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February 2012 Archives

Madonna Doucette

Posted by Robert Doublett

1327937842.pngStarting tomorrow you'll be able to read the very first of a new publication in Cape Breton. While it is the work of the community, a lot of the work has been started by the editor Madonna Doucette.

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Ma's Meals

Buddy Penny & Fred Milley

Posted by Robert Doublett

The soup kitchen in New Waterford is appealing for help from the province and from the public to keep its doors open.

Ma's Meals says it only has enough money to operate for another month.

A new board has been formed to make something happen.

Buddy Penny recently accepted the volunteer president's job when he was asked by the co-ordinator of Ma's Meals, Fred Milley.

CBC reporter Hal Higgins dropped into the centre today to talk with both of them,  starting with Buddy Penny.

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Miner's Manor resignation

Hector DiPersio

Posted by Robert Doublett

A special meeting will take place at Miners Memorial Manor in Sydney Mines tomorrow night.

The Director of Nursing recently handed in her resignation following a flu outbreak and staff at the manor have asked to meet with adminstrators to discuss their concerns.

Hector DiPersion heads the Board of Directors, he spoke with Joan Weeks earlier today.

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Job Bank isn't working

Doug Milburn & Roger Cuzner

Posted by Robert Doublett we've been hearing in the news, job seekers who are banking on Job Bank are out of luck these days.

The federal website that advertises job openings across the country has been out of service for a week.

Doug Milburn is vice-president of Protocase Incorporated in Sydney.

He was advertising two jobs at his manufacturing company on Job Bank before the site went down.

Reporter Bobby Nock spoke to him.

Listen icon_audio.gif (runs 3:51)

Rodger Cuzner is the M-P for Cape Breton-Canso and Liberal critic for Service Canada.

Reporter Bobby Nock spoke to him about Job Bank being down.

Listen icon_audio.gif (runs 1:38)

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Xstrata coal by barge.

Val Istomin

Posted by Robert Doublett

There was a heated meeting in Donkin last night, about a proposed coal mine for the area.

Fishermen in the area say they want to support the project - but not if it costs them their livelihood.

X-Strata Coal wants to move coal from the mine by barge, to coal carriers offshore. And the fishermen say that could force them out of the area.

Val Istomin is the project manager for the mine.
He explained the thinking behind the barge option, to Wendy Martin.

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High School Robbery

Wendy Martin

Posted by Robert Doublett

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a local high school.

It happened at memorial high school in Sydney mines on Monday.

The CBC's Wendy martin has been looking into the story.

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Oxycontin out, OxyNEO in......for some.

Dr. Etienne Prinsloo

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've heard in the news recently, the manufacturer of Oxycontin will no longer make the drug.

It's being replaced with a new drug called OxyNEO.

It will be much harder to abuse and should cut down on addictions.

The province has decided will not approve any new prescriptions for OxyNeo. Only people currently on Oxycontin... and some cancer and palliative patients... will be able to get OxyNEO.

Dr. Etienne Prinsloo is a pain specialist here in Sydney.

He foresees problems.

Dr. Prinsloo says Cape Breton has very long waiting lists for pain treatment... because there are only three specialists.

It also has a population with many people suffering from pain.

He spoke with Joan Weeks earlier today about the challenges facing pain specialists here.... and the complications caused by the changes with Oxycontin.

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Transportation Trades 11 - automotive training

Mike Morrison - BEC's skilled trades instuctor

Posted by Robert Doublett

Students in some Nova Scotia High Schools are going to get more and more exposure to courses in the skilled trades.

It's part of the province's "Kids and Learning First" program.

Today the deputy premier officially launched the brand new "Transportation Trades 11" course
at Breton Education Centre in New Waterford.

The automotive training is the latest course -- it now joins the basic skilled trades course and a full-fledged construction course-- in which students actually learn how to build a small house right there in the school's workshop.

Mike Morrison is BEC's skilled trades instructor. He spoke with CBC reporter Hal Higgins.

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Braemore Home's incoming CEO

Mildred Colbourne

Posted by Robert Doublett

Braemore Home in Sydney River has a new CEO.

The Cape Breton District Health Authority announced today that Mildred Colbourne will take on the job, starting on February 27th.

Last fall, problems at the home for people with intellectual disabilities including allegations of abuse led the provincial government to step in.

The Department of Communities Services stripped control of the facility from the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

The Cape Breton District Health Authority was put in charge and an interim CEO was appointed.

The province also launched a review of the Home's operations.

For more, Braemore Home's incoming CEO, Mildred Colbourne joins me now.

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Talbot House Incident

Dr. John Gainer & Father Donald MacGillivray

Posted by Robert Doublett

The priest who has spoken for the Diocese of Antigonish in recent years is the subject of an unspecified complaint.

Father Paul Abbass runs Talbot House, outside Sydney. It's an addiction recovery and rehabilitation facility for men.

The complaint was filed with the Department of Community Services.

John Gainer is the chair of the Talbot House Board.

Listen (runs 5:36)

Father Donald MacGillivray speaks for the Diocese of Antigonish....the Bishop sent a press release out about an hour ago, we spoke with Father MacGillivray

Shortly after is our conversation.

Listen audio (runs 5:28)

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Dominion Beach Renewal

Deputy premier and local MLA ,Frank Corbett and Joe Ellsworth

Posted by Robert Doublett

dominion-05.jpgDominion Beach has faced more than its fair share of challenges over the years.

First pollution from nearby sewage outfalls prevented swimming.

Then... once that was resolved... mother nature continued to take a toll.

Erosion has been eating away the shoreline and winter storms have damaged the parks infrastructure.

The provincial government recently sent out a survey to help it plan for the future of Dominion Beach.

More than 1-thousand people answered.

Deputy premier and local MLA ,Frank Corbett, spoke with Joan Weeks about the survey.

Listen (runs 3:58)

The survey showed that almost half the people who use Dominion Beach... go there to walk the trail... enjoy the scenery ...or to bird watch.
In the summer.... only 30 per cent enjoy swimming and sun bathing.

Joe Ellsworth has been a lifelong visitor to Dominion Beach. He's part of a committee formed to find a solution to the erosion problems.

Ellsworth met with reporter Joan Weeks on the beach earlier today.

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Courting the convention crowd

Mary Tulle

Posted by Robert Doublett

Destination Cape Breton is looking for 60-thousand dollars from the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

CEO Mary Tulle made the request during a presentation to council last week.

She also layed out the association's strategic plan for boosting tourism to the island.    

Part of that plan involves courting conference and meeting business.

To learn more about the strategy, and how the 60-thousand dollars would be used, we've invited Mary Tulle into our studio.

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International Ports Tour

John Lynn

Posted by Robert Doublett

A group of people interested in port development in Cape Breton are touring ports out west this week.

Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation is leading the trade mission.

The group is in Prince Rupert today.

That's where we reached ECBC CEO John Lynn.

Listen audio (runs 6:25)

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Robin's Demolition

Sylvia LeLievre

Posted by Robert Doublett

As we've been hearing in the news, the former Robin's store in Cheticamp has been torn down.

Crews with Inverness County Public Works are still working on the site, clearing away the rubble.

The County has tried twice to sell the derelict building for back taxes.

Now it hopes to sell the vacant lot to recoup some of the money.

Sylvia LeLievre lives next to the former Robin's store.

Reporter Bobby Nock spoke with her earlier today and asked what she can see when she looks out her window now.

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30 years later: Point Tupper Blast

Lorraine King

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today is the anniversary of a terrible event in the Port Hawkesbury area.

Thirty years ago there was an explosion at the Point Tupper paper mill.

The toxic gas that was released in that explosion poisoned many of the mills workers.

It also resulted in the deaths of five men.

Listen audio (runs 7:07)

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The New SPCA - Renovations

Nova Scotia SPCA executive director, Kristin Williams

Posted by Robert Doublett

The executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA was in Sydney today to address Cape Breton Regional Council's committee-of-the-whole.

Kristan Williams is overseeing some major changes at the local shelter which was turned over to the control of the provincial body in a recent court ruling.

Today she summarized those plans.

Listen audio (runs 1:46)

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The Kids and Learning First Plan

Vic Fleury: President of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association

Posted by Robert Doublett

After six years, there's once again a master plan for primary to 12 education in Nova Scotia.

The Kids and Learning First plan was released on Friday by Education Minister Ramona Jennox.

It outlines several strategies and priorities for improving math and literacy scores in the province while keeping class sizes small.

The plan also calls for more co-op programs and hands-on skills training at the high school level.

But there are questions around how closely the plan can be implemented, given the possibility of more funding cuts to school boards in the up-coming budget.

Vic Fleury is the President of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association.

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Mnohaya lita!

Celebrating 100 years of Ukrainian Faith in Cape Breton

Posted by Robert Doublett

This afternoon on Mainstreet we were broadcasting live from the Cape Breton Center for Heritage and Science.

We were learning all about the Ukrainian Culture and Heritage. We met Internationally renowned Banduryst Julian Kytasty.

Julian traveled from New York for this years celebrations, and we asked him about the history of the Bandura and for a quick lesson.

Listen audio (runs 12:57)

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Live from the Flamingo

John Gracie

Posted by Robert Doublett

johngracie2.pngTalk about versatile. Nova Scotia's John Gracie moves back and forth like nobody's business.

So it should come as no surprise that Gracie has reinvented himself once again, this time as a crooner. That's right, an old-style, lean on the piano, wear-a-tux with the tie undone, sip on a drink and make love to the microphone. Okay, he doesn't go THAT far, but his new album is called Live From The Flamingo: A Bennett, Sinatra Salute.

For Gracie the key was to put together a classic swingin' combo, to perform these songs for swingin' lovers, 50's style. That meant real instruments, some of the Maritimes best players in the genre, including Moncton-born Georges Hebert, the guitar stalwart for most of Anne Murray's career, as well as many others. It's a big band style, just guitar, bass, keys, drums and sax, but the point here is the intimacy, and room for the players to shine.

Listen (runs 12:28)

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