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December 2012 Archives

Light Up A Life - 2012 Skating Party

Posted by Robert Doublett

Wrapping up our 6th Light Up A Life campaign, with your help, we've raised an amazing 66,710.32 and what a better way to celebrate than with a skating party.

We thought you might like to enjoy some of the photos from out Up A Life Skating Party wrap.

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St. Anthony Daniels Senior Parish Choir

Rosemary McGhee

Posted by Robert Doublett

At St Anthony Daniel Parish the folks have been in rehearsal for weeks for a very special performance.

This special performance is their last, as their church is amalgamating with some other local churches.

Conductor Rosemary McGhee and 13 Choir members joined us in studio for a chat and a tune before their big show.

Listen audio (runs 11:09)

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Hear Me Out

Nick Beaton

Posted by Robert Doublett

Nick Beaton is 29 years old and is originally from Sydney and started out as a musician.

After playing the scene for a few years, he pretty quickly figured out that the spoken word was where his career would go so he took off to Toronto to try his hand at stand up comedy.

Since then he's done packed clubs, television shows, and recently returned from a year long trip to the UK. He'll be at the Capri this week, but stopped in the studio for a chat.

Listen audio (runs 10:28)

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Murder Arrests

Dan MacRury

Posted by Robert Doublett

Two men arrested over the weekend in connection with a murder last spring have been formally charged.

Brian Augustine Deruelle and Robert Edwin Matheson appeared in Sydney provincial court by video link from the Correctional Centre.

They stand accused of being accessories after the murder of 21-year-old Laura Jessome.

Dan MacRury is Crown Attorney on the case.

Listen audio (runs 4:21)

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Salvation Army Efforts

Major Kent Hepditch

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Salvation Army in the Sydney and North Sydney area has been working overtime to try and help families in need for Christmas.

Major Kent Hepditch is with the Salvation Army for the Sydney community area.

He's on the line to tell us how the Army's efforts are going.

Listen audio (runs 6:37)

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CBU Pet Therapy

Posted by Stan Kennedy

There were some special visitors at Cape Breton University.  Two dogs and a cat were on campus - to help students destress during exams.

This is a new program at CBU. Pets have been in the student union building for a few hours each day this week. And they've been a big hit with students.

The CBC's Wendy Martin spoke with students Emily MacArthur and Cassandra Coleman, as well as Katie Frasier - one of the pet owners in the Therapeutic Paws of Canada program.

Listen audio (runs 6:08)

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Bowater Mersey Pension Fund

Billy Joe MacLean

Posted by Stan Kennedy

We've been looking at the details of the Bowater Mersey paper mill deal in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia.

Some people from other communities in the province have been wondering what this means for them. Wendy spoke with Port Hawkesbury Mayor Billy Joe MacLean.

Listen audio (runs 6:39)

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Best Christmas Gingerbread

Paula Muise

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Its hard to imagine, but it is that time again. The annual gingerbread house struggle...who will win...the house or the children?


Paula Muise is an expert in making the walls stay up, keeping the roof from sliding off and keeping the walls from caving in!  She has made gingerbread houses for 40 years.


Here is Paula's recipe for her Best Christmas Gingerbread:

Page 1 - Best Christmas Gingerbread House

Page 2 - Best Christmas Gingerbread House

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Harbourside Elementary School - Kiwanis Kids

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The first Charter for Kiwanis Kids in Nova Scotia will be signed today at Harbourside Elementary School in Whitney Pier.

Wendy Bergfeldt spoke with the students involved in this historic event.

Listen audio (runs 6:55)

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Disabled Housing Shortage

Brian Walker & Sandy Ferguson

Posted by Robert Doublett

The families of people who have developmental disabilities are calling attention to a housing shortage.

They say some people have been waiting several years for a suitable place to live.

They demonstrated yesterday in front of the Provincial Building.

The families say the province needs to take action and provide more housing for people with developmental disabilities.

Listen audio (runs 13:10)

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State of the Province

Nova Scotia Premiere Darrell Dexter

Posted by Robert Doublett

Successive premiers have delivered "State of the Province" addresses and used those luncheon speeches to slap themselves on the back or to lay out their vision of the future.

Today Darrell Dexter used his opportunity to make a partisan pitch for not just a second mandate but another majority government.    

He told a business audience in Halifax the province is now on the right track but his government's gains are not guaranteed.

Listen audio (runs 2:10)

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Amish Family Christmas

Dollie Fowler

Posted by Robert Doublett

The celebration of Christmas takes on different forms in various cultures. One group that embraces a simplistic meaning is the Amish.

"Amish Family Christmas" is a play written by a woman who spent her life in living in an Amish Community.

Dollie Fowler runs a small theatre company in Pensilvania. This play is one ina  series of five that she has written looking at the life of the Amish people.

Listen audio (runs 13:05)

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Aviva Community Fund

Pastor Dave Sawlor

Posted by Robert Doublett

The clock is ticking.

Undercurrent Youth Center could win a hundred and fifty thousand dollars but it only has between now and December 12th to get the momentum to do that.

Pastor Dave Sawlor joined us to explain more.

Listen audio (runs 4:41)

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