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May 2012 Archives

Auditor General's Report

Cape Breton District Health Authority CEO: John Malcolm

Posted by Robert Doublett

Nova Scotia's Auditor General is not impressed with the Cape Breton District Health Authority.  

In his latest report Jacques LaPointe says the district has "a poor culture of infection prevention and control."  

He says it may have contributed to a deadly outbreak of C-Difficile.  

LaPointe is also critical of provincial health officials for not properly overseeing its prescription drug monitoring program.  

And he says the overall response to earlier recommendations by his office is poor, especially in the education department.

Here is what outgoing CEO of the health district, John Malcolm had to say...

Listen audio (runs 7:58)

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Department of Fisheries Closures

Merrill MacInnis

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've been hearing in the news, CBC has learned that the Department of Fisheries plans to close its offices in Port Hood and Baddeck.

In an e-mail, DFO says fisheries officers at both locations will be moved to larger offices.

It does not says where they will be going or when the move will happen.

Merrill MacInnis is a municipal councillor in Victoria County.

He also fishes out of Little River which was served by fisheries officers from Baddeck.

Reporter Bobby Nock spoke to him about the closure and the steady decline in the number of fisheries officers based out of Baddeck.

Listen audio (runs 4:08)

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CBCEDA Connector Program

Eileen Lannon-Oldford - CBCEDA's Executive Director

Posted by Robert Doublett

There's a new program out to attract immigrants to Cape Breton.

It's going through the Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority.

It's called a "connector" program and it's designed to appeal to eligible immigrants and international students.

Eileen Lannon-Oldford is CBCEDA's executive director.

Listen audio (runs 4:11)

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From the murky depths it comes.

Captain Steve Wilson

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Anne III.jpgThe Cape Anne Three has risen out of its muddy berth in Sydney Harbour.

The eyesore that has plagued residents will soon be gone forever.

Captain Steve Wilson is with Joint Task Force Atlantic.

He spoke to reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith earlier today at the site of the military training exercise that dislodged the old boat and re-float it.

Listen audio (runs 4:47)

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Eskasoni's Frist Female MD

Michelle Matthews

Posted by Robert Doublett

Michelle Matthews is from Eskasoni First Nation and this past week, she became the first woman from her community to earn an MD....what's more, she did it at age 47, while raising three kids.

Listen audio (runs 13:35)

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CB Regional Victoria School Board Budget Cuts

Lorne Green

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've been hearing this afternoon, the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board has approved an operating budget that sees a decrease in provincial funding by 2.1%.

That means about 2.86 million dollars, and that translates into 75 positions....44 of which will be teaching positions.

Listen audio (runs 8:41)

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ACOA cuts regional development funding

Eileen Lannon-Oldford

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is cutting core funding to some regional economic development groups across Atlantic Canada.

ACOA Minister Bernard Valcourt confirmed the decision earlier today firstly in a letter, and then later issued as a press release.

The agencies affected in Cape Breton are the Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority and Strait Highlands Regional  Development Authority.
Eileen Lannon-Oldford is with the Cape Breton County Economic Development Authority.

Listen audio (runs 7:55)

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Drugstore Break-In

Staff Sergeant Mike Kennedy

Posted by Robert Doublett

Cape Breton regional police are warning about some potentially fatal drugs on the streets.

The drugs fell into the wrong hands following a break-in early this morning in Sydney Mines.

Staff Sergeant Mike Kennedy explains to reporters what happened.

Listen audio (runs 2:37)

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The Exit Interview

Barbara Stead-Coyle

Posted by Robert Doublett

Thumbnail image for Barb stead-coyle.jpgBarbara Stead-Coyle has been a guest many times on Mainstreet, she first made an appearance when she worked for the Cape Breton Growth Fund, and ECBC, then the Cape Breton Partnership and onto the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency.

She's perhaps best known for her work with the Cape Breton Hospital Foundation and the extraordinary amount of work they've done to bring cancer care to Cape Breton.

It turns out that Barbara has now accept a position off island with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Listen audio (runs 11:44)

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G20 Review

CBRM Police Chief Peter McIsaac

Posted by Robert Doublett

20100626_riot-toronto-2.jpgPoor planning by the RCMP, OPP and Toronto police for the G20 summit, along with orders by a Toronto deputy police chief to "take back the streets," are to blame for the more than 1,100 arrests during the 2010 weekend summit, says the province's top civilian police watchdog.

"What occurred over the course of the weekend resulted in the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. These disturbances had a profound impact not only on the citizens of Toronto and Canada generally, but on public confidence in the police as well," writes Gerry McNeilly, head of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

Overall, McNeilly says, the G20 was an unprecedented event in the city's history - one police forces were unprepared for. "It is fortunate that, in all the confusion, there were no deaths" McNeilly writes.

Cape Breton regional Police service sent some officers to aid the Toronto police department in 2010. For his response to the G20 report, and whether he would send officers again, we have reached Peter McIsaac; Chief of the CB regional police service.

Listen audio (runs 8:59)

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Greenfield Purchase

CBRM Mayor John morgan

Posted by Robert Doublett

We heard today that Laurentian Energy Group will entertain an offer from an unnamed group to purchase the Greenfield site.

Cape Breton Regional Council will also be putting in an offer.

The property has been subject of several plans including a post-panamax container terminal. CBRM Council has other plans altogether.

Listen audio (runs 12:32)

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Membertou TCC - Fine Food Show

Scott Morrison, Erlene Bush, Mike Black and Johnathan Wilson

Posted by Robert Doublett

IMG-20120516-00683.jpgTomorrow evening the fine food industry has a show at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre...however, today on the show we appeal to your sense of taste for "the good life".

This afternoon we have three chefs and a sommelier (a wine expert) in studio to help you think about pairing.

We have from FLAVOUR, Chef Scott Morrison, from Chanterell Country Inn, Erlene Bush. Mike Black is the chef and owner of the Black Spoon Bistro, and Johnathan Wilson is with Harvest Wines and Spirits...

Listen audio (runs 24:29)

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Concerns over Nova Scotia Power

Chris d'Entremont - Darrell Dexter - Stephen McNeil

Posted by Robert Doublett

It's not exactly a banner week for the province's key utility Nova Scotia Power.

Last Tuesday NSP filed for rate increases over the next two years.

We have since discovered just how much senior execs have been pocketing in salaries and bonuses.

For example, the president of the company Rob Bennett made more than 1-million dollars, a 23 percent increase over the previous year. The head of N-S-P's parent company Emera made triple that.

If that weren't enough, yesterday we reported Emera threw senior management a lavish party at a waterfront restaurant, complete with two bands and a comedian.

Conservative MLA Chris d'Entremont brought that issue to the floor of the legislature today.

Listen audio (runs 9:16)

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Highschool football in CBRM.

Phil MacDonald, AJ Virik, and Lorne Burke

Posted by Robert Doublett

We have not had highschool football in CBRM for over 25years, but the Cape Breton Regional Minor Football Association is trying to change that.

They already have football programs for boys and girls beginning at age seven, but once they get to highschool it's a little harder.

We were joined today by Phil MacDonald, AJ Virik, and Lorne Burke. They're trying to raise money through a golf tournament to start highschool football in the area.

Listen audio (runs 10:47)

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Anti-Identity Phobia Day

Madonna Doucette

Posted by Robert Doublett

You're invited to an event that takes place tomorrow from 2-4pm at Wentworth Park Gazebo. It's the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Pride Cape Breton is involved, as is PFLAG Cape Breton, the Cape Breton District Health Authority, and Coastal Braid.

We had the editor of Coastal Braid, Madonna Doucette, join us in studio.

Listen audio (runs 6:47)

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I've Got A Crush On You

Measha Brueggergosman

Posted by Robert Doublett

Measha_Brueggergosman_small.jpgJuno award-winning Canadian singer Measha Brueggergosman will be presenting her show tomorrow evening at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay.

She made her big venue debut in right here in Cape Breton at the ECMA's in 2000. She took the stage with five-thousand people watching and when she hit her final note the entire room sprang to it's feet and gave her the first standing ovation of the evening.

An unforgettable moment.

Listen audio (runs 11:07)

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Westray Draggermen

Danny Kalbhenn

Posted by Robert Doublett

westray miners.jpg
Danny Kalbhenn was one of the Draggerman from Cape Breton who rushed to Westray in the hours after the explosion.  

He was a Cape Breton coal miner who had seen a lot in career, but nothing compared to what he found in plymouth Nova Scotia.

Even today, he thinks about the disaster.

Listen audio (runs 9:41)

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Michique at Cannes

Michelle Newcomb & Monique Delisle

Posted by Robert Doublett

michique.jpgWith glorious summer beach weather just around the corner our minds are drawn to glamorous days strolling luxurious beaches......maybe even the beaches in Cannes, France.

Michique Bags are getting a head start on us by winging their way as we speak to the fabulous beaches of France.

However the people who run the company aren't....they're just too busy!

Listen audio (runs 10:25)

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Human Smuggling Exercises

Joan Weeks

Posted by Robert Doublett

If you passed by Sydney Harbour today, you might have thought a ship carrying illegal drugs was being taken down.

A Canadian Coast Guard vessel escorted another large ship to the Government Wharf.

Waiting were the RCMP, fire trucks, emergency vehicles and Canadian Border Services.

It wasn't a drug sting... but an international exercise simulating a human smuggling operation.

Everyone from The Joint Task Force to the local District Health Authority wanted to make sure they were ready if a migrant ship was discovered off our shores.

Joan Weeks was on the wharf to witness the exercise.

As it got underway, she spoke with some of the key people involved.

Listen audio (runs 6:35)

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Music Monday 2012

Tomorrow Is Coming

Posted by Robert Doublett

More than a thousand students paraded through Sydney today as part of National Music Monday, and this year Cape Breton hosted the event for the entire country.

Bands from three high schools led the parade of 1100 students from more than 20 schools.

Music Monday is celebrated on the first Monday of May each year.

Students across the country learn and then sing the same song, at the same time.

Organizers say the end goal is to keep quality music programs all schools arross the country.

We were there and bring you the sounds of the day

Listen audio (runs 10:53)

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Preaching Political Engagement

Justin Trudeau

Posted by Robert Doublett

Hundreds of students in Cape Breton got a break from regular class today.

Students in Sydney and New Waterford assembled in their respective schools to hear a motivational speech by a popular politician from Quebec.

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau is preaching political engagement.

He is trying to wake up young people... encourage them to get involved in the community; and.... to vote!

Here is a little of Trudeau's conversation with reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith, and Breton Education Center principal, Bruce MacDonald.

Listen audio (runs 3:44)

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Loaves & Fishes

Wayne MacKay

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday on Mainstreet, we tried to get to the bottom of a dispute between Loaves & Fishes and another community group.

You will recall that some days ago that community group a meeting, held elections, and they elected their own board.

We were hoping to get the other side of the story today, but there's been some significant changes in the story in the last 24hours.

Wayne MacKay has been speaking with both sides and brings us an update on the situation.

Listen audio (runs 5:54)

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Loaves and Questions

Wayne York, Father Norman MacPhee. & Rev. Ron Coole

Posted by Robert Doublett

The call of the gospel..."to feed the poor".

This has at the heart of the Mission at Loaves and Fishes since it was founded over thirty years ago.

Every day, the North End Sydney soup kitchen serves 150 to 200 meals a days a week. The clients are the volunteers. Many have come every day for the last 25 years.

There are many questions that have come up in recent week about loaves and fishes. People have sited concerns about pests in the building, food being thrown away or diverted to other soup kitchens and some who have concerns about governance structure.

Some have been in the newspaper, others referred to in the public comments sections, still others on facebook.

We tried to gather as many of the questions as we could.  

Two of the people in studio this afternoon are founders of organization, Wayne York, and Father Norman MacPhee.  The Rev. Ron Coole, is the current chair of the board, and they're here to answer as many of those questions as they can.

Listen audio (runs 29:48)

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