Born to perform

June 8,2012


PART 1  Samantha Hodder's big dream is small; to be a "one man band".  "Oh honey!"; Corinne Lea's passion to perform means plucking up the courage to take off her clothes.  For Tim Ma and his wife it comes down to one short sentence; "let's face the music and dance".  And Shula Robin believes her poems of life and love should be seen and heard and she performs them with energy and passion that belies her age.



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PART 2   Rosella Fraser was born into a Nova Scotia family of gospel singers; would she be a singer too?  Silly question!  The performance gene in Elia Kirby's family is for acting and the kids are on stage as soon as they can walk.  Bob Coe's evocative archive recordings reveal a mother who by day raised a family of four on a shoestring but at night was a poet; "a bit of sun, a bit of rain, a bit of hi-dee-ho, and quite a bit of me, yours truly Connie Coe".   Connie was a Prairie poet, a singer, a songwriter and born to perform.



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