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April 2013 Archives

Cape Breton Gaels Jam

Amber Buchanan, Shay MacMullin, Shipa Jain, & Tad Hargrave

Posted by Robert Doublett

Through the month of May, for the past ten years, we have talked about the state of the Gaelic in our community.

It was ten years ago that Michael Kennedy's document (Gaelic Nova Scotia: An Economic, Cultural, and Social Impact Study) was released to the public and in that time a lot has happened.

However if you had said, ten years ago, that there would be an event on the North Shore that involved exclusively people under thirty-five, we'd have thought it'd never happen.....but it did.

It's called Cape Breton Gaels Jam: Creating Space for Young Gaels Across Nova Scotia.

Listen audio (runs 13:43)

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And the nominee is.........

Pam Eyking

Posted by Robert Doublett

She's not been a politician, but Pam Eyking is no stranger to politics.

The Liberals nominated the 50-yearold mother of four to represent the party in the next provincial election.

Her riding, Victoria the Lakes, overlaps the federal riding of Sydney - Victoria, which is held by her husband; Mark Eyking.

Pam Eyking spoke to reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith about her decision to venture into provincial politics.

Listen audio (runs 4:19)

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The New Moderator

The Rev. Doctor David Sutherland

Posted by Robert Doublett

A Cape Bretoner will occupy the highest position in the Presbyterian Church of Canada and will accompany a few others who have been the moderator over the past few years. The Rev. Doctor David Sutherland grew up in Sydney and attended Bethel Presbyterian.

Listen audio (runs 8:52)

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The Cyber-Safety Act.

Minister of Justice: Ross Landry

Posted by Robert Doublett

Nearly three weeks after the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, the Nova Scotia government has introduced legislation to create Canada's first cyber-bullying investigative unit.

The legislation will allow victims and their families to get protection orders from a court if they are being harassed online.

The proposed Cyber-Safety Act will allow the the unit to investigate complaints and issue prevention orders forbidding someone from communicating online. The legislation would also allow victims of cyber-bullying and their families to seek a court protection order that could result in someone having their computer or phone confiscated.

Members of the investigative unit may visit perpetrators' homes and offenders could face a $5,000 fine or six months in jail, even for a first-time offence.

Parents could also be liable for the damages.

Nova Scotia Justice Minister Ross Landry said the goal is to close the gaps in the law.

Listen audio (runs 12:07)

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A Not for Profit network

Lisa MacNeil & Brad Jacobs

Posted by Robert Doublett

It is often called the third pillar of the economy, the not for profit sector, of the volunteer sector

In Canada it contributes more than 10% to the GDP, but sometimes people who work in that sector sometimes feel isolated, and a little like they are re-inventing the wheel every time they undertake a major project.

Here in Cape Breton the not for profit sector is trying to network and trying to exchange some ideas. There are now efforts to set up a group much like the Chamber of Commerce.

Lisa MacNeil, from the Northside Guest Home Foundation, and Brad Jacobs is from the Cape Breton Hospital Foundation.

Listen audio (runs 6:18)

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Family, friends gather to say goodbye

Father Joe Gillis and Laura Lewis

Posted by Erin Ashley

Earlier this afternoon, CBC streamed the funeral of the late Rita MacNeil. Father Joe Gillis and Laura Lewis were there and shared these words.

Listen audio (runs 13:04)

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Seeking Council - April 22nd, 2013

Ivan Doncaster and Mae Rowe

Posted by Robert Doublett

This weeks edition of Seeking Council bring us conversations with Ivan Doncaster and Mae Rowe.

Ivan Doncaster is councilor of District 7 and Mae Rowe represents District 3.

Listen audio (runs 16:42)

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Big Pond church packed for Rita MacNeil.

Posted by Robert Doublett

A funeral service was held Monday afternoon for acclaimed Cape Breton singer-songwriter Rita MacNeil at a church in her Nova Scotia hometown of Big Pond.

Rewatch the live stream of the funeral here.

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CBRM's Emergency Action Plan

John Dilny

Posted by Erin Ashley

There is a plan in place if the Gabarus Seawall fails. We spoke with Manager of Emergency Management, John Dilny to learn more.

Listen audio (runs 6:08)

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Tommy Hunter remembers Rita

Canada's Country Gentleman

Posted by Erin Ashley

Tommy Hunter audio (runs 7:41)

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Larry LeBlanc remembers Rita

Billboard's Man in Canada

Posted by Erin Ashley

Larry LeBlanc audio (runs 8:44)

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Friends Remember Rita MacNeil

Posted by Erin Ashley

Acclaimed Cape Breton singer Rita MacNeil has died at age 68.

A notice on her website states MacNeil died on April 16 following complications from surgery.

Nipper MacLeod audio (runs 6:42)

Flo Sampson audio (runs 6:30)

Joella Foulds audio (runs 10:51)

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Cash for Trash

Posted by Robert Doublett

For most people, heavy garbage season, is a chance to send some old junk to the dump.
But for some it's an opportunity to make a few dollars.

Hashem's Scrap Yard in Sydney is going full out these days trying to keep up with the pickup trucks delivering scrap metal.

Their drivers have checked out all the stuff that's left at the curb... and collected some valuable materials.

Joan Weeks stopped by Hashem's earlier today to see who's getting cash for your trash.

Listen audio (runs 3:37)

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Seeking Council - April 15th, 2013

Claire Detheridge and Eldon MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

Time again for our weekly chat about Cape Breton Regional politics.

Every Monday, we're inviting two regional councilors into the studio for a chat about what's making news in their districts.

Today, it's Claire Detheridge representing District 4 and Eldon MacDonald of District 5.

Listen audio (runs 14:52)

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Is There Enough Help?

Helen Morrison - Executive Director of Transition House

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Rehtaeh Parsons case has many people wondering if enough help is available for rape victims. Parsons committed suicide and her family says she was raped two years ago by four boys.

Charges were never laid because police say there was not enough evidence.

Helen Morrison has some insight into those issues in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. She is Executive Director of Transition House and co-chair of the Cape Breton Inter-agency on Family Violence.

Morrison spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks about the challenges facing rape victims in this area.

Listen audio (runs 8:15)

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Back to School

Darlene Close and Carolyn Toomey

Posted by Robert Doublett

There is no doubt Darlene Close had an interesting career trajectory, she worked in retail for years, owned her own scuba shop for a while. She wanted to try something new....but she didn't have her high school credits, so her options were limited.

That's where The Nova Scotia Adult Learners Network comes in and today, Darlene is actively pursuing her goals for her dream career.

She dropped into studio to share her story and Carolyn Toomey is in studio with us as well, she is the academic chair of the program that is run from Marconi Campus.

Listen audio (runs 13:46)

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Seeking Council - April 08th, 2013

Ray Paruch and Jim MacLeod

Posted by Robert Doublett

On Seeking Council we're talking about the issues on the minds of people in the CBRM.

It's a chance for us to touch base with representative from around the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, and find out what's making news in their district.

Today, we're joined by Ray Paruch and Jim MacLeod.

Ray is councillor for District 6.  That encompasses part of Sydney, including the downtown south end, Ashby, and part of Grand Lake Rd.

And Jim MacLeod represents District 12, which includes part of Sydney, Whitney Pier, South Bar, Victoria Mines, Lingan Rd. and Grand Lake Rd.

Listen audio (runs 18:03)

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Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club Update

Tom Urbaniak

Posted by Robert Doublett

The report is in....and to save the Architectural Integrity of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club it would indeed, cost a fraction of the 2 million dollar plus price a local consultant put on the project.

Internationally renowned heritage architect Christ Borgal says the project would cost  at most about three hundred thousand dollars.

Borgal is regarded as the nation's leading expert on heritage building restoration, and has worked on many  of the federal government's National Historic Site designation projects. Work which has earned him an order of Canada.

Tom Urbaniak is a memeber of the community group who invited him to look at the Royal Cape Breton Yacht club building, the Sydney Architectural Conservation Society.

Listen audio (runs 8:34)

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Recruiting for the IB Program

Janet Beaton, Kevin Deveaux & Susan Kelly

Posted by Robert Doublett

After the program was very nearly cancelled last year, the International Baccalaureate program is encouraging students and parents to look and see if there is something there for them.

The program is looking for students.

Partly to bolster class sizes and mostly because the program provides benefits for students who are committed to study.

Kevin Deveaux is the principal of Sydney Academy, Janet Beaton heads the IB program there and Susan Kelly is the director of programs at the Cape Breton Victoria School Board. They joined us in studio for an update.

Listen audio (runs 11:35)

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Anniversary Line Up

Anna MacDonald - Director of Marketing

Posted by Robert Doublett

A small crowd gathered this morning at the St. Ann's Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts to kick off the 75th Anniversary Celebrations for the college which run June 30th thru July 6th.

An exciting week of music, and activities are planned.

The line-up was announced today and we were there.

Listen audio (runs 5:42)

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Les Miserables Update

Woodford, Campbell & Leader

Posted by Robert Doublett

'Les Miserables' is in rehearsal at the Savoy Theatre, it's a big production for the Savoy with over 100 cast and crew members.

Performances are coming along and we checked in for an update with Greg Woodford, Matt Campbell and Pam Leader.

Listen audio (runs 10:31)

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Englishtown Ferry Update

Linda Halliday & Hank Hengeveld

Posted by Robert Doublett

Police have removed the body of a Nova Scotia senior from a submerged car near where an automobile drove off the Englishtown ferry into the icy waters of St. Anns Bay in Cape Breton last week.

Police confirmed the body of Jerry Hengeveld, 81, was recovered from a Toyota Camry.
Divers attached a cable to the car, and a tow truck pulled it toward the shore before the body was removed around 2 p.m. The car was then pulled out of the water.

Police do not suspect foul play in the case, but the cause is under investigation.

Hengeveld's son and daughter had shared their fears with CBC's Phonse Jessome this morning that their father was in the car.

Listen audio (runs 4:05)

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