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Jason Kenny Reaction

Rodney MacDonald

This morning Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia awoke to a headline that caught their attention. The Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenny, questioned the preservation of heritage languages, calling them Linguistic ghetto's.

Kenney has weighed in on the merits of the language and the government's role in preserving it. Kenney said federal government money should not be used to promote languages that are fighting for survival.

"I think we should focus on the common languages that unite us in our diversity, English and French," said Kenney. "I encourage communities to maintain their heritage languages, be they Gaelic or Punjabi or Mandarin, but that they do so with their own funds."

This comes one day before another Federal Minister, Peter MacKay, is scheduled to make a major funding announcement at St, Ann's Gaelic College.

Rodney MacDonald is the head of St, Ann's Gaelic College, and former Conservative Premiere of Nova Scotia.

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