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Detox Changes

Dr. Linda Courey, Murray MacNeil and Margaret Graham

People being laid off from Addiction Services are speaking out.

The District Health Authority has decided to lay off six people called Counsellor Attendants.

Four are in withdrawal management (or detox) at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. One position is in Opiate Recovery (or the methadone program) and the other is in the Day program.

The Authority says the changes will enhance the quality and safety of addiction treatment.

The Health Authority says, the attendants don't have the training and credentials needed for the work they were doing. It says they will be replaced with workers more suited to the job requirements.

Dr. Linda Courey is head of Addiction Services and Mental Health, she spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks about the change.

Murray MacNeil and Margaret Graham are worried.... not just about their own futures... but about the quality of addiction treatment. MacNeil has 10 years experience in detox... Graham... 22 years.

Dr. Linda Courey audio (runs 6:20)

Murray MacNeil and Margaret Graham audio (runs 6:46)