Deep Wireless

 June 1, 2012


Chris Howden and Darren Copeland, artistic director of Toronto's radio art festival "Deep Wireless" present and discuss three new jointly commissioned works.


PART 1   "Walk with me"; Aynsley Moorhouse has personal reasons for exploring "the unreliable nature of memory".  "Free energy"; Peter Courtemanche surveys mysterious 'free energy' inventions including his own device to collect electrical energy from rain drops. 


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PART 2  "The ice ceiling"; Dominique Ferraton uses an underwater mic to hear how creatures spend the winter hibernating under the ice of ponds and small lakes.  


PLUS;  Jean Pierre Gauthier says audio art comes from being 'fresh in face of the sound.'  Serge Olivier and Victoria Fenner waylay shoppers in a Montreal market, ask them to put on headphones, listen to clips of 'audio art' and comment.  A visit to the "silophone"; a disused grain silo in the old port of Montreal, now a giant echo chamber anyone can use.  Laurence Stevenson makes impromptu music with found objects - everything including the kitchen sink.

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