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March 2013 Archives

Jay Smith

Dave Mahalik

Posted by Erin Ashley

Jay Smith, a Cape Breton guitarist best known for playing with Matt Mays, died on suddenly in his hotel room Wednesday night after a show with Matt Mays and El Torpedo while the Nova Scotia band was on tour in Edmonton.

Smith first performed with his own band, Rock Ranger, which released two albums before he joined Mays's band, and playing on the Juno-nominated album, Terminal Romance. In 2009 Smith won an East Coast Music Award SOCAN Songwriter of the Year for co-writing (with Gordie Sampson) the song "We Are Young and so is the Night."

We spoke with Dave Mahalik about Jay's contribution to the island and to Canadian music.

Listen audio (runs 10:50)

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Cutting the "fluff".

Lorne Green, Ramona Jennex & J.P. Cormier

Posted by Erin Ashley

Part 1 - Lorne Green's response to the importance of arts education in Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board.

Part 2 - Are arts programs at risk in this round of budget cuts? We asked the Minister of Education, Ramona Jennex.

Part 3 - JP Cormier responds to his vocation being referred to as "fluff".

Lorne Green audio (runs 7:03)

Ramona Jennex audio (runs 7:10)

Ramona Jennex audio (runs 7:10)

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Funding your Olympic dreams

Amy Cotton and Conrad Leinemann

Posted by Erin Ashley

We spoke with Olympiads Amy Cotton and Conrad Leinemann about CAN Fund and the campaigns they've used to directly fund our national athletes.

Listen audio (runs 13:14)

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From poverty to pottery

Bill Strickland

Posted by Erin Ashley

Bill Strickland, the CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Manchester Craftsman's Guild and the Bidwell Training Centre, addresses the crowd at the Growing a Creative Economy Conference in Sydney.

Listen audio (runs 13:29)

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Mainstreet Council

Kevin Saccary & George MacDonald

Posted by Erin Ashley

Mainstreet is launching a new feature.

Each Monday we'll speak with area councilors about the issues in their communities. The feature is unnamed; come up with one and you could win a prize!

1-800-309-5556 or 595-5556.

Listen audio (runs 18:05)

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Seeking Council - March 25th, 2013

Kevin Saccary and George MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

On Seeking Council we're talking about the issues on the minds of people in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

It's a chance for the municipal councilors to tell us what they're hearing at the local coffee shop, or at the latest pancake breakfast, and to discuss what's making news in their district.

To kick things off, I'm joined this afternoon by Kevin Saccary and George MacDonald.

Kevin represents District 8, which includes part of Glace Bay, Donkin, Port Morien, Mira Gut, Albert Bridge and Louisbourg.

And George represents District 9.  It covers part of Glace Bay, Tompkinsville and most of Reserve Mines.

Listen audio (runs 16:29)

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Mayor Clarke reacts to the Federal Budget

Cecil Clarke

Posted by Erin Ashley

Where does the CBRM stand now that the federal budget has been released?

Listen audio (runs 5:45)

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One Woman's Story

Patrick Doyle

Posted by Robert Doublett

Patrick Doyle tells stories through the lens of a video camera

You've probably seen his latest work, it involves a woman named Arlene MacIntyre and her power rates. She spends most days confined to one room, lives on a fixed income and can't keep warm.

The video has over eight-thousand hits on YouTube.

Patrick brought us the story and spoke with us today.

You can see the original video here.

Listen audio (runs 11:13)

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The 300 million dollar capital plan to fix CBRM.

Nova Scotia Premiere Darrell Dexter

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you've been hearing in the news today, the Cape Breton regional municipality says it's facing a financial crisis. The municipality says the money coming in to the municipality is less than the money going out for expenses.

Mayor Cecil Clarke says without help from the provincial and federal governments, the situation is dire.

the mayor is outlining a new path forward refers to a 300 million dollar capital plan, and asking the province and Ottawa to contribute.

The money would pay for basic repairs and maintenance to roads, water and sewer and municipal halls and arenas.

The provincial share would be 75 million over 5 years.

Mayor Clarke met with premier Darrell Dexter yesterday to outline the request, and today, the CBC's Wendy Martin asked the premier for his response.

Listen audio (runs 4:00)

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The feasibility of Iron Ore in Sydney

Dr. Peter Warrian

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday, the government announced plans to study the feasibility of establishing an iron ore pelletization plant in Sydney.

The former Sydney Steel site is one of the locations a Russian steel company OAO Severstal is considering.

It's facility would convert iron ore into metallic iron pellets used in steel production.

Dr. Peter Warrian is with the University of Toronto. He's a steel specialist.

Joan Weeks reached him to ask about the company and the technology it's proposing.

Listen audio (runs 6:25)

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The difference between a Jesuit and a Catholic?

Father Jean LaForte S.J.

Posted by Erin Ashley

Following the election of Pope Francis, Wendy seeks the wisdom of Fr. Jean LaForte S.J.

Listen audio (runs 15:03)

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CBU's New Artist in Residence

Ursula Johnson

Posted by Erin Ashley

Ursula Johnson of Eskasoni is the first Artist in Residence at CBU.

She will explore basket weaving as it applies to First Nation culture and history and hold a series of talks about her works and how they apply.

The CBC's Erin Ashley was able to attend the first talk and met with Ursula for a chat afterwards.

Listen audio (runs 7:25)

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In Studio - Kyle Mischiek

Kyle Mischiek

Posted by Erin Ashley

Hot off the heels off ECMA weekend, people are returning home and Kyle Mischiek is back and we've called him into the studio because there's no end of rumour surrounding the young artists career.

Listen audio (runs 9:19)

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Cape Breton brings the party to ECMW

Joan Weeks

Posted by Erin Ashley

Rob Doublett gets the scoop.

The Beaton Sisters. Photo courtesy Joan Weeks.

CarletonStone.jpgCarleton Stone. Photo courtesy of Joan Weeks.

Listen audio (runs 8:13)

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Posted by Erin Ashley

They're at it again, it's the sixth year of Angelo Spinazzola's First Nations Song Writing Sessions, and while Angelo says it never gets any easier, he still learns something every time!

Listen audio (runs 7:46)

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Canadian Independent Music Association

Stuart Johnston

Posted by Erin Ashley

Why are Canadian independent musicians making $7,000 annually? Wendy finds out.

Listen audio (runs 16:04)

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CBmic (Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative)

Jennifer Currie and Albert Lionais

Posted by Erin Ashley

Jennifer Currie and Albert Lionais talk about the benefits of having a musician co-operative.

Listen audio (runs 10:10)

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The Mayor's Volunteer Task Force

Keith Brown

Posted by Robert Doublett

As part of his platform, CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke made several promises.

One, was to get public input on the budget - Ten of the planned 12 community consultations have now taken place.

Another promise was to put together a task force to look into the organization of the municipality. We speak with Task Force Chair, Keith Brown.

Listen audio (runs 9:32)

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The Freedom to Read

Faye MacDougall

Posted by Robert Doublett

As part of Canada's Freedom to Read Week, the McConnell Library will host the Freedom to Read Cafe on Friday night. 

The goal of the evening is to generate discussion about censorship and our freedom to read. 

Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed to them under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

We spoke with the library's Faye MacDougall.

Listen audio (runs 10:29)

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