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Crown Prosecutors, Steve Drake and Dan McRury

Posted by Robert Doublett

A murder trial wrapped up in Sydney Provincial court today with a  guilt verdict .

An 18 year old man was charged with second degree murder in the death of a Glace Bay girl two years ago .
He was 16  she was 17 .

she was stabbed 104 times.

Their names can't be released because of their age at the time of the murder .

CBC reporter George Mortimer along with a number of other reporters spoke with the crown prosecutors in the case, Steve Drake and Dan McRury about the verdict and where things go with sentencing.

Listen audio (runs 6:06)

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"..the right thing to do."

Colleen & Murdock Smith

Posted by Robert Doublett

photo_2158879_resize.jpgIt's a terrible tragedy for any family.

But for a family in Sydney, their grief at the loss of their daughter has been assuaged to some degree by the knowledge that her death is helping others.

16-year-old Jillian Whelan died earlier this week following a car accident early Monday near Dalem Lake.

In hospital in Halifax, her family members made the decision to donate her organs for transplant.

The CBC's Holly Conners spoke with them about that decision today.

She met Jillian's mother and father, Colleen and Murdock Smith, and her aunt Kathleen Whelan, in the Smith's backyard.

The Right Thing To Do audio (runs 6:17)

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Lorenda MacNeil-Loder

Posted by Robert Doublett

Parents in Glace Bay have a new place to bring their kids to learn about music.

Glace Bay native Lorenda MacNeil-Loder is offering 'kindermusik' classes for young children.

The CBC's Adam Burns dropped in on one of the classes this morning.

Listen audio (runs 5:27)

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Where's the Red Shoe?

Angie Smith

Posted by Robert Doublett

Red-Shoe.jpgWe all know of course the Red Shoe Pub is in Mabou Cape Breton...........however, we noticed on our last trip, the very famous Red Shoe was nowhere to be found.

To talk about why we reached the manager of the Red Shoe Pub, Angie Smith.

Listen audio (runs 4:20)

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CBRM Mayoral Candidate

Rankin MacSween

Posted by Robert Doublett

One of the key figures at the head of social economy development in Cape Breton has put his hat in the ring to become the Mayor of CBRM.

He been involved with the New Dawn organization for many years,  but Rankin MacSween was most recently in the public eye as  one of the galvanizing figures in the campaign to dredge Sydney harbour.

He has also been an outspoken advocate of community based development and a critic of government intervention.

........and now, he wants to be mayor.

Listen audio (runs 9:28)

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Talbot House Changes

Premiere Darrell Dexter

Posted by Robert Doublett

Premiere Darrell Dexter met with the board of Talbot House earlier today.

They have agreed that Talbot House will submit a proposal to provide addiction services to the community, as it has done for nearly half a century.

Premiere Darrell Dexter spoke with reports at the caucus office, Wendy was there.

A group of former residents of Talbot house were also on site. They held a demonstration. They went to the office of House speaker and Government MLA Gordie Gosse.

They then went to New Waterford to Deputy Premier Frank Corbett's office.

They want the NDP Government to reopen Talbot House.

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke with Brian Miles. He led the protest today.

Premiere Darrell Dexter audio (runs 11:39)

Brian Miles audio (runs 2:53)

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Talbot House Reaction

Dr. John Gainer

Posted by Robert Doublett

After Premier Darryl Dexter's visit to Cape Breton regarding Talbot House, we spoke to Dr. John Gainer for his reaction.

Listen audio (runs 12:48)

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Talbot House - Public Forum

Dr. John Gainer

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Proponents of Talbot House have taken the battle to save the addiction recovery centre online.

This morning, the Talbot House board announced they would not be submitting to the province's request for proposals for a new addiction recovery centre in Cape Breton. 

Later today, a number of videos were posted to the Talbot House Youtube account.  The videos feature testimonials from former residents of Talbot House, and each one concludes by asking viewers to contact the premier and other politicians.

Dr. John Gainer is the chairman of the Talbot House board. 

He says the board feels they have exhausted all other options.

Listen audio (runs 11:10)

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Steve Machat

Posted by Stan Kennedy

It's been many years since smoking has been allowed inside public venues. The emergence of e-cigarettes (non-tobacco cigarettes) have us wondering...should they be banned as well?

Steve Machat is the manager of tobacco control for the department of health and wellness.

He spoke to online newsite about this earlier this week.

Listen audio (runs 11:53)

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Glowing Plankton

Dr. Michael Orr

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Have you seen the glowing water along the shoreline at the bridge in River Ryan.
Our interview with Dr. Orr may answer the questions you have about this mysterious matter.

Listen audio (runs 7:42)

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YMCA Sydney

Andre Gallant

Posted by Stan Kennedy

It sure did rain hard earlier this week. According to Environment Canada, 57.6 millimetres of rain fell at the Airport in Sydney.  The YMCA in Sydney had to be closed as a result of the heavy downpour. 
The CBC's Wendy Martin met up with Andre Gallant - CEO of the Cape Breton Family YMCA.

Listen audio (runs 5:57)

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Mobile Care New Waterford

Greg Boone

Posted by Stan Kennedy

If you live in New Waterford and need emergency care, you know that you may not always be able to receive that care at your local hospital.  The creatiion of a Mobile Care Unit has been proposed to help alleviate the situation. 

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke with health authority spokesman Greg Boone.

Listen audio (runs 6:35)

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Calling It A Day.

CBRM Mayor John Morgan

Posted by Robert Doublett

After twelve years in office, Mayor John Morgan has decided to call it a day. He announced that he would not be seeking re-election this fall.

Morgan was relative unknown when he entered politics in 2000, but in the years since he has won municipal campaigns with over 80% of the popular vote.

"The Lawsuit" will forever be associated with is name, but he was also the poltician who was key in the development of Sydney Harbour

He joined us in studio.

Listen audio (runs 17:30)

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New Page Deal

Matthew Harris

Posted by Robert Doublett

Both classes of creditors in the bankruptcy of the NewPage paper mill in Port Hawkesbury have voted on an offer from a prospective buyer of the plant.

Matthew Harris is the monitor of the bankruptcy for receiver Ernst and Young.

He's in Port Hawkesbury today and spoke with reporters about the deal.

Here's some of their conversation.

Listen audio (runs 3:55)

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Wake-Up Call Breakfast

Jim Kehoe - Prostate Cancer Survivor

Posted by Robert Doublett

One in seven men in this country will develop prostate cancer during their lives.

But it's a subject that's often taboo.

On September 13th, people are invited to the first-ever Wake-Up Call Breakfast, at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre.

The event will raise money for the fight against prostate cancer.

But it's also intended to get people talking.

And that's what Jim Kehoe is doing.

He's a prominent businessman in Sydney.

He's also a prostate cancer survivor - and this morning, as next month's breakfast was officially announced - he told his story.

Listen audio (runs 4:11)

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J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport Improvements

Helen MacInnis

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Sydney Airport Authority has just awarded a close to two million dollar contract for improvements at the J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport.

The work includes upgrades to the security area, entrance and washrooms.

Another 300 thousand dollars will be spent on improvement to the runway.

CBC Reporter George Mortimer met with the C.E.O. of the Sydney Airport Authority , Helen MacInnis to find out more.

Listen audio (runs 4:47)

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Junebugs Baby!

Fraser Turnbull

Posted by Stan Kennedy


Junebugs Baby.JPGFraser Turnbull, a horse owner and trainer from Dominion, couldn't be happier with his horse Junebugs Baby. He has raced seven times this year, there's been one - second place finish and SIX victories, that's right, he's won six of the seven races entered this year!

Listen audio (runs 9:09)

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MV Miner Removal

Abe Shaw

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Company involved in the removal of a ship from the shores of Scatarie Island is planning to start the work next week.

The M.V. Miner broke free from it's tow line last September and ran aground on Scatarie which is near Main-a-Dieu.

Bennington Group was hired by the ship's owner to dismantle it but it's taking much longer than expected to start the work.

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke with Abe Shaw . He's with Bennington group in New York City  to get the latest.

Listen audio (runs 5:34)

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A Better Methadone Program?

Linda Courey

Posted by Robert Doublett

Last fall...Cape Breton's methadone program stopped accepting new clients.

The Cape Breton Health Authority is trying to clear up a backlog of people waiting for opiate treatment.

At the same time, an internal hospital memo says... workers at the clinics have been overwhelmed by the size of their caseloads.

The program has a high turnover of staff and... vacant positions are hard to fill.

Now, Addiction Services and Mental Health is trying to find a better way to run the methadone program.

Department Director Doctor Linda Courey says a new approach is about to be implemented.
She spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks earlier today.

Joan asked her, why they decided to take the drastic step of turning away new methadone clients.....

Listen audio (runs 6:31)

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Cape Breton Modern Drummer

Joe Menchefski

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Joe Menchefski.jpg Products made and visioned here in Cape Breton by BILLDIDIT, are being featured in the magazine Modern Drummer the online edition.

Joe Menchefski, the company president, stopped by our studios to have a chat with Wendy Bergfeldt.

Listen audio (runs 12:58)

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Nova Scotia Tourism Strategy

Minister Percy Paris

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Nova Scotia Flag.jpg

The Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Percy Paris says through the partnership with industry in the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency the province is establishing a new direction for tourism.

A strategic framework will be shared in regional sessions. To register for a focus group in your area visit this website: Nova ScotiaTourism or please contact Tracey Purchase at 902-424-7084.French language services will be available in the Sydney and Yarmouth sessions.

Listen audio (runs 10:45)

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Land Trust Donation

Dennis Garratt and Dan Livingston

Posted by Stan Kennedy

MacKenzie Cove.jpg

Nova Scotia contains some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscape in the entire country.  On the weekend, it was announced that a 300-acre property in Inverness County has been donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.  To learn more about this donation Wendy Bergfeldt spoke with: Dennis Garratt, Conservation Manager with the NSNT and land donor Dan Livingston.

Listen audio (runs 11:05)

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