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M.V. Miner Update

Premier Daryl Dexter & Abe Shah

The New York Company that was hired to remove the M.V. Miner from Scatarie says it's walking away from the project today unless the Provincial government pulls a stop work order it issued last week .  

Bennington group was supposed to start the work several weeks ago however there have been several delays .

The Labour Department issued the stop work order which required Bennington to hire in independent engineer to complete an assessment on the structural integrity of the vessel .

Bennington says it's tired of the red tape.

Shah says he's provided them with a full report from an independent engineer. And if the province doesn't give him permission to proceed by day's end - he'll pull out of the project, and take legal action.

Premier Daryl Dexter is in Sydney today for a series of meetings. He spoke to reporters today about Bennington and the possible end of their involvement in the project.  Abe Shah spoke with reporters Gary Mansfield and Wendy Martin. 

Premier Daryl Dexter audio (runs 3:17)

Abe Shah: Bennington Group audio (runs 5:23)