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March 2012 Archives

Provincial Decentralization

Frank Corbett

Posted by Robert Doublett

Yesterday's speech from the throne included a mention of moving some provincial civil service jobs out of Halifax to other areas of the province.

There were no details as to what departments would be affected, or where the jobs would go.

But to find out what the move might mean for Cape Breton, reporter

Holly Conners reached Deputy Premier Frank Corbett. Here's what he had to say today.

Listen audio (runs 4:06)

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Reaching Out To Rwanda

Dr.Anne Frances D’Intino, Kim Popwell and Dale Orychock

Posted by Stan Kennedy


The Hospice Palliative Care Society of Cape Breton County is planning to help develop palliative care in Rwanda.

Wendy interviews the organizers involved with this mission to find out more about their plans.

Listen audio (runs 12:24)

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The Language of This Land, Mi'kma'ki

Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis

Posted by Robert Doublett

There is a new book that studies the language of the people that's been written by Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis.

The Language of this Land, Mi'kma'ki is an exploration of Mi'kmaw world view as expressed in language, legends, song and dance. Using imagery as codes, these include not only place names and geologic history, but act as maps of the landscape. Sable and Francis illustrate the fluid nature of reality inherent in its expression - its embodiment in networks of relationships with the landscape integral to the cultural psyche and spirituality of the Mi'kmaq.

Listen audio (runs 21:50)

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St. Mary's Reprieve

Wayne Joseph

Posted by Robert Doublett

In January we learned the Sydney Deanery of the Catholic Church was planning to close several churches.

St. Mary's Polish Church in Whitney Pier was one.

Parishioners did not take the news lying down. They believe St. Mary's is financially stable and they worked hard to convince the Diocese.

All that work has paid off.

The Bishop announced yesterday, St. Mary's will not be closed, at least, not for now.

So plans are moving ahead for the Church's 100th anniversary celebration next year.

Wayne Joseph is on St. Mary's financial committee and CBC Reporter Joan Weeks asked him how parishioners received the news their church will not close in July.

Listen audio (runs 4:42)

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Sydneys Artifical Reefs

Bruce Hatcher

Posted by Robert Doublett

When Sydney Harbour was dredged last year, some fishing ground was destroyed.

Compensation for that comes in the form of replacement habitat.

Over the last few months, 750-thousand tonnes of rock was deposited in the harbour, and now there are 8 new artificial reefs in strategic underwater locations.

Bruce Hatcher is Chair in Marine Ecosystem Research at Cape Breton University. He spoke earlier today with reporter Yvonne LeBlanc-Smith.

Listen audio (runs 6:16)

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Sense of Place

Iain Baxter, Alistair MacLeod and Nino Ricci

Posted by Robert Doublett

Sence of Place.jpgThere's a very special exhibition being presented at the Cape Breton university Art Gallery.

"Sense of Place" is a cross-border print exhibition organized and circulated by the Windsor Printmakers Forum. The show brings together the work of thirty-six from Canada and Michigan and explores the theme of place through print making.

Another component of the exhibition are essays written by Iain Baxter, Alistair MacLeod and Nino Ricci.

Listen audio (runs 18:56)

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Trestle Traditions

Dr. Ian Brodie

Posted by Robert Doublett

Starting this morning and running all week, both faculty and students at Cape Breton University will be presenting some of the research they've been working on over the course of the year.

Dr. Ian Brodie presented some of his findings. He has been working on research around the railroad trestle in Sydney River.

The very trestle that has for some time been the subject of debate after years of being painted and repainted by high school students.

Listen audio (runs 14:10)

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Piano Accompaniment

Dr. Chris MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

All this week at Cape Breton University faculty and students will be presenting some of the research they've been working on over the course of the some cases, the course of their careers!

In fact this morning it was time for several members of the folklore department to talk about their work.

Including Dr Chris MacDonald, he is interested in the piano especially when it's being played along with traditional Cape Breton fiddle music.

Listen audio (runs 20:17)

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Sydney Steel Museum Society

Fred James

Posted by Robert Doublett

A group of former steelworkers is a step closer to it's dream of having  a museum built that would be a tribute to the steel industry  and other Cape Breton technologies.

The Sydney Steel Museum Society was formed when the plant  closed .  It's been working on the museum idea for the past ten years.

The group has just received a report from a consultant hired to look at the project.

CBC reporter George Mortimer spoke to Fred James who speaks for the committee for an update.

Listen audio (runs 5:23)

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Violence Against Women

Jan Reimer and Helen Morrison

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Women's Shelters.jpgJan Reimer is the Provincial Co-ordinator for the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters.  Her organization just released a survey which revealed some disturbing numbers about domestic violence.

Helen Morrison, the head of Transition House in Cape Breton, responds to the survey and how it compares with the experience in Cape Breton.

Listen audio (runs 10:40)

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University Security Protocol

Denise Campbell - Manger of Safety and Security

Posted by Stan Kennedy

CBU Security has taken an active role in adjusting the living arrangements of; the individual involved in the alleged sexual assaultat the university. To learn more about the protocol on campus, we spoke with Denise Campbell - Manger of Safety and Security.

Listen audio (runs 9:44)

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Community Services

Minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse

Posted by Stan Kennedy

nsf4.JPGYoung people who are vulnerable will soon have more support to stay in school, find jobs, get involved in the community and get help with family problems.

Listen audio (runs 10:09)

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Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Signey Arnason - Director of

Posted by Stan Kennedy

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is encouraging parents to set some time aside to talk to their children about Internet safety.

Canada's national tip line for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children: CYBERTIP

Listen audio (runs 8:30)

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The Hunger Games Panel

Maggie Olson, Madonna and Gabriel Doucette

Posted by Stan Kennedy

Hunger Games for Web.JPGThe Hunger Games takes place after the destruction of North America by some unknown apocalyptic event, in a nation known as Panem.

Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts.

District 12, where the book begins, is located in the coal-rich region that was formerly Appalachia.

As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol in which a 13th district was destroyed, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants (or "tributes") must fight in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol, until only one remains.

Our panel discusses why the movie Hunger Games is so popular.

Listen audio (runs 15:09)

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Tablot House closed.

Dr. John Gainer

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Chair of the Board of Directors at Talbot House, Dr. John Gainer, answered questions today about the Centre's closure.

News leaked out yesterday, that residents at the Frenchvale Recovery Centre were told they had to leave.

The Department of Community Services confirmed it was trying to find places for them in other facilities.

Rumours also spread that a new executive director had resigned.

Today, Gainer dealt with some of those rumours and explained what's been happening at Talbot House. He spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks earlier today.

Listen audio (runs 7:18)

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Cape Breton Regional Council

Jerry Ryan

Posted by Stan Kennedy


Cape Breton Regional Council gathered today to talk about this year's budget deliberations.

Listen audio (runs 2:53)

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Job Training Announcement

Premier Darrell Dexter

Posted by Stan Kennedy

                                 NS flag.png

A big announcement about job training for people in seven Mi'kmaq communities.

Listen audio (runs 5:23)

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First Nations Song Writing Sessions

Angelo Spinazzola

Posted by Robert Doublett

Angelo.jpgAngelo dropped by the station earlier a big rush... he arrived with the latest 2-song, CD he made with grade 2 and 4 students from Eskasoni.

Listen audio (runs 8:53)

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