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September 2011 Archives

Council Meeting
Nova Scotia Premiere Darrell Dexter

Posted by Robert Doublett

Following the Premier's recent announcement on the railway he went to the CBRM Civic Centre to meet privately with Cape Breton Regional Council.

The meeting was designed to express concerns about high unemployment and rapid population decline within the municipality and to suggest how the province might be able to help.

After about an hour-and-fifteen minutes the meeting room doors opened and reporters had a chance to speak with Darrell Dexter.

Here's some of that conversation --starting with the premier.

Mainstreet-Dexter Visit.mp3

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Sydney Harbour Relocation Project
Bruce Hatcher

Posted by Robert Doublett

Last Monday on Mainstreet, we heard about a unique fishery that had just started on Sydney Harbour.

About 24 fishermen are involved in a relocation project.

They're trying to catch as many lobster, crab, eel and whelk as they can, and move them to another part of the harbour.

The idea is to get them out of the way, before the big dredging boat arrives and starts sucking up portions of the harbour bottom next week.

Bruce Hatcher is the chair of marine ecosystem research at Cape Breton University.

He's also in charge of the relocation project.

CBC reporter Holly Conners met his at his office today for an update.

Bruce Hatcher.mp3

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Paying Unsecured Creditors.
Danny Ellis

Posted by Robert Doublett

The monitor, overseeing the restructuring of New Page Port Hawkesbury, was given permission today, to send out claims forms today to some Nova Scotia forestry companies.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice David MacAdam has approved two funds to pay unsecured creditors.

One of the interested parties attending today's hearing was Danny Ellis, owner of Ellis Forestry in Sydney.

He believes private wood lot owners should either... get paid what they are owed... or be allowed to get their wood back from the New Page lot.

He spoke with reporters outside the courtroom:


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Richard Young & Dawn MacDonald

Posted by Robert Doublett

Lindsay Young, was injured in a horrific car accident on a Cape Breton highway on February 22, 2004. She had been in Taiwan teaching English with her boyfriend when she decided to come home for a visit, unfortunately Lindsay did not know how dramatically her life was about to change.

Lindsay was left in a coma with serious brain injuries after the accident. She is unable to speak, hear, eat or walk but her friends and family are sure she would thrive if she had the right help...
Wendy spoke with her Dad Richard and her friend Dawn MacDonald
The email address is

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Dr Greg Hirsch

Posted by Robert Doublett

When people get to a certain age, sometimes frailty sets in. And if a condition sets in that may require surgery, doctors have a difficult decision to make.

Sometime people are just a little to weak to undergo the surgery, and if they do,  sometimes they come out feeling worse than they were when they first started.

That is exactly the issue that Dr Greg Hirsch wants to look at.

He is looking for a study that looks into issues of frailty.

tape HIRSCH Helath stuffs 0920.mp3

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The Exit Interview
Russ White

Posted by Robert Doublett

russ white.jpgThirty seven years on the learn a thing or two about the community you serve.

Russ White worked in radio, and television, most recently with Global TV, and he covered it all.

Elections, crime scenes, celebrations, disasters

Last week he retired.

We invited him in to talk about his career, and the Cape Breton he has seen change in the last four decades.

But we started with his first day at work...

Here's Russ White...the exit interview

 Russ White The exit Interview.mp3

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Catch and Release
Melanie Sampson: Sydney Harbour Fishermen's Association

Posted by Robert Doublett

Fishing boats were out on Sydney Harbour this afternoon for the start of a special catch and release fishery.

It's an effort to relocate as many lobster, crab and other animals as possible before the harbour dredging project gets underway next month.

Melanie Sampson speaks for the Sydney Harbour Fishermen's Association.

She spoke with CBC reporter Holly Conners earlier today, and explained how the catch and release program will work.

Melanie Sampson.mp3

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Live in Studio
Carleton Stone

Posted by Robert Doublett

Carleton-Stone-Web.jpgCarleton Stone has a new album produced by Hawksley Workman and will be available in stores on Tuesday, September 06th.

Caleton Stone for WEB.mp3

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