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January 2013 Archives

How Much to Serve?

Blair Rhodes

Posted by Robert Doublett

It was dueling experts in the provincial court on Spring Garden Road this afternoon, as the sentencing of confessed Russian spy Jeffrey Delisle got under way. 

The Crown and defence are trying to determine how much time he should spend in prison. 

CBC's Blair Rhodes was in court for today's hearing and he joined us with the details.

Listen audio (runs 5:19)

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The Tom Miller Human Rights Award

Barry Waldman

Posted by Robert Doublett

A man from the Northside has won the Cape Breton Regional Municipality's Tom Miller Human Rights Award.

Barry Waldman started a program called EPIC 16 years ago. EPIC stands for Educational Program Innovations Charity.

Each year it provides over 70 young people at risk with one-on-one education through peer mentoring. It also provides educational support for the parents and guardians of those children.

Waldman has volunteered his time coordinating EPIC's many projects since 1996. He says he didn't expect the award.

Listen audio (runs 10:54)

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ECBC Speaks

Marlene Usher: Executive Director of Advocacy and Development

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you've been hearing in the headlines, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation held a news conference this afternoon. It was prompted by the many questions swirling around the community recently.

Questions about ECBC's decision to purchase the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club in Sydney, and about the rationale behind its investment in the Ben Eoin Marina.

ECBC head John Lynn is currently on sick leave, so Executive Director of Advocacy and Development Marlene Usher spoke in his place. Here's some of what she had to say to reporters today.......

Listen audio (runs 7:02)

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The 2012 Aviva Community Fund Winners!

Pastor Dave Sawlor

Posted by Robert Doublett

Kids in Glace Bay will soon be enjoying some major improvements to their youth center thanks to an online contest.

The Undercurrent Youth Center has won $130,000.00 in a contest sponsored by the Aviva Canada.

Pastor Dave Sawlor runs the center and we reached him while traveling a little earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 5:53)

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This Was Not Preordained.

Robert Sampson

Posted by Robert Doublett

The chair of the Ben Eoin Marina is speaking out today.

The marina has been the focus of some scrutiny over the past few weeks in its connections with the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club and Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation.

The Yacht Club is folding - and merging with the Ben Eoin Marina.

ECBC is buying the yacht club's property in downtown Sydney it's also helping fund the Ben Eoin Marina, to the tune of 4 million dollars.

There's been some speculation that the merger was preordained to help the Ben Eoin Marina succeed. Chair Robert Sampson says that's not the case.

Sampson says he's been working to establish the marina in Ben Eoin for more than a decade. He says it's a worthwhile project.

He says the marina's only involvement with the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club, was an offer of help last fall.

Listen audio (runs 14:18)

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Nicole MacDougall & Michelle Lahey

Posted by Robert Doublett

If you happened to be at CBU you may have seen a few sky blue posters being held by professors, students and people who just stopped in for a cup of coffee.

The posters had large numbers across the top "2/11"

To find out more we reached Nicole MacDougall, she runs the Women's Center and Michelle Lahey who is the CBU Student President.

5:57 audio

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EI for Multiple Births

Gail Moore

Posted by Robert Doublett

A federal court has ruled that parents of multiples are not entitled to any extra parental leave.

The case was brought by an Ottawa couple who'd asked for twice the parental leave, after the birth of their twin girls.

Now, they say it's on to the Supreme Court!

Gail Moore is Past Chair of Multiple Births Canada and the mother of twins.

Listen audio (runs 5:44)

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Call for Review

Kelly Regan

Posted by Robert Doublett

Women's critic Kelly Regan says justice minister Ross Landry needs to launch a review and investigation of the RCMP given the evidence presented during the Nicole Ryan case.

In the decision late last week, the Supreme court of Canada commented on the RCMP's  actions: "There is also the disquieting fact that, on the record before us, it seems that the authorities were much quicker to intervene to protect Mr. Ryan than they had been to respond to her request for help in dealing with his reign of terror over her."

Liberal women's critic Kelly Regan says Landry has an obligation to find out why the RCMP behaved in such a manner.

Listen audio (runs 6:51)

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Between a Wreck and a Hard Place.

Sean Howard

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you may have heard in the news, the Main-A-Dieu Community Development Association is calling on the province to step up and take action on the MV Miner.

The group had planned to host a summit this evening to come up with a new plan for removing the vessel from Scatarie Island.

The intent was to bring together government officials and companies interested in doing the salvage work.

The summit was cancelled last week after the group learned the provincial minister of Natural Resources wouldn't be there.

Instead, it held a news conference this afternoon.

Sean Howard is a member of the community development association.

Listen audio (runs 10:48)

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The First Address

Mayor Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

This afternoon Mayor Cecil Clarke made his first major address since his election.

Close to 170 people from the business community gathered for a lunch and to hear him speak.

Clarke outlined his plans for the CBRM and the need for everyone to work together.

Listen audio (runs 21:44)

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Hemorrhaging Faith

Rick Heimstra

Posted by Robert Doublett

Over the weekend the Diocese of Antigonish announced that seven more churches will close in the CBRM area, many other congregation and parishes are despairing the falling attendants.

That's the subject of a workshop that's taking place at Lighthouse Church in Glace Bay, it's called 'Future Church: Where are the Youth and Young Adults in the Church Today?' . It's a day long event where people of all Churches and Congregations are invited to come in and look at the subject and figure out what to do.

One of the documents being used in the workshop is a cross-Canada multi-denominational  sweeping survey of young people who are in the church, maybe grew up in the church, who've left the church and it looks at some of the reason people stay with the church and others leave.

The full document is about one-hundred and thirty pages and can be made available to you on February 02nd. Until then, we wanted to ask some of the foundational questions behind the report, so we contacted Rick Heimstra, he is with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and one of the researchers behind the document.

Listen audio (runs 11:15)

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Preserving The Yacht Club

Ken Donovan: President of the Old Sydney Society

Posted by Robert Doublett

As you may have heard, the Old Sydney Society, and the Sydney Architectural Society want to find ways to save, or at least preserve, the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club Building.

The societies are committed to vibrant, thriving waterfonts but they really want to talk about the cultural heritage impact before that building is torn down.

That was part of the release issued today. Ken Donovan is the President of the Old Sydney Society and joined us to explain more.

Listen audio (runs 15:26)

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The Trouble with Transferable Credits

Jonathan Williams, Executive Director of Students Nova Scotia

Posted by Robert Doublett

Has this happened to you or anybody you know?

You start first year university at (just say) Dalhousie and then decide for your second year that you really would like to go to St. FX, so you transfer over only to find out too late they won't accept your english or french credit.

This has been both confusing and the way things have worked for the last thirty-five years and students have had enough.

The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) released a report on today, Portable Learning: University Students Granted Credit for Prior Post-Secondary Education which addresses this problem.

We contacted Jonathan Williams, Executive Director of Students Nova Scotia for reaction.

Listen audio (runs 6:42)

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Dawn Beaton: Board Member with the East Coast Music Association

Posted by Robert Doublett

Everything you wanted to know about ECMA Nominations but were afraid to ask.

Dawn Beaton a Cape Breton board member with the East Coast Music Association. She joins us to explain how nom's work and talk about the artists involved this year.

Listen audio (runs 24:59)

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Skeete Sentencing

Norma Jean MacPhee

Posted by Robert Doublett

This morning Cape Breton teenager, Melvin Skeete was found guilty of second-degree murder for stabbing his girlfriend more than 100 times has been sentenced as an adult to life in prison for the second degree murder of Brittany Green.

Green was first knocked out, then stabbed over 100 times.

The crime happened in December, 2010. Melvin Skeete Jr., who was 16 years old at the time of the incident, was sentenced today in Nova Scotia Youth Court to life in prison with no chance of parole until Dec. 3, 2017.

That will mark seven years since Skeete Jr. killed Brittany Green, a 17-year-old from Glace Bay, on Dec. 3, 2010.

The identities of both parties were previously protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, however, Green's family had requested that her name be made public.

Reporter Norma Jean MacPhee joined us with the details.

Listen audio (runs 7:36)

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Remembering Peter Jack and Joseph Peter MacLean

Rodney Chiasson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Joe.jpgA double shot of sad news from the world of traditional music on Cape Breton Island.

Both Joe Peter and Peter Jack MacLean passed away today.

They were both raised in the Christmas Island / Boisdale area.

They were both wonderfully self-assured men. Both very rural and both with a never ceasing interest in gaelic song and gaelic fiddle music.

To talk about their legacy and what a loss it is to the gale talk of Cape Breton we've reached Rodney Chiasson. He runs the Highland Village in Iona.

Listen audio (runs 6:35)

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Yacht Club Sale Questioned

John Camilleri & Tom Urbaniak

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's been a few days since the sale of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club to Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, and questions remain about the deal.

ECBC paid 280-thousand dollars for the Sydney waterfront property. It says it has no plans for the century-old clubhouse. The club's commodor says it's his understanding the building will be demolished to make way for future development while the club's royal charter will be extended to include the new Ben Eoin Marina.

ECBC contributed 4-million dollars toward the 4.8-million dollar cost of the project.

It all doesn't sit right with John Camilleri.

He's a concerned citizen who wrote a letter to the editor in the Cape Breton Post this morning.

The CBC's Holly Conners spoke with Mr. Camilleri outside the yacht club earlier today.   

ECBC has not made anyone available for an interview on this issue.

Holly did put out a call to political scientist Tom Urbaniak to get his thoughts. He works with Cape Breton University's Community Economic Development program, and he's involved in heritage conservation.

John Camilleri audio (runs 3:09)

Tom Urbaniak audio (runs 3:41)

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Virtual Drop-in Center

Dr Linda Courey

Posted by Robert Doublett

A virtual drop in center might be one of the solutions to helping young people in CBRM who are at risk and are dealing with mental health issues.  That is one of the recommendations in a sweeping report released today called  "the youth at risk feasibility study".

It examines some of the best practices of other places in supporting young people at risk, it looks at the asset and at the gaps in service here in CBRM and it makes recommendations.

Dr. Linda Courey is the head of the addiction and mental health service branch at the regional health authority, she says this document called for a community wide response, but it is an good compass for the next steps the community should is our conversation.

Listen audio (runs 14:11)

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Les Miserables Casting

Robin Cathcart and Pam Leader

Posted by Robert Doublett

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, had you been anywhere near the Savoy Theatre you would have heard angelic voices, evil people and everything in between roaming around.

That's because there's casting on the go for their presentation of Les Miserables. They're casting for the entire show, and they're just about done.

Pam Leader is the show's producer and Robin Cathcart is the Director.

Listen audio (runs 11:13)

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History of the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club.

Neil Libbey

Posted by Robert Doublett

Its official....the old  royal yacht building is coming down.   ECBC exchanged the property for a promise of $280, 000...a figure which will pay the private club's debts.

The "Royal Charter"  will move to another facility..and the century old building will be but a memory. Some expressions of disappointment front he broader community, but others opinions, some in the Cape Breton Post comments section...and others in social media are not quite as sentimental about the space.... and that may have something to do with the history of the club.

Neil Libbey has written a history of the Royal Yacht club..he joins us now.

Listen audio (runs 11:07)

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ECBC buying Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club

Commodore Darryl Cormier

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club is selling its five-acre property on the Esplanade in Sydney for $280,000.00 to Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation.

The century old private club has shrunk to 61 members and will be moving the operations end of the facility to another club.

The marina will remain, as will the boat house.

We spoke with the acting Commodore Darryl Cormier at the Yacht club earlier is our conversation.

Listen audio (runs 9:45)

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Municipal Issues

Eldon MacDonald and George MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

For many of us, this is the first official day of the new year.....a fresh start...time to take on new projects.

Today on Mainstreet we start a new series is municipal councilors, periodically we will be inviting councilors in from CBRM, Victoria, Richmond and Inverness counties to give us the inside scoop on what is happening, and what important decisions and public discussion points are coming up.

Today, from CBRM we have Councillors Eldon MacDonald and George MacDonald (no relation).

Listen audio (runs 12:41)

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Idle No More

Eskasoni Chief Leroy Denny

Posted by Robert Doublett

Native leader Theresa Spence is no longer asking  for a face-to-face meeting with the Prime Minister before she ends her hunger strike. In December the Chief of Attawapiskat First Nation became a key figure at the center of a movement aimed at changing the relationship between the Canadian government and Aboriginal Canadians. It is  called "Idle No More"

Like Occupy Wall Street..Idle No More started small.  It was the brainchild of four Saskatchewan women who wanted to draw attention to the issues of housing, the environment and resource management in aboriginal communities. It became a hashtag, a social media mechanism that allowed the idea to travel internationally.

Last week, here on Cape Breton Island, community members in Eskasoni went on a fast in support of Chief Spence. To find out what happens next we have reached.

Listen audio (runs 11:31)

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Call for Submissions!

Laura Schenider

Posted by Robert Doublett

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for art-gallery-CBUAG prol call 13.jpgWe've just started another year and still deadlines loom....get ready to show us your artistic chops!

This one is for an exhibition of "people's art" at CBU Gallery called Proletari-ART.

Laura Schenider joined us to share the details.

Listen audio (runs 7:07)

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