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Since 1982, Maamuitaau has been sharing stories from the James Bay Cree with viewers from across the north. Tune in every Sunday as we bring you into the heart of the Cree territory.

Thank you to our viewers!

We wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for you, our viewers, and we thank you. If you have any story suggestions or comments you can always send us an email at: or call us at 514-597-4375. Your feedback to us is important!

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About the show

Maamuitaau is a documentary series that brings the stories of the James Bay Crees to life. In English, Maamuitaau means "Let's Get Together", which reflects the spirit of the show. The series covers a broad range of topics including social & political issues, environmental conflict, and traditional subjects like hunting and crafts. Observational, engaging, and at times poetic, the series transports you to the Great North and to the heart of the Land's People.

About the Team

The Maamuitaau team researches, plans and crafts the series based out of Montreal. The series is shot in and around the nine communities in the James Bay Region that make up the Cree Nation. The crew is made up of; Producer André Gariépy, Production Assistant Diane Icebound, Editor Guy St-Arnauld, Journalist/Host Vincent Georgekish, and our Video/Journalist Donovan Moses. The team also works closely with the CBC North's Cree Radio Unit, which also operates and broadcasts out of CBC Montreal.


Cree with English subtitles

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