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September 2012 Archives

Glenn Jessome Interview

A CBRM mayoral candidate interview

Posted by Dean Gallant

We have been asking all CBRM mayoral candidates to come in and talk about their vision for the port. Glenn Jessome is running for mayor. He speaks with Wendy Bergfeldt.

Glenn Jessome audio (runs 7:58)

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On Location - Cabot Links

Posted by Robert Doublett

We're in Inverness! On today's show we're at Cabot Links looking at all the ways the golf course has change (and some would argue saved) that town of Inverness.

Listen audio (runs 93:37)

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Sydney Port Development

Candidates for mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Posted by Robert Doublett

 At just about the mid-point of the elections for municipal councilors, warden's and Mayor's all across the province and people are talking about the issues that are important.

One issue we're particularly interested in is the port. Cape Bretoner's talk about the port almost constantly.

We wanted to have an opportunity to talk to the people who are running for mayor of CBRM about their feelings around port development.

Cecil Clarke audio (runs 15:30)

Rankin MacSween audio (runs 15:57)

Wilf Isaac audio (runs 13:15)

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Richmond Tax Decision

Mayor Billy Joe MacLean

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Supreme court of Nova Scotia has upheld a 10 year agreement between Richmond County  and the paper mill in Port Tupper.

Justice John Murphy ruled today,  the mill must pay about 2-point-six-million dollars a year in municipal taxes.

The prospective buyer of the mill, the Stern Group - wanted to pay  just over 400-thousand dollars a year.

Justice Murphy said, Richmond County  showed it would suffer real financial hardship if the company received the substantial tax break.

In his ruling, the judge  also said... Stern had not proven -it needs the tax cut to for the mill to be viable.

Chair of the Strait Area Mayors and Wardens, and Port Hawkesbury Mayor -Billy Joe MacLean has spoken out against a tax cut for the mill. Joan Weeks reached him for reaction to today's Supreme Court decision.

Listen audio (runs 4:11)

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"'s supposed to look like that."

Jim Wooder

Posted by Robert Doublett

When the 4.2 million tonnes of gravel silt and sediment were dredged out of Sydney Harbour it had to go somewhere.

Almost from the beginning it was agreed that this material would be used for a land reclamation project all parties settled on a design.

Yesterday, a leading businessman questioned the design and structural soundness of the 175 acre confined disposal facility adjacent to the Greenfield site.  

The story yesterday said it could cost millions to fill the  ponds on the potential container terminal site.

Listen audio (runs 16:19)

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Canso Causeway Protest

Charles Junior Bernard

Posted by Robert Doublett

Mikmaq protestors started gathering near the Canso Causeway today, aAnd they look as though they migt be there for a while.

They've put up tents and flags on an empty lot in Auld's Cove. They won't say just what they have planned.

But they're raising concerns about an Ontario company;'s plans to drill for oil near Lake Ainslie this fall.

The CBC's Wendy Martin spoke with one of the protestors, Charles Junior Bernard of Waycobah.

3:07 audio

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Pepper Spray Attack

Christopher Whittle

Posted by Robert Doublett

A Halifax man who faces assault charges is speaking out about his part in the incident.   

Christopher Whittle has been charged in connection with a pepper spray attack on a teenage girl in a Halifax mall parking lot, earlier this month.  

In an interview with CBC's Elizabeth Chiu, he says he was upset with the girl because she had been bullying his gay partner.  

Just a warning, some people may find some of the language used in this interview offensive.

Listen audio (runs 6:06)

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Lesley Crewe

Posted by Robert Doublett

For fans of Lesley Crewe the wait is over. "Kin" hit stores earlier this month and Lesley popped into studio to talk with us about it.

Listen audio (runs 15:35)

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NewPage is Hiring

Marc Dube

Posted by Robert Doublett

The workforce at the former New Page paper mill in Point Tupper is getting ready to re-start production.

The Pacific West Corporation is in the process of buying the mill.

But there are still some hurdles.... including a tax decision by the Canadian Revenue Agency.

That hasn't stopped Pacific from recalling many of the former NewPage workers.

30 more of them started today... and the company plans to keep hiring.

Restructuring manager Marc Dube met with reporters inside the super calendered paper plant early this morning.

Listen audio (runs 4:10)

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Withdrawing from the Race

Owen Wilson & MLA Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

A surprise development today in the race for mayor in the CBRM.

Mayoral candidate Owen Fitzgerald at a news conference in Sydney this morning said his campaign just hadn't taken off the way he hoped. He's decided instead to throw his support behind former MLA Cecil Clarke.

Reporters spoke with Fitzgerald after his announcement.

Clarke was at Fitzgerald's announcement. Reporters asked him for his reaction.

Owen Wilson audio (runs 6:14)

Cecil Clarke audio (runs 5:05)

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CBRM Mayoral Candidate

Cecil Clarke

Posted by Robert Doublett

Earlier today former Provincial Cabinet Minister and Federal Candidate Cecil Clarke entered the race for mayor.

He joins local economic development professional Owen Fitzgerald, and community development leader Rankin MacSween.

After Mr. Clark made the announcement at Centre 200 he joined us at our CBC studio on George Street to tell us why he made the decision.

Listen audio (runs 11:01)

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Youth Speaks Up

Jack Yazer, Elizabeth DeMere & David Gabriel

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Youth Speaks Program was created here in Cape Breton, it's the brainchild of Cape Breton businessman Jack Yazer.

In the years that it ran, it was the most successful in Canada having an extraordinary track record. however in 2006 we said goodbye to the program but now some folks are hoping that it can be reinvigorated under new leadership.

Listen audio (runs 12:36)

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Funding Worries

Town House Executive Director , Susan Plath

Posted by Robert Doublett

A non profit organization in Glace Bay is trying to get it's funding restored for a job training program.

The Town House Glace Bay Citizens Service League teaches carpentry skills to people who are unemployed and looking to get back into the work place.

The funding  was once provided  by the Federal Government . It's now a provincial responsibility.

CBC reporter George Mortimer went to Glace Bay to speak with the groups Executive Director , Susan Plath about what it is and how they hope to get the funding restored.

Listen audio (runs 5:22)

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