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Yacht Club Historical Value

Chris Borgal

Posted by Robert Doublett

The The Sydney Architectural Conservation Society invited restoration architect Chris Borgal to do an assessment of the Royal Yacht club.

The offer to look at the building's heritage value by an expert was made after it was revealed that the yacht club planned to move its main operations out of the historical building in downtown Sydney, leaving the building to a local government agency.

ECBC has no plans for the site, which is why it may be worthwhile to look at the building's heritage value and soundness at this time Not a problem unique to Cape Breton all over Canada the same issue is being discussed and debated.

Old churches, old city hall, old libraries, building that mean something to people and a harder to part with.

Listen audio (runs 16:43)

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2013 Divorce Expo

Gwen Atkinson: Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia

Posted by Robert Doublett

Divorce is univesrally understood to be a terrible process.....not only is there emotional upheaval, there's business.

Who stays in the house,? How will the kids have access to both parents? What about the pensions...the list of details is endless and confusing.

This is where a divorce expo comes in.  There have been two in Atlantic Canada so far, this Friday and Saturday at Membertou will mark the third.

Gwen Atkinson from the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, she's the organizer.

Listen audio (runs 8:47)

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Frankie MacDonald on KISS 92.5 FM

Roz Weston

Posted by Robert Doublett

Sydney Resident Frankie MacDonald recently presented his weather forecast on the website for Toronto radio station. Kiss 92.5 FM.

Frankie became a bit of celebrity, and his family thought, the butt of jokes on the KISS Morning presentation, the Roz and Mocha Show.

The radio station has cretaed a webpage featuring Frankie's videos and has included some of the exchanges between the two hosts about the Cape Bretoner.

Roz Weston is one of the hosts of the show. We called him because some family members, and people in the community took exception to what they heard on the site.

He did return our call and explained that when his show introduced frankie as a character he hadn't actually seen the video, he had only heard the audio, but when he saw the video, his developed an affection for the young man from Whitney Pier.

Listen audio (runs 7:36)

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More Beds, Sooner

Dr. Rex Dunn

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton District Health Authority's vice president of medicine says a shortage of acute care beds has lead to an increase in the cancellation of surgeries.

Dr. Rex Dunn says they I've developed a new system for discharging patients in the hopes of freeing up more beds, sooner.

Under the new system, patients will receive a discharge planning booklet when they are admitted so they can better plan for their post-hospital care.

Included with that will be an estimated day of discharge, along with the set check-out time of 11:00 am.

Dunn says they won't be doing anything new, but it will be more organized.

Listen audio (runs 7:54)

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Container Terminal - Discussion & Q&A

George Malec, VP Business Development & Operators, Port of Halifax

Posted by Robert Doublett

In the Group B Break-out session, Councillor Claire Detheridge, introduced us to George Malec, VP Business Development & Operators, Port of Halifax.

Mr Malec began by addressing the group to begin the interactive process of this session by outlining the following key points:

- Macro economics

- Market research and analysis and the market relating to container terminals

- Imports  / exports  and the 4th trade lane

- A multi-purpose container terminal

- South East Asia being a demographic for growth

- Bilateral Trade Agreement with India

- Arterial connections - road and rail

- Effects of expansion of Montreal port

Listen audio (runs 22:08)

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Bulk Commodities - Discussion & Q&A

Facilitator: Bruce Wood - Hamilton Port Authority

Posted by Robert Doublett

CBRM Councillor Jim MacLeod introduced guest speaker Bruce Wood, Hamilton Port Authority who started his break-out session by sharing his experiences running the port in Hamilton and what the expectations could be like should a bulk commodities terminal be put in place.

Session talking points:

- Problems with dust suppression and complaints from people who live near there?

- Is new business coming in simply the work of the port or was government involved in financing and job creation?

- Would the opportunity have come your way without the investment in the infrastructure. Where did all the funding come from?

Listen audio (runs 24:12)

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Cruise Opportunities - Discussion & Q&A

Facilitator: Bernadette MacNeil, Sydney Ports Corporation

Posted by Robert Doublett

CBRM Councillor MacDonald introduced guest speaker Bernadette MacNeil, Manager of Cruise and Marketing Development for Sydney Port Authority who started off the break-out session with a discussion on global statistics and where we are today.

Session talking points include:

- Why is Port of Sydney successful? (In between two key ports, Halifax and Quebec. Sydney has always exceeded expectations for Cruise Lines.)

- The Cruise Lines have deemed Sydney to be a very successful port. Holland America describes Sydney as sizzling. Holland America puts a lot of value and importance on the port of Sydney.

- It is expensive to anchor off of Sydney. Busing issue is also something that needs to be dealt with. (Infrastructure has to be improved. Cruise ships are selling more seats than bus seats are available.)

- Sydney has 275ft of dock frontage. Most ships are over 300ft. There is potential to go further to accommodate the larger berthing capacities.

- A port is considered successful if it's ISPS certified & Safety.

- Sydney is recognized for the deep water marine access, destination appeal and the best cruise pavilion on the eastern seaboard.

- Recommendations to improve the current port includes continued work with the stake holders. It is for growth and sustaining the current business.

Listen audio (runs 23:37)

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2013 CBRM Port Summit - Consultants Report

Edward Zimny & Gordon Forsyth IV

Posted by Robert Doublett

A two day Port Summit in Sydney is tackling the big questions around port development in CBRM: who will run the port, and who will get any money that's generated from it.

Marine consultants, industry experts along with federal and provincial government officials attended the summit at the Joan Harris Cruise Pavilion.
In this 52min summit opening, presenters Edward Zimny & Gordon Forsyth IV review the findings on the Consultants Report on Container Marketplace and take a few questions from the audience.

Listen audio (runs 52.25)

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The Exit Interview

Bob Rae

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Honorable Bob Rae has served as an elected official since 1978. He has served in the House of Commons, he has served in a provincial legislature, he was the Premiere in Ontario in the early 1990's, and has been the interim leader of the Liberal Party in the House of Commons for the last several months.

He joined us in studio to talk about how political leadership has changed and how citizenship has changed in the thirty-five years he's been in public life.

Listen audio (runs 20:15)

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More ECBC Questions

Posted by Robert Doublett

A Calgary developer is raising more questions about the way in which Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation awards funding.

Dennis Dowling is behind a plan to build townhouses and retail space next to Cape Breton University. He says he asked for money from ECBC to get the residential development started.

He was turned down - and then, he was surprised to hear that ECBC is spending money of its own, on a subdivision at Ben Eoin.

The CBC's Wendy Martin spoke with Dennis Dowling.

We asked ECBC for reaction to Dowling's comments, and received an email from their director of communications, DA Landry.

     With regard to ECBC's involvement in subdivision development, it is important to distinguish between developments on privately-owned land and those on ECBC-owned lands.

· Private sector subdivisions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

· The Grand Lake Rd. multi-purpose commercial/residential centre was rejected because the proponent was unable to identify the financing necessary to complete the project or provide evidence of how the business targets could be met.

· The applicant also requested 100% of the phase 1 development costs without confirming how phase 2 or 3 would proceed.

ECBC goes on to say, it has developed four subdivisions, 3 on unused Devco land in the Glace Bay area, and the one in Ben Eoin. It says it pays for the infrastructure, on a cost recovery basis. 

It says the lots that it sells, pays ECBC's costs and help stimulate new construction and increased tax revenue for the CBRM.

Listen audio (runs 8:03)

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Senior Snow Removal

Bernie LaRusic

Posted by Robert Doublett

This week a quick thaw, followed by freezing temperatures, has made clearing the hard packed snow difficult.

Many CBRM residents do not shovel their sidewalks but wait for municipal plows to do the job and now a Cape Breton seniors organization is encouraging the municipality to help elderly residents with their snow clearing.

Bernie LaRusic, is vice-president of the Cape Breton Council of Seniors and Pensioners. It's proposing the municipality subsidize a service organization to arrange snow clearing for needy seniors.

Listen audio (runs 7:03)

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Stuff We Wrote As Kids

Mike hunter

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we all know we have great talent here on the island in everything from music to visiaul arts, and to writing as well. for example, one of the greatest Canadian novelists of all time came from Glace Bay.

Coming up nest week at the Govenors Book Pub they're looking for the stuff you wrote as a kid. Whether you've become a national writing superstar, or have just hung on to those old journals, they want to hear from you.

Mike Hunter is the MC and joined us for a chat this afternoon with a call for the "Stuff We Wrote As Kids".

Listen audio (runs 5:52)

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The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Charles MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

Roman Catholics around the world were shocked today to hear the Pope will resign later this month. Pope Benedict XVI says he's no longer able to carry out his duties because of his health.

Many years ago, in the 1960's, before he became Pope, Joseph Ratzinger was a professor in Germany.  One of his students was Charles MacDonald now of Point Edward.

MacDonald is a former priest and professor of theology at Cape Breton University and earlier today he spoke to CBC reporter George Mortimer about the news.

Listen audio (runs 7:43)

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New Kids Gaelic CD

Reporter Norma Jean MacPhee

Posted by Robert Doublett

Sixty-six students from four Cape Breton schools got together this afternoon at Cape Breton University to record some Gaelic songs.

Each school learned an entire song along with the chorus' of the other school's selections.

Reporter Norma-Jean MacPhee popped in to see how things were going.

Listen audio (runs 5:23)

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Ice Crash

Stephen Tobin

Posted by Robert Doublett

Steven Tobin Windshield.jpgTaking that extra time to clean off your car really can make a difference.

A Sydney man driving from Halifax back to Cape Breton encountered a hunk of ice flying through the air.

The piece of ice was larger than the windshield of his car when it struck.

Miraculously, Stephen Tobin survived the accident.  He spoke with reporter Norma Jean MacPhee earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 6:02)

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The New Anne of Green Gables

Beth Cavert & You

Posted by Robert Doublett

Thumbnail image for the new Anne.jpgWe've all seen this in Hollywood, a movie trailer is released for a new version of a movie we've all come to know and love. Think of the remakes of "Clash of the Titans", "Father of the Bride",  or "Hairspray".

The powers that be decide to give a Canadian classic a fresh new look for and re-imagining for a new generation.

Anne of Green Gables is the latest to get a makeover. These days, she's blonde, and has a certain glint in her eye.

 -- at least that's the way she's portrayed on the cover of a new edition of the Lucy Maud Montgomery classic, put together on the self-publishing site CreateSpace.

Beth Cavert is with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Literary Society. Here's what she told Carol Off last night on As It Happens.

Listen audio (runs 5:12)

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Searchlight Kickoff!

Grant Lawrence

Posted by Robert Doublett

Whether you rock the mic... or are king of the banjo... listen up! Today, we're launching a new music contest in cooperation with CC Music.

It's called "Searchlight: the hunt for Canada's best new artist."

The competition begins with a regional round hosted by Mainstreet.
CBC Music's Grant Lawrence is here to tell us more.

Check out the site here.

Listen audio (runs 5:04)

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Billdidit - NAMM Exhibition Floor.

Joe Menchefski

Posted by Robert Doublett

NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) is the worlds biggest trade show for musical instruments, gear, accessories, you name it. Its like the Oscars for gear heads.

This year it was in Anaheim California and this year and there was a Cape Breton company on the exhibition floor.  Billdidit created the Coady Clutch and other equipment used in modern drumming.  

Joe Menchefski was there and he is here.

Listen audio (runs 10:03)

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RCMP Respond to Criticism.

Posted by Robert Doublett

The RCMP says its officers did nothing wrong, in the case of Nicole Ryan Doucet.

As you'll remember, the Supreme Court of Canada stayed charges against her last month, for trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband.

In doing so, the court criticized the RCMP for setting up a sting to catch her, rather than taking steps to end her husband's abusive "reign of terror."

Assistant Commissioner Alphonse MacNeil is the commanding officer for the RCMP in Nova Scotia.

He says his investigation shows that officers did the right thing when dealing with Nicole Ryan.

He wasn't available to speak to us. But the CBC's Jerry West taped this interview with him yesterday.

Listen audio (runs 6:02)

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Police News Conference

Reporter Norma Jean MacPhee

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you've been hearing in the news Cape Breton Regional Police have arrested and charged Thomas Barrett in the murders of two young women.

Laura Jessome and Brett McKinnon. They were both 21 when they died.

Jessome's body was found in a hockey bag in the Mira River last May.

Brett McKinnon went missing in 2006 and her remains were found 2 years later.

After a six year investigation police are satisfied they have the killer.

Cape Breton Regional Police Chief Peter MacIsaac held a press conference this morning, he along with Deputy Commissioner Scott Todd of Ontario Provincial Police spoke to reporters.

Listen audio (runs 8:50)

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Cowl Bowl Pennies

Cheryl Donovan: Life Enhancement Coordinator

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday on the show we had some Coal Bowl tickets to giveaway and we asked you 'what are you going to do with all your pennies?'. We decided the best story would win the tickets and we had some great responses.

For a winner we picked the Horizon Achievement Center. Cheryl Donovan is the Life Enhancement Coordinator and she popped into studio to share her story.

Listen audio (runs 2:47)

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