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April 2012 Archives

Xstrata wants out.

Peter Akerley: President and CEO of Erdene Resources.

Posted by Robert Doublett

The International mining company has announced it will sell its 75-percent stake in the Donkin Mine project.

A Nova Scotian company owns the remaining 25 percent.

Peter Akerley is the President and CEO of Erdene Resources. He spoke earlier today with reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith.

Yvonne began by asking Akerley what this news from Xstrata means for the project.

Listen audio (runs 11:29)

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Talbot House - Call for Resignation

Jamie Baillie - Leader of the PC Party

Posted by Robert Doublett

The CBC requested the copy of the government review of Talbot House.  

A FOIPOP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy) request was  made from this office and several requests came from the media to release the document.

As of today, we've had no response.

Today, the Conservative Party of Nova Scotia is calling for the resignation of the minister.  

In a release, the Conservative party says the minister broke the law, Jamie Baillie is the leader of the party.

Listen audio (runs 9:36)

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Dancing Through History

Lori Henry

Posted by Robert Doublett

Dancing Through History.jpgWhen you think about some of the great dancing that happens in Canada from coast to coast, your mind should fill with images of some of the great dancing that takes place in Aboriginal Communities, Ukrainian dancers, Métis dancers, ballroom, jigging and of course the dozens of great dance styles we have in the Atlantic provinces.

It occurred to Lori Henry that there was a conversation to be had. It took a year but she made her way from one community to another and the result is a book called "Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories that Define Canada"

Listen audio (runs 11:31)

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Education Reform

Angus MacBeath

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today, teachers meeting in Halifax for an education conference heard what educators in Alberta have done over the past thirty years to improve the school system in Edmonton.

One of the speakers is Angus MacBeath. He's a former Maritimer from PEI who spent 37 years working in Edmonton as a teacher, principal and superintendent.

Three decades ago, MacBeath helped convince the Alberta government to allow parents and students to choose which schools they attend. Now, the government money follows the student to the school of their choice.

Alberta students now outperform those in all other parts of the country.

MacBeath talked about many of the reforms that led to that level of performance .. in case teachers here wanted to take anything away from the Alberta example.

Listen audio (runs 3:28)

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St. Michael's Boys Choir

Ed McCall

Posted by Robert Doublett

St. Michael's Choir School was founded in 1937 by Fr. John Edward Ronan to facilitate the training of a boys' choir for St. Michael's Cathedral.

Next year they will celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

And next week they will be performing two concerts in our area:
on Thursday April 26th they will be at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Sydney and then on Friday they will perform at St Joseph's Church in Reserve Mines.

Ed McCall is the Executive Director and Music Director with St Michael's Boys Choir.

Listen audio (runs 9:32)

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Next Big Thing Gets Bigger

Andrew Mortimer, Billy Crowley and Michelle Lahey

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The Next Big Thing - Cape Breton's High-School talent showcase and competition is now in it's fourth year. 

Last nights performance was the third of a six week concert series that displays up and coming talent from all over the island. 

To find out more about how the event is going this year and some special news from last night, we invited Andrew Mortimer - Event founder and organizer, and Billy Crowley  - President, CBU Students' Union into the studio.

Listen audio (runs 11:47)

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Brakin' Tradition Reunion

Roger Stone, Cyril MacPhee

Posted by Robert Doublett

For those who've been wondering..................the rumours are true.

Brakin' Tradition are back together for a bit of a reunion tour.

The original lineup of LouAnne Baker, Roger Stone, Cyril MacPhee, Harold Davidson, Doug Sampson, Scott MacDonald, and Ray Legere will be taking the stage in May for a couple of sold out shows.

Listen audio (runs 12:01)

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Talbot House opposes report.

Dr. John Gainer

Posted by Robert Doublett

The future of Talbot House Recovery Centre is uncertain after the province pulled its funding because it was not following proper procedures.

The Community Service Department pulled the home's funding after a review of its operations, Dr. John Gainer, chairman of the home's board of directors said. He said the province found that the home was not following proper procedures. Neither the province's investigation of Talbot House, nor the board's response, has been made public.

But Gainer said the report is riddled with errors.

"If the conclusions that they've drawn are based on what we consider to be inaccurate information, then it renders the report, in our view, unbalanced, prejudicial, biased and it does, again, in the opinion of the board, represent a misrepresentation of the history, the governance and the operation and perhaps, more importantly, the outcomes of Talbot House," he said.

Listen audio (runs 22:06)

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ECMA 2012

Live from “City Grill” Moncton

Posted by Robert Doublett

Mainstreet will not be heard today as we present a "SHIFT"  ECMA Special Radio One: Live from "City Grill" Moncton

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Cuts to Nova Scotia Libraries.

Jamie Baillie - Leader of the PC Party

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've heard in the news the Dexter Government is putting its foot down to prevent cuts to library positions at the Chignecto Central Regional School Board.

The Minister of Education has ordered a halt to the proposed cuts.

The Province has also named a department bureaucrat to oversee the re-working of the board's budget.

Until today, the Chignecto Board said it had no choice but to eliminate 41 library technician positions because of the Province's decision to cut funding to school boards by 3 per cent.

Premier Darryl Dexter criticized the cuts, saying the Chignecto Board had abdicated its responsibility to students.

For his point of view on the subject we contacted the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Nova Scotia.

Listen audio (runs 7:09)

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Why Men Lie

Linden MacIntyre

Posted by Robert Doublett

Linden MacIntyre's latest novel starts in a kitchen on Route 19  ..close to Port Hastings....a decade ago...through a character we barely noticed.

Why Men Lie is her story,  sort of.........

It's a story about mid life, compromises, disappointments and heartbreaks..... all told the experience of a fifty someting woman named  "Effie"

I had a chance to speak with Linden MacIntyre about his new is our conversation.

Listen audio (runs 13:02)

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On Location - Canadian Blood Services

Posted by Robert Doublett

Family and friends of an everyday Superman are continuing his heroic effort to save lives.

This afternoon we were on location at Canadian Blood Donor Services in Sydney where a special blood donor clinic is being held today in honour of Ian Burrows, a 22-year-old Glace Bay man who died last April from a rare type of cancer.

Organizers of the clinic, including Canadian Blood Services in Sydney, hope to collect 150 units of blood - enough to help 450 people.

Listen audio (runs 18:04)

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1940's Championship Hockey

Jack Yazer, Cyril Acker & Bob Gordon

Posted by Robert Doublett

1940. It was the winning season on the Northside.

Jack Yazers hockey team, the Yazer Juniors won the Island Championship's.

It was a storied team, but for years the story was lost. It was in a little scrap book that has only now resurfaced, and today, it was present to the Northside Sports Hall of fame,

The story will be forever told

Cyril Acker, Bob Gordon and Jack Yazer came into studio.....Cyril and Bob are with the museum, which is housed in the new sports complex.

Listen audio (runs 13:18)

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