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November 2011 Archives

Social networking for musicians
Charlie A'Court and Rose Cousins

Posted by Erin Ashley

The internet is a wealth of opportunity, especially for developing artists.

We spoke with Charlie A'Court and Rose Cousins to hear how they've been using social media to bankroll their careers.

Networking Musicians for web_156759.mp3

 You can find Charlie's Stage It site here.  And Rose's Kickstarter campaign here. 

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Wine on a budget
Natalie MacLean

Posted by Erin Ashley



Natalie MacLean's new book explores good, cheap wine and the story behind it.

She spoke with Wendy last night.

Natalie McLean for web_156616.mp3

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An olive branch for the SPCA?
SPCA provinicial executive director, Kristin Williams

Posted by Erin Ashley

The Cape Breton SPCA story continues.

We spoke with the provinicial executive director, Kristin Williams, last night to get the latest.

K.Williams - 11.28_156615.mp3



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David Francey

Posted by Erin Ashley


With a new album and tour dates booked through September of next year, this has been a busy time proessionally for Canadian singer/songwriter David Francey.

He joined us in studio...just before his show at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre.

David Francey for web_156356.mp3

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Protest songs of Cape Breton Isle

Posted by Erin Ashley

Wendy went down to the Lyceum yesterday to catch the launch of Cape Breton Island Protest Songs. 

The musical project is a collaboration between The Centre for Cape Breton Studies at Cape Breton University and local musicians who've taken compositions that were published in the 1920s and recorded them anew.

You'll hear Victor Tomiczek perform Picket Line and co-producer Richard MacKinnon.

Picket Line - R. MacKinnon_155975.mp3


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for vic-song-2EDIT.jpg

                                                                 (Photo courtesy of Beaton Institute)

Learn more about the project here

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Provincial SPCA plans legal action

Posted by Erin Ashley

The standoff between the provincial and local SPCA outfits continues over allegations of animal neglect and abuse.

On Monday the provincial board decided to take legal action.

Kristin Williams is the executive director of the Nova Scotia SPCA, she spoke with Yvonne Leblanc-Smith last night.

SPCA-K.Williams 11.22_155794.mp3


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The SPCA standoff

Posted by Erin Ashley

Both the provincial and regional branches of the SPCA are holding their ground; Both refusing to back down. We heard from volunteer, Teresa McNutt, as she spoke with the CBC's Wendy Martin.

Teresa McNutt for Mainstreet_155501.mp3

Local manager, Patsy Rose, denies the allegations. She spoke with reporters outside the shelter yesterday afternoon.

Patsy Rose for mainstreet_155526.mp3

Mayor Morgan asked independent veterinarians to inspect the facilities and analyze whether the shelter is being run to the satisfaction of the municipality. He dropped by our studios to chat.

Mayor Morgan 11.21_155652.mp3


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The welfare of Cape Breton's children

Posted by Erin Ashley

More than a hundred people came out to a meeting Friday morning in Sydney River to show their concern over child welfare issues.

They were joined by representatives from Nova Scotia's Department of Community Services --including the executive director of Family and Community Supports, George Savoury.

The Nova Scotia system has been criticized for the way it allows children to move from place to place in foster care, and also for the way it defines which children qualify for help.

The meeting was organized by Delores Feltmate.

She spoke with CBC reporter Hal Higgins.

Delores Feltmate - Child Welfare_155246.mp3


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Nova Scotia SPCA executive director, Kristin Williams

Posted by Erin Ashley

The provincial board of directors met Thursday evening to explore legal options with counsel. The provincial Society has also spoken to the municipality and the province about this matter and may ask the Minister in change to step in.

Kristin Williams joined us by phone.

Kristin Williams 11.18_155457.mp3


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SPCA shelter audit

Posted by Erin Ashley

It's a lot of "they said, they said" at the SPCA shelter in Sydney these days. To make things a little more clear, you can read the full provincial audit by clicking the link below.

2011 Shelter Audit.pdf

And join us for our conversation with the executive director of the provincial SPCA, Kristin Williams, at 5:15 today.

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The magical world of silversmithing

Posted by Erin Ashley

Kat Cadegan has travelled the world to learn her trade. She stopped by the studio for a chat with Wendy last night.

Kat Cadegan for web_155000.mp3


The Christmas show & Sale is today and tomorrow from 6-9pm, and Saturday 2-7pm at the Glace Bay Heritage Museum (14 McKeen St.)

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M/V Miner discussed in Ottawa

Posted by Erin Ashley

A delegation of Nova Scotia politicians left Ottawa disappointed yesterday.

The premier and two Cape Breton MLA's want the federal government to help move a derelict bulk carrier that is grounded off Scaterie Island. They met with the federal minister of state for transport.

Geoff MacLellan is the MLA for Glace Bay. He says the various government departments are bogged down with questions of legislation, insurance and liability. He's frustrated there's still no firm plan for removing the vessel.


Wendy caught up with MacLellan on his way home to Nova Scotia.


McLelland - FINAL_154717.mp3



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Doc Walker brings 16 & 1 to Glace Bay

Posted by Erin Ashley

The 7th studio album from Manitoba's, Doc Walker, hit the shelves at the end of August. Now the band is taking an album about the road . . . On the road. You can see them at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay on the 17th. Yesterday, Wendy spoke with Murray Pulver.

FINAL Doc Walker_154764.mp3


                                                        (Photo courtesy of

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Be cool, don't do drugs at school

Posted by Erin Ashley

There are a lot fewer illegal drugs at Sydney Academy these days.


Over the past two weeks, several students have been suspended for either using or selling drugs at the school. The police say, the Street Crime unit is investigating anyone suspected of trafficking on school property.Susan Kelly is the Director of programs and Student Services for the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board. She spoke with CBC's Joan Weeks

Academy DRUGS Susan Kelly_154336.mp3

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They've occupied our minds

Posted by Erin Ashley

Several members of the occupy movement were in court in Halifax yesterday... while many more rallied outside. Two men were taken into custody on Saturday, accused of violating conditions, after their first arrest when police moved in to clear Victoria Park. Moira Peters was at the courthouse, to show her support for the movement, she speaks with the CBC's Yvonne Colbert.

And Contrarian blogger, Parker Donham, dropped by the studio to offer his two cents.

Thumbnail image for ONS_Vigil_EDIT.jpg

                                                                     (Photo courtesy of Daniel J. Towsey)

New Audio 1_154746.mp3

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The Golden K, Sydney's ambassadors

Posted by Robert Doublett

The Golden K have served as ambassadors and welcomed thousands of visitors to Cape Breton.  The 48 volunteers dedicated a total of 1,277 volunteer hours this year to ensure no tourist was without the information they needed to enjoy their stay on the Island. They greeted visitors who arrived by sea at the Joan Harris Cruise Pavilion.

                                                                             (Photo courtesy of



Today on Mainstreet, the driving force behind this year's initiative, 91 year old Iver Gillis, a volunteer with the Golden K for 27 years.  And Bernadette MacNeil, Manager of Cruise Marketing and Development, with Sydney Ports Corporation.

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Smokes and Mirrors
RCMP Inspecrtor John Ryan

Posted by Robert Doublett

The RCMP Customs and Excise Unit in Sydney has seized 910,000 contraband cigarettes after searching a vehicle and residential shed in North Sydney.

On October 30th, 2011, officers seized a truck and camper trailer from a property on Margaret Street in North Sydney and following a search of both, located 55 cases or 550,000 cigarettes of contraband in the trailer. The cigarettes were packaged in cartons, each containing 200 cigarettes, and were labeled "DISCOUNT" with the U.S. Surgeon General warning on the packaging.

On a search of the camper trailer, officers determined that the trailer had been modified for the concealment and transport of the contraband tobacco.

A 52 year-old North Sydney man is facing charges of Unlawful Possession of Unstamped Tobacco and Possession of Tobacco without Taxes Paid under the Customs and Excise Act.

tape INST RYAN Illegal Smokes 1102.mp3

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Jim Charters.....effective immediately.
John Ryan - CBU's director of athletics

Posted by Robert Doublett

Today CBU Athletics Director John Ryan announced that Jim Charters, the coach of the Capers Mens Basketball team...effective immediately.

He was nine years as head coach of the Capers and he will be replaced by an assistant coach from Halifax.

We reached John Ryan for comment.

John Ryan for web.mp3

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