members into the studio this afternoon.

Listen audio (runs 8:54)

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