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Fenwick MacIntosh victim


Posted by Robert Doublett

Earlier today, The Supreme Court of Canada revealed it has agreed to hear an appeal in the case of accused pedophile Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh.

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal had ACQUITTED MacIntosh on a series of sex abuse charges on the grounds the case took too long to come to trial. The allegations stem from the 1970s and did not go to trial until 2010.

Today, men who say MacIntosh abused them when they were boys... reacted with a mix of joy and relief.

R.M. is one of those men.

He spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks after the decision was announced.

Listen audio (runs 5:06)

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Cape Ann III Songwriting Contest

John Aylward

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Ann II for web.jpgFor the past couple years we have been following the story and the controversy of the Cape Ann III.

The 175-foot trawler had been partially submerged and rusting in Sydney harbour for more than five years until a Canadian-American military operation raised it as part of a training exercise.

John Aylward of the Cape Breton Artificial Reef Society thought it would be great to have a creative contest surrounding the story of the sunken ship.

Listen audio (runs 10:35)

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Disband the School Board

Matthew Sullivan

Posted by Robert Doublett

Matthew Sullivan was one of many people who objected to the Cape Breton Victoria School's Board's proposal to suspend the IB program at Sydney Academy.

He mobilized many former and current students through a  social media campaign and through speaking publically in the mainstream media.

Like many, he saw the value in the IB program, but like many more, he was disturbed by the inaccurate data the board used to make their recommendation to cancel.

It is for this reason that he has written to the Provincial Minister of Education, Ramona Jennex.

Listen audio (runs 6:27)

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The Archbishop's New Home

Archbishop Anthony Mancini

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Archbishop of Halifax and Yarmouth invited reporters into his newly renovated residence today.

The 19th century building on Barrington Street has had an extensive makeover.

Archbishop Anthony Mancini had to move out while the work was done. Now, he's back living in the residence, along with seven other priests.

Today, he was asked how the project was funded....

Listen audio (runs 6:03)

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Big Pond Beach: SOLD

Terry MacPherson

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've been hearing in the news, people planning a trip to Big Pond Beach this summer will likely have to find a new place to park.

The Diocese of Antigonish has sold the old Parish Hall and the land around it to help pay a court settlement for victims of sexual abuse.

The land used to provide ample parking and public washrooms.

Now, all that's left is a 13 metre right-of-way that includes a narrow, gravel driveway.

Terry MacPherson is with the Big Pond Community Council, the group that owns the right-of-way.

Reporter Bobby Nock met him at Big Pond Beach and asked him who the new owners of the land around it are.

Listen audio (runs 4:44)

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The Beautiful Game

Stephen Puddicombe

Posted by Robert Doublett

Soccer, the beautiful game.

There is lots of it these days...the European Cup, youth leagues, and then there is street soccer.

It is a grassroots program whose aim is to connect with people often left on the side lines; everyone from people in poverty to the homeless to those down on their luck.

Stephen Puddicombe picks up the ball for us in Halifax.

Listen audio (runs 5:58)

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2012 Canada 55+ Games

Bev Patterson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Organizers and volunteers are ramping up efforts to stage the Canada 55+ Games in Cape Breton late this summer.

Leading the way is event manager Bev Patterson.

It all gets underway in just a little over two months and, as she tells reporter Hal Higgins, there's still lots to do to get ready.

Listen audio (runs 5:19)

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International Baccalaureate program reversed.

Steve Parr

Posted by Robert Doublett

The person who proposed cutting the International Baccalaureate program at Sydney Academy has changed his mind.

The suggestion to phase out I.B. came from School Board member Steve Parsons. Since the recommendation became public knowledge.... the Board has been deluged with opposition. New information about class sizes has also come forward.

Parsons says that's what democracy is all about.

Listen audio (runs 8:35)

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International Baccalaureate Program Review

Lorne Green

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton Victoria Regional School board will meet on Monday night to vote on a recommendation to scrap the International baccalaureate program at Sydney Academy. It offers an advanced academic programme which is recognized by universities worldwide.

The Chairman of the School board  Lorne Green says he feels the board will vote to maintain the programme.

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke with Green about the situation early this morning.

Listen audio (runs 4:00)

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Talbot House tender

John Gainer

Posted by Robert Doublett

The chair of the board of Talbot House says the Department of Community Services will delay calling a tender for recovery services on the Island.

Talbot House closed in March following complaints about a staff member.

A departmental review found problems with its operations.

The Community Services minister met with the board of Talbot House this morning.

Chair John Gainer says they have agreed on a plan of action to see Talbot House reopen.

Listen audio (runs 9:19)

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Labour Movement in North America

Professor Andy Parnaby

Posted by Robert Doublett

The events of Davis Day give us a chance to reflect on the state of the labour movement in North America today.

Wendy spoke with Prof. Andy Parnaby at CBU about his reflections.

Listen audio (runs 10:35)

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Remembering Dave McKeough

Gordie Sampson & Keith Mullins

Posted by Robert Doublett

577096_444063438946397_1334005081_n.jpgCape Bretoners are grieving after learning a popular teacher and musician were the couple killed in a car crash Thursday evening.

Three people died in the head-on collision on Highway 105 between Millville and St. James Road. RCMP said a car driven by Kenneth Dove, 52, was heading west when it sideswiped another vehicle and then tried to pass a pickup truck towing a trailer by driving on the shoulder of the road.

That attempt failed.

Cape Breton's musical community is devastated by the loss of the friends.

Listen audio (runs 10:09)

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Academy's International Baccalaureate Program

Ramona Jennex - Education Minister

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Wendy Bergfeldt interviews Education Minister Ramona Jennex about the IB program which has been cut at Sydney Academy.

Listen audio (runs 6:25)

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Academy's International Baccalaureate program

Lorne Green

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Cape Breton Regional School Board will cut Sydney Academy's International Baccalaureate program. The only IB program on the island.

Students were told the news yesterday and today the general public began to hear the news.

Kids from Sydney, Glace Bay, the North Side and even as far away as St. Ann's and Baddeck travel and board to Sydney Academy so they can attend the program.

The Provincial Government pays seventy-thousand dollars annually to cover the costs associated with the program including fees, examinations and professional development for teachers.

The board want to move the students and teachers from that program into the main stream.
To talk about that we reached Lorne Green.

Listen audio (runs 6:54)

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Academy's International Baccalaureate Students

Jonathan Smith, Conner Bray and Victoria Walsh

Posted by Robert Doublett

Defending the cut of Sydney Academy's International Baccalaureate program Board chairman Lorne Green told CBC's Mainstreet that as far as he knew this statement from board member Steve Parsons, as reflected in the May 22nd minutes was correct.
Commissioner Parsons - IB Program - Questioned the credibility of the completion of the IB program and the Challenge for Credit program. He noted that St.F.X. and Cape Breton University do not recognize the program as Challenge for Credit. He further noted that only St. Thomas University recognize the program.
Three current students from the IB program beg to differ.  They are Jonathan Smith, Conner Bray and Victoria Walsh.

Listen audio (runs 8:27)

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Talbot House Supporter

Sean McSween

Posted by Robert Doublett

Talbot House is back in the news today.

A legislative committee is asking questions about why the recovery home for people with addictions closed abruptly this spring.

it happened after the executive director, Father Paul Abbass, was accused of inappropriate conduct.

He was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

But in the meantime, the department of community services did a review of the home - found some shortcomings - and pulled its funding.

We'll hear later in the program what happened at the legislative committee hearings.

But first - some thoughts from someone who stayed at Talbot House - and credits it for changing his life.

Sean McSween is from Dartmouth. In 2001 - he was struggling from an addiction to alcohol - and his mother told him about Talbot House.

McSween recently went public with his story, when he posted about his stay there on a well known blog - The Contrarian.

Today, he told his story to the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Listen audio (runs 8:58)

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Potential Greenfield Legal Action

CBRM Mayor John Morgan

Posted by Robert Doublett

A letter was released last week from the Atlantic Gateway Shipping Terminal Company which is threatening to sue the Cape Breton Regional Municipality for what it says are secrets that were let out, negative portrayals, and even revealing confidential information surrounding a bid on the property we've been calling 'the Greenfield Site'.

To talk about this and where the municipality is on the story, we've brought in CBRM Mayor, John Morgan.

Listen audio (runs 14:00)

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Nova Scotia's electoral map

Joel Leforte

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've been hearing in the news, the Electoral Boundaries Commission has submitted its blueprint for Nova Scotia's electoral map.

The interim report was made public today, and there are changes that will effect Cape Breton.
The most drastic is the loss of the riding of Cape Breton Nova.

The commission is suggesting most of that constituency become part of a new riding called "Sydney."

However one recommendation many feared is not included in the report.

The Commission says the Acadian riding of Richmond along with three other so-called "protected constituencies" should stay as they are.

That's welcome news for Joel Leforte at Ecole Beauport in Arichat.

The grade eleven student made a presentation to the Electoral Boundaries Commission. Reporter Bobby Nock spoke to him earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 4:45)

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